What is Kodi Exodus? Everything You Need to Know in 2022

If you are a regular web user, then you must have heard about the term called Kodi. Most of the web-users don’t aware of the Kodi platform and what is it used for. To make all of your doubts clear, we have prepared a detailed article that will give you all the information about the Kodi platform. Kodi has recently gained massive popularity and for that reason, more and more people want to know about it.


What is Kodi Exodus?

Kodi is nothing but a free media application which is available for different Operating Systems. The service has been available since 2002 and day by day the popularity of this platform keeps on increasing. It was first known as Xbox Media Player as it was only compatible with the Xbox Media Player.

This is an open-source platform or we can say media center that lets you easily customize things and offers the best of entertainment within your PC system or other media devices. This application lets you explore the ocean of music and video contents from across the world.

Being an open-source platform, Kodi lets you explore all types of video and music contents on your Smartphone, Tablet device, Television. The same application is now compatible to run on the Raspberry Pi as well.

The application works independently and serves an intuitive interface so that anyone can easily get started with it. It works well with local and network-based services so that you can easily use it on various platforms without any interruptions.

Kodi application is an independent media center that doesn’t come with the readymade content library. It supports third-party software or we can say add-ons that need to be installed on it manually. There are hundreds of supportive add-ons present on the market and you can pick the suitable one as per your requirements. These add-ons are there to enhance the experience and give you the best of entertainment.

What is Kodi App Used for?

Kodi is a dedicated app for entertainment seekers. The app has been updated with plenty of advanced features and tools including supportive add-ons. You can play a variety of music files with different formats such as AAC, MP3, and OGG. The app has a built-in smart playlist that lets you easily manage your music.

Apart from the music, the same app can be used for streaming online media files such as movies, music videos and all the other types of videos. You can stream everything online by connecting your system to the wi-fi connection. If you love to watch TV Shows, then Kodi also supports TV shows and lets you watch your favorite services online. It supports tags and description and will show you all the details including the cast of the particular TV show.

Additionally, you can even import your images from the devices or external drives. You can also record live TV using the built-in functionality. In a nutshell, Kodi takes care of all the entertainment that you might want from a single platform.

If you are wondering about the device compatibility, then the following section will help you to understand whether your current device or television is compatible to run this application or not.

Kodi App Compatibility

Kodi is an open source platform that is designed to work with all types of operating systems. However, it is best suited for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads which are Jailbroken. The app is available officially for the Android users on the Play Store. Android users can download and install this app on a respective device from the Play Store. The only requirement you need to fulfil here is the device must be running on Android 5.0 or later version.

Apart from this, Kodi works well with the Apple TV’s editions i.e. first generation, second generation and fourth generation.

Talking about the PC platforms, the app runs well on Windows Vista and above Windows systems and for Mac systems running on Mac OS X 10.7  Lion or above versions. If you want to run this app on Linux-based PC, then your system must be running on Intel Pentium 4 with good graphics cards. The storage space of 4GB is also required to install and run the app on the Linux system.

You can install and make use of this app on other external devices such as your Television and online streaming devices as well. For more information about this app’s compatibility, and how you can install it on a particular mobile or computer system, kindly visit the official website of the Kodi platform.

Most of the new users are not aware of this application or platform and they don’t know how they can start using it on respective devices. The following section will let you know about using the Kodi app on your device.

How to use Kodi?

As noted above, Kodi application is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems as well as Android and iOS mobile Operating systems. This means you can install this app on any of your PC system and mobile devices. It works well on mobile devices and tablets and also compatible with the new generation smart televisions.

Android is widely used Operating System and most Smart Televisions use Android’s modified versions. If we talk about Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, they are built with Android Operating System. Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are the most popular media streaming devices for Kodi users as these devices directly support the Kodi app and it works well with these devices without the need for any supportive software or app.

Once you install the app on a respective system, you will see the homepage of the app with so many useful sections that let you explore the Pictures, Videos, Music and More. You can upload anything to this app manually and can stream it out on a big television screen or on your PC system, Laptop, Mobile devices etc.

All the contents will be right there in front of you and you can easily get full access to them. It provides easy controls to its content library making it easier for everyone to explore whatever they want without any hassle.

How do I Set up Kodi?

Kodi is an independent app which is available for all PC systems and Mobile devices. You can install it on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, Android devices i.e. Android smartphones and tablets. It is also compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.

To get it set up and to start using this app on a respective device, head over to the official download page where you will be guided with step by step instructions to install the app and to start using it. It will take a few minutes to time to fully set up the app on a respective device before you actually can start using it.

Can Kodi Replace Cable?

Kodi is an all-in-one Entertainment platform that takes care of all of your requirements. Of course, it can replace your Cable as it lets you record live tv and also comes with an ability to stream live tv channels on your Television. However, the app comes with some limitations and it doesn’t come with the on-demand feature. You have to limit yourself with the provided content library.

Can I Stream Live TV Channels with Kodi?

