REALM ROYALE Has Lost Drastic Number Of Audience

Since two months of release, the Realm Royale has lost tons of players. On June 5 2018, Realm Royale silently creeps into Steam Early Access. To be factual, from the inception the game was not welcomed into the circle of players. On Steam, the game was only attracting less than five thousand gamers daily.

Realm Royale

After some time, during its launch week, some dedicated Twitch streamers decide to give the game a try. The game’s launch week came along with Shroud, Ninja and others. The game eventually reached around one hundred thousand gamers after the involvement of some Twitch streamers. The popularity of the game did not stay for a long time. The number of people playing the game on Steam drastically dropped on a daily basis.

At the moment, the game is only able to attract around five thousand one hundred and ninety-four players daily. In June, it was around one hundred and five thousand players. This simply means that the popularity of the game has dropped by ninety-five percent. It is difficult for many games to remain popular for a long period of time. If people will not count free weekend, it is evident that the popularity of games will eventually drop.

Even after a game is launched, the popularity will begin to drastically drop to something annoying. This kind of problem can be found with Warframe, GTA 5, Six Siege and just to mention a few. Ninety-five percent remains a huge number that cannot be overlooked for a new game. Most people may not be familiar with game and its gameplay. This can lead to negative feedback and even excessive complaints. The popularity of the game at the moment cannot make it maintain the first twenty-five consoles on Steam.

The harsh environment the game entered may have led to the decrease in its popularity. In time past, the game producer has stood side-by-side with PUGB. At the moment, Realm Royale is not appearing tough, strong and amazing again. After releasing the Paladins and other amazing games, the franchise is now dragging its foot on its latest console. To lose almost ninety-five percent of your core players mean the dead of a game.

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When a game is unable to pull up to five thousand players daily, then is fair to say stop production. In fact, it is confirmed from several sources that the game only pull around three thousand players daily. When this begins to happen, it is no brainer that the developers and publishers should something immediately.

As far as anyone can tell, Realm Royale has gone down to the abyss in the video game world. Nobody can actually tell what happened to the producers, developers and publishers of the game. When things begin to happen so fast beyond anticipation, it is time for a change. This is a time for clear thinking to the publishers of game. Probably something may change if the franchise decides to make some changes.

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