VyprVPN Review 2022: Sharing My Experience with this VPN Service!

When a customer chooses a VPN service, the customer is looking for an assurance of security, privacy, freedom and of course technical factors such as speed. The last thing they want though is drama, or lengthy explanations as to why their privacy or security was compromised, or speed of browsing affected, you get the picture.

So, this review is going to take a customer-centric approach, and basically ask whether VyprVPN has the stuffing to get the job done.


About VyprVPN

“We provide people with privacy, security and access to a free and open Internet”

VyprVPN’s parent company is Golden Frog, a tech firm based in Switzerland and taking advantage of that countries fair communication and Internet freedom policies to create a VPN service embodying freedom, privacy, security, and utmost performance.

It is often told that Golden Frog is a reaction to the Room 641a saga, chronicling the actual room where it is reported that the National Security Agency (NSA)  carried out unsanctioned electronic surveillance on networks and communication belonging to AT&T.

Having gotten no satisfactory feedback from the FCC after reporting the sitation, Golden Frog decided to adopt a more hands on approach, setting up VyprVPN, and through it ensuing Internet freedom in new and practical ways.

Golden Frog and VyprVPN’s ethics closely align to their beginnings, resulting in a vision statement that more than expresses their readiness to fulfill their promises of a free Internet experience using their VPN.

VyprVPN Review 2022: Sharing My Honest Experience with the Service!

In this review, we will get to the nitty-gritty of DNS leakage, ping capability, webrtc performance, and other core-technology issues later. But first, let’s get the fundamentals out of the way. Truth be told, if VyprVPN is significantly lacking in the basics, what’s the point in going further with the review, right? So, getting into it..


VPN speed is of course an important consideration in choosing any VPN service.

VyprVPN has good if not great speed. The service shows a latency or lag-time of about 24% effectively when compared to the same hits without the use of VPN. One test recorded a download time of 98.71mbps without VPN which was cut down to 74.48mbps with 50mbps as against 35.88mbps on uploads.


When you use a VPN, you are going to experience slightly slower speeds anyway, s these margins are really okay if not wow. The major headache o suing VyprVPN as far as speed is concerned is that not all their servers perform to the same speed.

Particularly US based servers report a much slower time than those in say Amstedam and other European locations. There was a time VyprVPN was proudly amongst the top 5 VPN speeds in the world. That has now changed to something as depressing as between 17th and 20th in the world.


How many servers can you access with VyprVPN, with the knowledge that more servers equal better service and optional entry points? As at last count, VyprVPN had a tally of over seven hundred servers across 6 continents. The company also provides a unique feature in Apps called Dynamic Server Switching, enabling the customer to bypass redundant, or overloaded servers, or even just slow servers.

In addition, VyprVPN currently states that it has over 200k IP addresses, thus providing all the coverage any customer requires. 


VyprVPN stretch across 59 countries in 6 continents, spread evenly across all time zones and locations. Wherever you are, there is probably a VyprVPN server close enough to make fast connection a reliable and safe bet.

Netflix USA Access

Netflix access has become something of a standard of measurement for VPNs in the world today. The streaming giant’s insistence on Geo-blocking and location sensitive content has caused no end of frustrations in the world.  How does VyprVPN handle Netflix access?

You will find that the Europe based servers will be a letdown regarding access to Netflix. The streaming site still showed blocked on European site, however US based servers, particularly in New York and Chicago did not only allow full access, but did so at a good speed.

It is becoming more and more difficult to access Netflix on a lot of VPN services, so this is fine. You may just need to restrict Netflix access to US based servers, and that’s what most of us require, isn’t it? We all want to watch those exclusive Netflix US shows. ?


VyprVPN runs the most up to date technology in its encryption and protocols. The encryption protocols used are:

  • PPTP

The ‘Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol’ is a popular protocol used by most VPN services. It was first developed by the Microsoft company, and constituted a component of the Windows OS. This VPN was developed in the year 1995, making it the oldest encryption protocol for VPN still around. This VPN protocol works well for older computer systems running the Windows OS.

Advantages include ease of set up and fairy fast connection speeds. The drawbacks are bad security leaks casinoluck.ca, making it inadequate for any serious use. VyprVPN uses this technology in tandem with others.