Kodi supports live streaming of television channels but it requires special configurations. The app comes with a built-in video recorder tool that lets you record live tv programs. To get it done, you need to connect the PVR to a backend TV server. The TV server runs live tv channels and with the help of the built-in recorder, user can record and download the live videos. You can get more information about this on the official page.

What is Kodi Add-ons?

Just like the web-browsers, Kodi app supports hundreds of add-ons to enhance the overall experience of the users. The add-ons let you use plenty of apps, tools, and other useful functions that you can use as per your needs. You can install screensaver apps, weather apps and can make use of other advanced tools with the Kodi app.

The app supports a few tv channels upfront which you can add directly to its content library. Some of the channels are there for free to use on the platform which you can easily add to the library from the app. Apart from this, for music lovers, there is numerous music streaming apps available that lets you easily stream podcasts from Apple Music, iTunes and other online music streaming platforms.

If you are a social media use, then you can make use of Social Media add-ons to check your feed. If you use Twitter, then there is a special Twitter feed checker add-on available for you on their official store which you can install and configure with your Twitter account.

Being an open-source platform, developers from across the world can design the Kodi compatible apps as in add-ons so that users can easily test out those apps and can start using them. It acts exactly the same as the Android platform. Hundreds of other useful add-ons are there for the users of different types to suit their requirements while exploring their favorite videos on it.

Kodi Add-ons come in .zip format which you can easily install manually. You can go to the Settings menu and select Add-ons option from where you can browse the downloaded add-on file and can install it effortlessly. It’s very easy and anyone can easily install the add-ons on the Kodi app.

What is Kodi Repository?

If you are using an Apple device, then you must have heard about this term. A Repository is also known as a repo in the technical term which is nothing but a file that contains a number of add-ons. It separates the add-ons in different categories making it easier for the users to search and find out the suitable one from the list.

Once you add the repository to the system, you will start receiving regular new add-ons. Repository of the Kodi app updates regularly and it adds up new add-ons regularly for the users.

Just like the add-ons, Kodi Repository comes in .zip file format and you can install it just like you install an add-on to the Kodi platform. Go to the Settings menu and select Add-ons option from where you can select none option. You will see a box where you need to enter the URL of the Repository and then proceed further. The repository will be installed and you will be able to install the additional add-ons from within the Repository.

What is Kodi Skin?

Kodi Skin is nothing but the feature to makeover the homepage of the platform. Just like the Kodi add-ons, there are hundreds of Kodi Skins available on the web for the users who can make use of these skins to change the overall look of the platform. It can be considered as a theme for the platform.

You can manually add Kodi Skins to the platform from the Kodi Add-on Repository. There are a number of repositories available which are specially designed for the Kodi Skins. You will get a bunch of Kodi Skins by adding the compatible Repository to the system.

What’s more?

Kodi is a one-stop platform for entertainment seekers. No matter whether you like to watch movies or TV shows or Trailers, or Funny videos or live channels, everything is there on the platform and you can easily explore it. You can do a variety of things on the platform which is enlisted below.

1. Download Music 

Kodi can store and play music of all types on a respective device. So you can easily download and play music of your choice on this platform. By using the compatible add-on, you can convert the music and make it compatible to work with Kodi app. Interestingly, with the suitable music add-on, you will not be required premium subscription for the music to download. Everything will be free and you can download all types of music from the add-on itself.

2. Import Videos and Images 

Apart from streaming videos online, the platform lets you import images and videos from external devices. You can make use of picture and video add-ons that lets you store the pictures and videos of your choice to the platform. Download them and store them on the platform to view them offline with no Internet connectivity.

3. Social Media Compatibility 

With Social Media add-ons, you can keep an eye on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other popular networks. You can configure your profile and can start showing the feed from the add-on. You can also watch videos from YouTube using the extension.

4. Download Music and Movies 

The app lets you download your favorite music videos or movies from suitable sources. You can store them on your device. You can watch all the downloaded contents as per your needs without an Internet connection.

5. Online Games 

Apart from music and videos, you can also make use of plenty of gaming add-ons that lets you easily play your favorite games online. You can install a suitable add-on and can choose the game from the list which can be played using the simple controls.

Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi is an open-source platform or we can say an application. It is 100% legal to install it on any of your devices and it doesn’t cross any legal boundaries so yes, it is 100% legal. However, when you install add-ons to watch videos and movies which may cause some issues with the legal authorities. However, it is absolutely safe to use and you won’t face any troubles. To keep everything safe, we request you to use Kodi only with the suitable VPN provider.

Should I use Kodi?

Kodi is a perfect solution for those who explore new video contents regularly. However, it is depending on your requirements. You might be using different apps to watch movies and tv shows or online tv channels, but Kodi is totally different and serves different things than the existing online streaming services.

Kodi lets you explore all the contents such as Movies, TV Shows, Videos, Pictures, Games and everything else. Kodi comes with some limitations and it requires some technical knowledge to install the add-ons and other things. If you are searching for a streaming device with no fuss, then you should avoid using Kodi.

It is only suitable for those who have some knowledge about using the software as it requires customization and special configurations. However, with proper instructions and tutorials, anyone can get used to this application.


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