SNES Classic Hack 2022 – Step by Step Tutorial to Add Hundreds of Additional Games

If you are a big retro-gaming fan and love to play classic games then you must have heard about the Super Nintendo Entertainment System i.e. SNES. This is currently known as the best retro gaming device. The classic gaming devices come with pre-loaded games, however, they come with some limitations and only a few games are available for the users. With this step by step tutorial, you can add hundreds of additional games to this console.

To add new classic games to this SNES console, you need to first hack the device. SNES Classic Hack 2022 will guide you to add hundreds of new classic games to the console. In this article, you will get to know everything about the SNES gaming device and its hack with which you can add hundreds of new retro-style games.


What makes SNES Popular amongst young gamers?

Basically, there are two popular retro gaming devices present on the market with SNES and NES. SNES is the advanced edition of the original NES device and costs $20 extra. It comes with a set of advanced features and offers more flexibility with improved gaming experience. For all these reasons, you should consider going with the SNES instead of NES.

SNES Classic Hack lets you add hundreds of new and popular games to the device. So if you are wondering about adding the classic games, then here we have listed down all the popular classic games which you can add to this device by following the step by step hacking guidelines.

List of SNES Classic Games with Hack 

  • Chrono Trigger
  • Donkey Kong Country 2
  • Donkey Kong Country 3
  • Final Fight 3
  • Front Mission
  • Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball
  • Mortal Kombat II
  • NBA Jam – Tournament Edition
  • NHL 96
  • Pocky & Rocky
  • Rock n’ Roll Racing
  • Secret of Mana
  • Space Megaforce
  • Super Mario All-Stars
  • Super Mario RPG – Legend of the Seven Stars
  • Super Mario World 2
  • Super Off Road
  • Super Street Fighter II
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV – Turtles in Time
  • Terranigma
  • Tetris Attack
  • Top Gear
  • Top Gear 2
  • Wild Guns

All of the above listed popular classic games can be installed to the device with the below-given tutorial. Apart from this, you will also get the existing 30 games that you get with the NES edition in this standard SNES device. If you are ready to hack the SNES device, then you must fulfil some basic requirements which are enlisted below.


We are going to modified this device using the Windows PC. You must have to have a Windows PC to perform this hacking. The software that we are going to use is only compatible with Windows Operating System. With the boot camp program, you can make use of this software and can perform this operation on a Mac system.

Make sure you download the games that you are going to install on the device. You have to download the ROMs or the games. You can also Google search for the things for the same. Make sure you get all the games downloaded before you perform this operation.

You can purchase the SNES device from many popular online e-Commerce giants. If you do not have this device with you, you can get it from the trusted platforms at reasonable rates. Now, let’s get on to the step by step tutorial to add new games to the SNES Classic.

Step by Step Tutorial to Add New Games on SENS Classic

Step 1: 

Turn on the Windows PC first and connect the SNES Classic device using a USB data cable.

You can insert the USB cord to any USB port of your Windows system. Make sure that the SNES Classic is turned off when you connect it to the PC.

Step 2: 

Now, go to this link and download and install the Hakchi Application Tool on your Windows PC. You will find this application under the Modification Categories.

Step 3: 

Hakchi2 has been released recently for this purpose only. When you click on to the Hakchi Application Tool, you will see the option of Hakchi CE Application Tool version, get it downloaded from the given option.

Note: This tool will be downloaded in .zip file. You need to extract the file during the installation. Keep the .zip file as it is for now!

Step 4: 

Now, locate the download .zip file from the above step. Right click on to the file and extract the contents compressed into the zip file. Make sure you select Extract All option.

Each Windows PC contains built-in Zip extractor. If there is no such extractor software or tool present on your system, you can get it from the web by searching for it for free.

Step 5: 

As soon as you select Extract All option, the zip file will be extracted and it will create a new folder on the same window. You can now delete the downloaded zip folder. Hakchi CE named folder will be created along with the download ROMs.

Step 6: 

Double click on to the Hakchi CE folder. A list of folders with files will be there in the folder. Locate the file with .exe extension.

Step 7: 

Right-click on to the .exe extension file and select Run as Administrator option.

Step 8: 

You will be presented with a Welcome message as soon as you select the Administrator option. Click the Ok button when you see a pop-up message on your screen.

Step 9:

You will be instructed with proper installation steps, click Next and Ok buttons to finish the installation process.

Step 10: 

The application or the tool will be installed and you will see the main page with plenty of other options. Click on to the Current Games Collection option, from here, you need to select the Super NES option and then your current region.

Step 11: 

As soon as you select Super NES option with its region, the next page will show you the list of games that can be installed on the SNES classic.

Step 12: 

Go to the main menu of the tool and from there select Kernal. A drop down menu will be presented in front of you from which you need to select the Install/ repair option which is the first option from the menu.

Step 13: 

You will be presented with a new pop-up message on your screen that will ask for your permission to proceed further with the installation process. Upon asked, click the Yes button.

Step 14: 

Now, go to the SNES Classic device and hold the RESET button. While holding down the RESET button, press the Power button to turn it on. Keep on holding the RESET button for a few seconds and then release it.

Note: During this period, the Power LED light should not be turned on. If it shows turned on, you need to start the process from the beginning.