  • L2TP/IPSec

This VPN technology is fully called Layer 2 Tunnel protocol and succeeds PPTP directly. It is a most popular VPN technology in use today and VyprVPN utilizes this as well. Since it is weak in authentication as well as failing to have encryption embedded, it is commonly used together with IPsec.

This combination, which is used by VyprVPN guarantees security and efficiency. It was originally conceived by the trio of Microsoft, Cisco and L2F.The drawback is that this often defaults to UDP, with the result that connections using this can be quite easily identified and even blocked.

  • OpenVPN (160-bit and 256-bit)

This VPN tech was developed more than a decade ago by developer James Yonan. This protocol is currently the most used VPN protocol generally today, and forms a prominent tool used by VyprVPN . It is of course open source, allowing the users to look at its source code in order to ascertain authenticity and clarity.

The latest upgrades of this protocol also mean that it can be a secure technology for VPN, since it can use up to 256-bit encryption deployed through OpenSSL.

It also has 2014 bit RSA authentication , as well as 160 bit SHA 1 hash algorithm.

This VPN makes no distinctions in platforms, and is capable of smooth operation across all operating systems. In addition, it provides support for less popular OS such as FreeBSD, Maemo, QNX, and Solaris.

The OpenVPN protocol is based on SSL/TLS and continues to see more use from developers, despite its slow speed in certain situations.

  • Chameleon

This is proprietary technology by VyprVPN allowing users to elude governmental interference in countries such as China, where VPN use is targeted by government programs. Chameleon protocol will disguise browsing metadata allowing users to evade detection.

Devices on iOS are also supported. The VyprVPN iOS app only supports:

  • IKEv2 protocol

The IKEv2 protocol was a brainchild of both Microsoft and Cisco. This technology is not as common as others. It can be boosted in terms of efficiency by complementing it IPsec. This pairing results in IPsec contributing encryption and authenticating processes. IKEv2 is fine for mobile devices and connections and is thus very suitable for platforms such as Windows, iOS, as well as BlackBerry.

IKEv2 is notorious somewhat for rumors that it is a favored technology used by the NSA. It also in addition provides Linux with open source application.


One most important element of a VPN service is its security. VyprVPN offers is that the company owns its own servers and writes its own DNS. The advantages to you, is that without the use of a 3rd party, VyprVPN can indeed claim that your personal data and activity history is truly private to you.

Thus, customers can indeed be assured that their activity end to end is secure, without the possibility of any leaks.

Policy on logging and privacy

The VyprVPN policy statement begins with a very open and hopeful statement:

“At Golden Frog we go beyond creating products – we fight for a free and open Internet and actively advocate for policies and legislation that support our mission and the technology we create. Our company was founded in response to government surveillance in the United States, as a result of the government’s refusal to do anything to protect Internet users.”

This all sounds quite nice, practically however, what are we talking about here. For instance, what can a customer do or not do, and what are his or her entitlements when using this service:

  • What you get

You get an official zero log policy, which is fantastic. Many VPN service providers couch their logging policies in fine ambiguities that ultimately offer no guarantees at all. If a VPN tells you they will log and delete your activity history, all they are saying is that for that time, they are keeping tabs. Furthermore, you have to be able to trust them that they will do as they say, and actually delete your activity thus logged. How is your trust level?

A no zero logging policy is just that. There will be absolutely no logging of any kind of your internet time when you are logged on to VyprVPN, period. That is indeed a fine start. Breaking it down, VyprVPN will nt log your source or original IP address, the IP assigned by VyprVPN, start and end of connection, or activity while online.

Finally, VyprVPN will not log any DNS requests from a client, and the VypDNS service also has a zero log stand.

  • What you don’t get

VyprVPN does war that anonymity is impossible, although privacy is possible, welcome, and assured. You are also further warned that you hold yourself responsile for everything you access or copy while on the service, and further, that VyprVPN does not accept illegal infringements of copyrighted material.

What this means basically is that, if for instance, you access a Torrents via VyprVPN and the rights owners complain, you are liable. VyprVPN can go as far as deleting your account without the possibility of a refund in this case. Of course the company has to protect itself, however, isn’t one of the most common reasons for getting VPN in the first place, precisely to be able to access restricted content safely?

