15 Best Free Online Notepads – Take Notes Online Without Sign Up/Login

It is always a good idea to have all your thoughts and ideas in one place. This is why notepads are so important. Notepads come with your PC already installed. However, there comes a time when you want some more features.

Having the ability to edit your text, add images and even color-code them make the process of working on your project fun. Other notepads also have nice designs that would be appealing to anyone who doesn’t want to compromise on the design. Using an online notepad that doesn’t need you to log in and will fulfill your requirements, is always an advantage.


15 Best Free Online Notepads

Use Notepad online to easily take notes without downloading any app, or having to sign up or login. Here’s our 2022’s updated list of the best free online Notepads that doesn’t require you to login in or sign up:

#1. Shrib


It lets you take your notes and not have to worry about losing them. It automatically backs up your notes to the cloud as you type. You are however required to keep using the notepad from time to time. This is mainly because, after 3 months of inactivity, your notes will be deleted. With this, you are also able to create and name a new note as you go. All you do is go to the URL and write the name. E.g “shrib.com/groceries”. Once you have your custom link, you can get to your note and edit it from any device. It also gives you the ability to edit your text as desired and publish your note as a webpage.

#2. RapidTables


This notepad has the easiest and most realistic interface. It has all the functions displayed for you where you can easily edit your notes as you please. It has four categories on the top which have everything you need while taking your notes. It also gives you the option to save your notes to your desktop. This makes it safer and easier to access the notes.

#3. Primapad


Once you get to the homepage, you are required to name your notebook which will then direct you to the notepad. It is a minimal notepad which means you don’t get the freedom to customize your text. With this, your notes are auto-saved as you write and can be accessed using the custom URL on your tab. Having your URL you can access the notes from any device. If you need someone else’s opinion on something you are working on then this is the best notepad to use. It includes a share function which makes it easier to collaborate with others and get your notes across.

#4. JustNotepad

Just Notepad

With a clean interface, this notepad can autosave all your notes as draft copies. It offers draft management which means you can access any of your drafts when you want. If you need to create another draft then all you do is click on “+New”. The best part is that when you click on new, it opens the notepad on a different web browser tab. It gives you the option to either delete all drafts or delete the current text. This is a good feature especially when you’re done and need all your notes scrubbed off. One of the best features if the character and word counter. For most notepads, this is not included. This is a very good addition especially when you need to reach a certain amount of words. It becomes easier to keep track.

#5. aNotepad


Enabling Rich-Text editor is an option on this notepad which means customizing your text is possible. It also allows you to create multiple folders, share and also download your notes in different formats. With this, you get two options either use the anonymous account which doesn’t require any login or use the free registered account. With the anonymous account, your notes are saved to your browser. This means you will get access and edit them provided you do not clear your browser cookies. However, when it comes to the registered account, your notes will be saved privately and to the cloud which means you don’t have to worry about losing them.

#6. Memo notepad

Memo Notepad

This notepad has a pleasing interface with a very nice design. It does the basics by allowing you to take notes and share them through email. It, however, doesn’t have much to offer other than that. It’s the most simplistic notepad to use especially when you don’t need to format your texts or add any images. It would be a great tool for those times when you are pressed for time and need to put out written content.

#7. Speech Notes

Speech Notepad

In case you have a lot of typing to do then this is the best tool to use. It allows you to dictate as it writes what you say. It is simply life-changing, to say the least. It also gives you the option to type your notes yourself. When on the notepad, you are given instructions on how to use the microphone and what to say to ensure the right things are typed. Once your notes are written down, you have the option of uploading to google drive, downloading as a text file or as a windows document. This makes it very convenient especially when you need to edit the text to perfect it further.

#8. Cut Paste


It is a simple notepad that allows you to take notes or paste your text. It doesn’t have much to work with and text can’t be customized. With this, your notes are well kept and can be accessed as needed. You are also able to share your notes with others and get their opinions. This is especially a good idea when you are working on a project with your mates and it doesn’t put too much detail into the structure of the notes.

#9. Note.ly


Having all your notes in one window is a good idea right? Well with this notepad, everything you jot down will appear in one window. With the notes, you will have the ability to make lists and keep track of everything else you’d rather not forget. It also has a different design that keeps users interested and intrigued. It gives you the option to change the color of your note and also change your background. The best part is that you can add photos and also be assured that all your notes will safe and you can easily retrieve them.

#10. Protected Text

Protected Notes

This notepad ensures that all your notes are encrypted and completely safe. This means only you will have access to your notes. Access to your notes is assured especially since they have an android app. With this, you can sync and backup notes to make accessing them on a different device easier. To be safe you can also lock/unlock the notes to ensure no one else reads them. The best part is that it also works offline which means you wouldn’t lose your data even if you’re not connected to the internet.


It offers so many features that are ideal for both safety and flexibility. It has an android app that ensures that your phone is also in sync with the version on your desktop to make accessing your notes easy. With this, you can share, send through email, download, print or lock. Locking will keep your notes safe and will only be accessed by you and anyone else you wish to share your lock key with. You can easily customize the URL to something you can easily remember and refer to it whenever you need your notes.

Online Notepad Pro

Writing your To-do list, grocery shopping list or even passwords. This a great simple tool that is very easy to use and can be used to keep all your ideas. With this, you can share your notes or even download them to have a reference on your desktop. It optimizes its user experience by adding the ability to customize URLs and add a password to the note. Having a password will keep anyone without permission from accessing your notes. This ensures your thoughts and ideas are kept safe.

Stack Edit

StackEdit stores all your files on the browser and can easily be accessed even when offline. It gives you the chance to play with different fonts, styles, and formats as you write your notes. It allows for the creation of folders and files that fall under them. This is a great way to keep everything organized and in place. It will make finding notes on a particular topic easy to identify and refer to.

Ankurm Online Notepad

This is a minimal notepad that lets you focus on what you are writing and not so much how it looks. Being able to write and finish what you were working on without constantly stopping to edit and format is the goal. It also allows for collaborations where you can share with your friends a few of your ideas and get to hear feedback. This a very good way to assess what you are doing and keep growing.

Edit Pad

It is a simple notepad with the option to download and save all the notes you are working on. You should be keen to download all your notes because it doesn’t save notes online. To start working on a new note all you do is click on “New window” which will open the notepad to a new tab. Edit pad also has word and character count which makes it easier to track your progress. It also gives you the option of opening the editor as a pop up which brings a small screen of the notepad to your left-hand side.


It is without a doubt that having a notepad where you can easily jot down all your ideas is important. With all these online notepads, you are spoilt for choice and can easily find what works for you.

The aim is to get to writing without having to worry about losing your notes or someone else gaining access. It is also important to note that once an idea flashes in your mind, making note of it cements it further. You can always go back to your notes and work on the idea to make it a reality.

Using these online notepads saves you the hassle of having to log in each time. If you are not the best at remembering your passwords then with these applications you don’t have to bother.

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