TVMuse Alternatives List 2022 – Sites like and + Proxy/Mirror Sites

TVMuse was one of the most popular free streaming sites for movies and TV shows, unfortunately, it was taken down at the start of 2022. It is not quite clear why this happened but rumor has it that it was due to copyright violation. But the official word from TVMuse is that the site was hacked. It is becoming increasingly hard for such streaming sites to stay up for long and for that reason you will find a site that works perfectly but the next moment it doesn’t.

But the good news is that, even though and were brought down for whatever reason, they still managed to maintain a number of proxy/ mirror sites. A mirror site is simply a replica of the original site but with a new domain name but contains the same content although there might be a few differences here and there. This means you can still experience the same service that was provided by TVMuse. In this article, we have highlighted mirror sites for TVMuse that are currently working as well as a number of alternative sites. Let’s dive in.


TVMuse proxy/mirror sites

One major issue that was evident before the site was brought down is that the content was not being updated. Well, right now this is not the case with the proxy/ mirror sites. They are more reliable and content is being updated on a regular basis.

Here are the mirror sites for TVMuse.

  • cc
  • co

Basically, these two sites have the exact same content so it does not matter which one to use. This is handy in case one does not work. The only difference between the two is the color scheme and domain name. You will expect to find popular movies and TV series including the latest ones. The good thing with TVMuse is that it allows users to choose whether to stream or download and a majority of this content is available in HD. But you will have to create a free account in order to stream. Another app that I really like is Coto Movies that’s available for Android and allows unlimited free streaming of movies and TV shows. You can also install Coto Movies it on iPhone.

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There is an extra mirror site for TVMuse called quick although it is not working at the moment.

Best TVMuse Alternatives 2022

If you want to use a different service other than the mirror sites for TVMuse, here are some alternatives you might want to consider.

1. is an excellent place to find all sorts of TV shows and movies just like TVMuse. This site has a huge library of streaming content in its database. You will even be surprised to find shows that aired back in the early 2000s with the likes of Samurai Jack. This site has no restrictions whatsoever no matter the location and most of all, no account is required. Although you will have to deal with some occasional ads.

Most of the content is available in HD unless it is an old film. Although it would be hard to download a particular stream unless you have a third-party download manager. With, there is a 60% chance of finding whatever stream you are looking for. This site is ideal because it has managed to stay up for a long time without any issues.

2. SideReel

Next on our list is SideReel. This site has an outstanding service when it comes to tracking your favorite TV shows as well as giving you multiple shows to stream. SideReel usually adds and updates episodes on a daily basis and recently uploaded content can easily be found on the home page. Their website may not look that fancy but what they offer is worth it. They have popular TV shows from popular networks like HBO, Fox, Netflix, Syfy, etc. All this is absolutely free although you will need a user account to start streaming. What I love about SideReel is that all the streams have user reviews and ratings which helps to evaluate whether you should start watching a particular content or not.

3. Gomovies

Another alternative site for TVMuse is Gomovies. This site mainly deals with movies but you will expect to find a considerable number of TV shows and all that is totally free. No account is required to stream or download your favorite movie or show. The interface is quite neat and has a few ads. Streams are available in HD quality and can easily be downloaded with just a click of a button.  The main thing that this site lacks is tracking functionality. Furthermore, there is no access restriction. For whatever they offer, their service is actually decent.

4. Sony crackle

Sony crackle is a property of Sony Entertainment which means they offer quality streaming content. This site has a huge collection of blockbuster movies and TV shows although most of it is over a year old. Another thing is that it is mainly meant for US users, therefore, you will have to connect to a VPN in order to access the site. But the good thing is that all the content is provided for free and no account is required. With Sony Crackle, you won’t need to worry about ads anymore. As long as you are able to access the site, everything about Sony Crackle seems to be on the positive.

5. Watch episodes

Next on our list is Watch Episodes. As the name suggests, this site mainly deals with TV series. The number of TV shows available on the site is overwhelming. Were it not for the fact that this site has too many ads, it would have made it to the top of the list. But it’s worth it considering that it is free and you will hardly miss a particular series on the site. Watch Episodes provides a number of links to external streaming servers in case one does not work. This means that you will not stream directly from the site, rather, you are redirected to the resource site.

6. Snagfilms

Snagfilms offers a lot more than just TV series. You will expect to find reality shows, documentaries, movies, historical news, etc. The site interface is quite professional and you won’t have to worry about intrusive ads. One unique thing that you won’t find in other sites that we have listed is that Snagfilms has apps supported on various devices including android and IOS. Some of the content provided on this site is restricted depending on your location, therefore, you will need a good VPN to access such content. Even though the service offered by Snagfilms is decent, there isn’t much streaming content and a majority of it is a bit old. Nonetheless, you will always find something interesting to watch.

7. Pluto TV

Up next is Pluto TV which has quite a reputation in the streaming industry. This site is totally free but the major drawback is that you will need a VPN to access the site in the first place. This site mainly offers a variety of TV channels which include BET, fox, HBO, etc. Even though they don’t focus on TV series, you will still find them in some of the channels they offer. Once you are able to access the site, nothing else is required other than to stream. The experience is really smooth since there are no redirects or onscreen ads.

8. Series top

Just like watch episode, Series Top redirects users to other sites once you are about to stream. They have a huge collection of new series and all these are completely free. You do not need an account although they have the option of creating one for a more personalized experience. If you decide to use Series top then you will have to bear with the regular ad redirects though I never noticed any onscreen ads. Also, you may find a few of the links provided do not work.  That is essentially the reason for providing multiple links in case of such a situation.

9. The Watch Series

Lastly, we have The Watch Series which is a free streaming site with no access restriction. Looking at the interface it is very compact but don’t let this fool you since it has a lot of TV shows to choose from. This site has a schedule which comes in handy when you want to track your favorite TV series. This site relies on external streaming servers therefor you won’t stream directly on this site. As for the experience, I would give it a fifty-fifty. One major issue is that there are too many ad redirects on almost every click which is quite frustrating.


Hope this list has kept you informed about some of the alternative sites like TVMuse. One important thing to note as we wind up is that using illegal streaming sites is a risky business. If you must use them, it is wise to have a trusted VPN. You can check insights on our recommended VPN providers.

Disclaimer! This site does not promote the use of illegal streaming services and any information provided on this article that is contrary is intended for educational purpose.

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