What does this mean? It means if you do illegally use, copy or access copyrighted content, you are good- so long as no one complains. If they do, you are liable and could lose your account and indemnify VyprVPN according to the terms and condition agreement that you agreed to on using th service.

Also VyprVPN frowns at sharing the same login data. Depending on the plan you decide on, you can use multiple devices with one account, but if you are an infrequent user, and occasionally decide to use your brother’s account when he is out on an oil rig somewhere VyprVPN won’t be pleased.


VyprVPN promises protection from 3rd party surveillance with no backdoors. The service’s stand is that backdoors are also conceivable access for government, hackers and other undesirables. So when you are on VyprVPN, you can go to bed with both eyes closed, with the assurance that there will be no nasty surprises on your account come morning.

Ability to Foil Government Snoops

Countries like China and some other states with varying degrees of Internet control or even censorship have developed tech that can effectively detect VPN use through identifying metadata. VyprVPN’s proprietary Chameleon encryption technology responds by breaking apart and disguising the normal form of internet activity metadata. The result is that you will maintain privacy despite governmental efforts to track, control or muffle you.

User Friendliness

The VPN technology may be complicated; its use, however, should be as simplistic as possible. VyprVPN users have found the interface a simple straight forward process. A minimum number of clicks results in your downloading of the relevant App. Then you may access the menu, enabling you to configure settings like DNS, encryption protocol, and other configurations.

Overall, the user interface is simple, direct and as clutter free as it is efficient. Most functions are separated into customization, servers, and connection. A simple system of drop down menus show you available servers and ping times.

Support and Response Time

The website announced that support was available on a 24 hours, 7 days a week basis, including holidays. I sent a general inquiry at 1:24 pm and by 1:40 pm, had a response via email. I also took a crack at live chat. The live chat feature at first provided automated responses that did not adequately address my general inquiry, although they did provide insight into other areas that I would have been as interested in subsequently.

I then opted for the “Reach out” advanced live chat option and was gratified to receive a response instantaneously. I did notice that I was number one in the queue and it was a weekend, but still, the zero delay response time was appealing. The customer rep was courteous, helpful, and even was politely willing to go off the beaten path to provide particular answers that served my request.

Devices supported

The major platforms are supported, including Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, as well as routers, AndroidTV, and AppleTV.

Number of devices per account

Depending on the plan you choose, you can have more than 3 devices on one account. This would depend on you choosing a premium plan however. Having said that, you must note that VyprVPN typically does not permit single login for different users.


Accounts are divided into standard or regular (not a company specification) and premium accounts. The standard accounts cost $5 per month, which is billed on an annual basis at $9.95 for 3 allowable devices, and the premium accounts will set you back $6.67 billed annually at $12.95 for 5 allowable devices.

This pricing is fairly standard across VPN services especially where the standard account is concerned. To be fair, even the premium account is competitive compared to general pricing for VPN services.

Performance Tests

Speed Test

One speed test recorded a download time of 98.71mbps without VPN which was cut down to 74.48mbps with 50mbps as against 35.88mbps on uploads.

DNS Leak Test

DNS leak tests showed that there was no leak of traffic or online activity while using VyprVPN.

Before VyprVPN:

After VyprVPN:


Ping Test

First of all, a ping test button is available on the Apps for you to check server ping times or speeds. Very efficiently, server ping times are color coded from green for fastest times, yellow for not as fast, and red for the slowest ping times.  Advisedly, if speed is a major concern, you should typically connect to servers that return green ping times.

Conclusion – What are our final thoughts about VyprVPN?

In concluding, VyprVPN is a particularly good VPN service but probably not the greatest of them all. The service is moderately priced; plus with decent speeds and over 700 servers & 200k unique IPs, VyprVPN is fully able to meet most everyday business and individual needs that require a VPN.

If you are prone to using copyrighted content, using peer to peer sharing or Torrents, VyprVPN is a good option for you because of their no-logging policy, company-owned servers & DNS, no DNS leaks, and Chameleon technology to protect against governments’ spying bots. I’d rate VyprVPN 4.5 out 5. You’re in good hands with VyprVPN.

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