Step 15: 

The Kernal uploading process begins itself and you will see the progress of this process on the main screen of your system.

Note: If it asks for your permissions, kindly select the Ok or Yes button as per your system. Make sure you not remove the USB cable or turn off the power switch in between the uploading process of the Kernal. If the process is interrupted for any reason, you need to restart it again by following the same steps.

Step 16: 

Once the Kernal Uploading process done successfully, you will see a pop-up message that says “Done! You can upload games to your NES/SNES Mini now.” Click the Ok button from the given pop-up message.

Step 17: 

As soon as you click the Ok button, you will see that the local games are being updated on the device. You will see the progress on your computer’s screen. Once done, click the Ok button to finish the process.

Step 18:

Now, you need to install compatible tools that will let you install the classic games to the SNES classic. Go to the main window of the application and from the top menu, select the Modules option. From the given drop-down menu, select the Mod Store option.

Step 19: 

Hakchi Mod Store’s main page with a few useful options as tabs will be presented in front of you. From the given tabs, select the Retroarch menu.

Step 20:

Make sure you select the latest mode from the given menu. Select the first option from the left sidebar.

Step 21: 

Now, click Retroarch Cores tab from the same page and then select “Quick NES RetroArch Core” from the left sidebar.

Step 22: 

Click on to the Download Module button from the middle Window.

Step 23: 

Again select the “SNES9x2005 Retroarch Core” from the left sidebar and then click the Download Module option. Wait for the download process to be done, and then close the window.

Step 24: 

Now, go back to the main application menu and select the Modules option from the main menu. From the given drop-down menu, select Install Extra Modules option.

Step 25: 

The new set of emulators will be presented on your computer’s screen with checkboxes. Make sure you check all the boxes given on the window from the left sidebar. And then click the Ok button.

Step 26: 

The installation process of the new modules or emulators will begin itself and you can even see the progress of the process on your main screen. Do not turn off the system or disconnect the device in between the process.

Step 27: 

From the new Window, click on to the Add more games button.

Step 28: 

Now, you need to browse the downloaded games from your system. Select the .zip files of the downloaded games that you want to install on the SNES Classic and then click Open button loads the selected games on to the emulator.

Step 29:

The installation process of the selected games will begin itself. Wait for the installation process to be done, it will take a few minutes.

Step 30: 

Change the default Emulator Core to “Quick NES RetroArch Core” from the option. From the list, highlight all the games and then right-click on to it. From the new menu, select Select emulation core….

Step 31: 

From the new page, select all the games and then click on to the QuickNES option from the Core menu. Click the Apply button. And then click the Close button to close down the current window.

Step 32: 

Now, you need to repeat the same steps for the SENS Games. Make sure you follow all the given steps wisely to install more of the SENS Games to the SNES Classic.

Step 33: 

You have successfully set the new Emulator for the newly selected games. Go to the New apps section and highlight all the games from the given list. Right-click and select Download box art for selected games from the given options.

Step 34: 

At last click Ok button to finish the process. When you select the name of the game, the image of that particular game will be displayed on the right side.

Step 35:

From the list of games, scroll down to the list and select the Custom Games option. Repeat the above steps once again to add more games.

Step 36: 

At last, you need to select the Synchronize button from the bottom side. This will synchronize all the newly added games to the SNES Classic.

Step 37: 

The Synchronization process of the new games will begin itself. It will take some time to finish the process. As soon as it completes, you will see a pop-up message with the Ok button. Click on to the OK button.

Step 38: 

You have successfully synchronized the SNES Classic with the new games. Now, turn off the device and disconnect it from the USB port.

Step 39: 

Plug the cord to the adapter and then the main cord to the HDMI port. Boot the SNES Classic to the Television using the HDMI port.

That’s all you have to do to add new SNES Classic games to the device using the SNES Classic Hack method. Make sure you follow each of the above-given steps wisely to avoid potential errors during the process. If for any reason, the process is interrupted, you can repeat it from the beginning at any time.

If you want to restore your SNES Classic device and remove the newly added games, then you can always go for the factory reset option to set it back to its Default Settings. The SNES Classic Hack is a reversible process that means you can reset the device to its default settings easily. The following steps will show you how you can factory reset the SNES Classic.

Factory Reset SNES Classic to its Default Settings

Step 1: 

Turn off the device and unplug it from the power adaptor. Plugin the cord to the PC system.

Step 2:

Turn on the SNES Classic by pressing the Power button. The Hakchi CE software will recognize your device. It will take 10 to 20 seconds. You will see a green button at the bottom side of the software once the connection between your device and the PC is successful.

Step 3: 

Go to the main menu and select the Kernel option. From the drop-down menu, select the Advanced option. The last option from the new drop-down menu will be of the Factory Reset. Click that option.

Step 4: 

You will see a warning message as a pop-up window asking for your permission. Click the Yes button to start the Factory Reset.

Step 5: 

The reset process will begin when you click the Yes button. Once it is done, you will see a pop-up message on your screen. Click the Ok button to finish the process.

Congratulations! You have successfully reset your SNES Classic to its default settings. Your device should not work as it is and there will be no changes to its functionality.

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