7 Text Editing Apps to Perfect Your Academic Writing in 2022

Academic writing is one of the biggest burdens students are facing on their path to graduation. A substantial number of papers can be pretty overwhelming, and keeping up with every single task is always a challenge. Many students are struggling with the very notion of academic writing. Not only there are plenty of requirements to keep in mind, writing itself requires having strong skills, determination, and, most importantly, time. Whether you like it or not, various academic papers have always been and still are inevitable elements of any educational program. Thus, there is no way you could avoid them. Yet, there is a way to enhance your skills and make your academic writing flawless!

Proofreading and editing your own writing can be extremely challenging and time-consuming as well. The main issue here is that spying errors in the text you have written is much harder than if it would have been created by someone else. Despite the fact that it can be hard, editing is still a vital step if you want to get a high grade. Thus, it can’t be avoided, but you can use one of the apps mentioned below to handle it faster and easier!

Academic Writing Apps



1. After the Deadline

Having trouble with the writing style, spelling, or grammar? No more worries, AftertheDeadline.com got you covered!

This online tool makes proofreading and editing your academic papers simple as never. All you need to do is to open the website, copy and paste your text, and then follow the app’s suggestions to improve the quality of work.

This tool easily finds most mistakes and provides you with a clear explanation of why a specific issue is considered an error.

2. Essay Pro

Our next pick will definitely come in handy to all college students regardless of their academic level and major. EssayPro is a trusted essay writing service that helps learners handle their assignments and boost grades with ease.

The most significant advantage of using EssayPro is that it is incredibly versatile. You can contact this service with a request like assistance on writing an essay or order professional editing and proofreading help of any difficulty.

3. Hemingway App

Readability is one of the essential requirements for every academic paper. Hemingway App makes assessing your texts’ readability simple.

This app analyzes the pasted text according to different characteristics and suggests what can be done to improve its readability. With the help of this tool, you can make any text easy to understand, clear, straight to the point and, thus, worth the highest grade.

4. Google Docs

Just like every Google’s product, Google Docs is extremely handy.

First of all, we love Google Docs for its intuitiveness and convenience. With its help, you can create papers and store them in a single place on your Google Drive, edit texts, and share them with other users quickly.

Another significant benefit is that this tool allows you to share editing rights with other users. Thus, you can edit your papers in collaboration with fellow students or a teacher.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly can come as a helping hand in numerous cases. First of all, its convenient extension to a web browser will spy mistakes in your online writing (for example, in emails) and fix them instantly.

Also, students can use Grammarly to polish their college papers with ease. The tool detects all grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, and sentence structure mistakes. Besides, it allows you to fix each of them in a single click.

Finally, this app also has a premium version that will give the opportunity to detect advanced issues. It will offer vocabulary enhancement, and can also be used to detect plagiarism.

6. Cliché Finder

We often use various clichés in daily routine. Different common phrases and words may fit in the situation quite well when you need to convey a specific idea to another person in a casual conversation. However, when clichés appear in your academic writing, they can do more bad than good.

The appearance of overused expressions in academic papers makes them look amateurish. Thus, most professors would require you to avoid clichés in your work. And Cliché Finder can help any student deal with that.

This tool makes spotting clichés simple and allows you to polish the papers with ease.

7. Slick Write

Another handy editing tool is Slick Write. Similarly to Grammarly, it identifies and highlights style, structure, grammar, and vocabulary issues in your text.

With the help of this app, students can make their papers smoother and free of errors. The best part about it is that Slick Write always explains why it highlights a specific issue.

Thus, using it, you can significantly improve your own writing skills and learn to determine common errors quickly.


Final Words

Still struggling every time you need to prepare and hand in an academic paper? The tools from our list will help you study smarter, not harder, and get those A grades with ease!

Writing flawless essays and other papers takes skills, time, and dedication — every step of the process matters. However, proofreading and editing will always be the most important final step to one’s success.

No matter how well you’ve researched a topic and how creatively the text is written, the abundance of grammar mistakes can ruin everything.

In order not to let a single poorly written paper ruin your academic success, you should add some of the great editing apps mentioned above to your toolkit. Using them, you will no longer have to worry about the quality of your papers!

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