What is Google Play Services for Instant Apps? Download Latest APK Here!

Google play services for instant apps, is an app that allows you to access games and apps without downloading them. This means that you get to see what the app offers then you can decide whether to download it or not. This presents a good deal mainly because it doesn’t take up any space and you don’t need to go through the hassle of downloading an app only to be disappointed.

However, for this to work, google play gains access to your phone’s hardware which allows for the instant app to launch. Once you decide to open an instant app, google play receives the request and sends the required files to your device. The device runs the app upon receiving the files which makes it possible for you to use the app and gauge it.

Instant apps are only available on devices with android 5.0 and above. This means if your device is below this then the instant apps may not be an option for you. Since the apps are run by google play it also means that they aren’t available for IOS devices.


How To Activate Instant Apps

For you to get the most out of these apps you need to activate instant apps on your device. You first need to open google play store then navigate to ‘ settings’ once there, click on google play instant and click on the button to activate. Once this is done you have access to any instant app you wish to try.

However, you can also access instant apps without activating it provided the apps are branded by google. This will restrict your usage of apps that you find on the web and are not under google.

Finding Instant Apps

There are several ways you can find apps that also have an instant version.

1. Google search

All you need to do is search for the app you want and if there is an instant app for it then all you do is select try now. This will open the app and you can get the much-needed user experience before downloading it.

2. Google play store

Google play store offers a variety of apps which means you have to search for your desired app. If the instant app is available then you can try it.

3. Websites

Most companies are having apps developed to make their customers experience easy and more convenient. By going to the company’s website you may find a link to an instant app they have developed. This makes it easier for the client and also the company itself.

Using an instant app means that you won’t get to do much with it. The experience you get is only the bare minimum which means if the app is to your liking you have to download it. Instant apps can neither send notifications,  access any device identifiers nor use background services. However, you are able to switch between two instant apps as you test them out.

Developing instant apps

Instant apps have provided a great avenue for developers to showcase what they have to offer with their apps. All a developer has to do is make sure the app is up to standards and addresses the issues of their target clients.

For most developers coming up with a native app and also an instant app seems like a lot of work. This is mainly because these are two apps. However, when creating these apps all you need is to have a source tree that you can configure to an installable or instant app. This also means you can create an instant app from an already existing one. This makes things easier for you.

When creating these apps you have to pay attention to the size limits. The size must be small enough to accommodate both basic and enhanced instant experiences. For the basic experience, the app can only be accessed through the play store or google. On the other hand, the enhanced instant experience means the app can be launched from any surface using a URL.

For basic the size of the app has to be at 10 MBs or less. With 4MBs for an app and 10MBs for games, you get the enhanced experience.

The best part about instant apps is that they are discoverable and with them, companies reduce the risk of users leaving a negative review. This is because if someone doesn’t like the app all they need to do is click off. However, if the app was downloaded they would be inclined to leave a bad review since they’ve used up their space and internet bundles for nothing.

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