Top 10 Best Writing Apps for iPads in 2022

If you are reading this post, it means you have decided to undertake writing on your iPad. When it comes to writing, our thoughts usually wander straight away to Microsoft Word; however, Word is not present for the iPad. You might consider Apple Pages, but that is not the best option. There exists a plenitude of applications for iPads for writing that has a good variety of functions designed to assist the writer in maintaining his/her focus and dedication.


1. iA Writer

If you desire focused and simple writing conditions enabling you to concentrate completely on your words, then iA Writer is your best bet. Simplicity is the hallmark of iA Writer. The major benefit of using iA Writer is that you enjoy the act of writing. Following are some of the major features of this app.

  • Focus Mode
  • Highlighting of the syntax
  • Availability of different content blocks
  • Availability of hashtags
  • Customized fonts specially designed for writing.
  • A strong and brawny Word Export covering tables, footnotes, and pictures.

Apart from the above features, the strength of iA Writer lies in the fact that it is much faster as compared to other relative applications. You can save Ready Texts in HTML, pdf, Docx, and can even export the same to a WordPress Medium.

2. Simple Note

Though Simple Note is not an app dedicated to writing, it is more than enough to take quick notes and write down whatever you have in your head. You can access Simple Note via dedicated applications and through all the popular web browsers as well. Overall, taking into account the amazing note-taking capabilities of the Simple Note application, there is no relative app even remotely comparable to it. If you happen to jot down a lot of notes and ideas, you can utilize special tags and pins that will aid and assist you in locating the important notes.

3. Evernote

Similar to Simple Note, Evernote is a note-taking application. You can say that Evernote is an organizer cum notepad. This is because it does the task of organizing your notes, ideas, and thoughts perfectly. As far as entering the notes is concerned, various input modes are available in Evernote including plain text, audios, photos, and even voice recordings.

Hence, if your task is only to take notes or jot down stuff, Evernote and Simple Note are the two best options.

4. Writing Kit

If you happen to write for a living, then Writing Kit is one of the best writing apps available on iPad for you. Apart from a text editor, Writing Kit boasts of a ton of other features including an inbuilt web browser, speedy research tools, and connections to a host of other web-related services like Dropbox, etc.

The app consists of three primary components.

  • The File Browser
  • The Editor
  • The Browser

This app might seem to be a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t be switching to a different writing app anytime soon.

5. PlainText

If you are looking to get a small writing assignment done and are not that much into a vast range of features, then PlainText is probably the right choice for you. This app is awesome for little assignments which doesn’t require much of any features except a text editor. PlainText application does allow syncing your stuff with Dropbox. Since it is an extremely lightweight application, you won’t have any qualms regarding the speed of the app.

6. Byword

The beauty of Byword is that you can sync your writing assignments between Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Originally developed for Mac, Byword later traveled to other iOS devices. If you are a blogger, then Byword is crazily good for you as you can publish to your blog directly from the application irrespective of whether you are using WordPress, Blogger, Medium, or Tumblr.

If along with an iPad, you own a Mac and are using Byword on it, it is time now to start using Byword on the iPad as well. You can work from anywhere on your iPad and within seconds sync the written text with Byword installed on your Mac.

7. Pages

If you have to design a fantastic writing project with different shapes, visuals, and styles, you got to use the Pages application. We generally write a letter, a resume, or a short book on PC; however, with the Pages app, you can do the same on your iPad as well. The Pages app allows you to bring your ideas to life as it enables you to create a drawing right into the middle of your project and none of the writing apps, as of now, can do it.

8. Werdsmith

This application is less suited for bloggers and more suited for writers. Though not feature-rich, the app is exceedingly effective and has an ample number of formatting options for those who wish to write a short article, a song, poem, or a story. If you wish to share your written text with others then you can easily do the same from the application itself on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. You can create your portfolio or profile on the app under which you can display your creative write-ups.

9. Ulysses

Ulysses is more or less similar to iA Writer. Just like iA Writer, the primary purpose of Ulysses is to make you focus well towards your writing assignment. For that Ulysses provides you with a clear and a clean interface along with all the utilities that you require to edit or format your writing project. It allows you to save your writing projects in multiple formats including HTML, Docx, and PDF.

If you are a blogger then Ulysses is like a boon come true for you, since it allows you to post directly onto WordPress or Medium. Overall, you can see that basically, the entire feature set of iA Writer is present in Ulysses as well. Please note that you require a paid subscription to use this application.

10. Typing Writer

Do you miss the good old typewriter and the rickety noise of its keys while typing? If your answer is a big fat ‘Yes’ then consider getting the Typing Writer application. The application provides a simulated environment of the traditional typewriter on your iPad. You will get the sound plus you won’t be able to correct your mistakes until the work is done, just like what goes on while using a typewriter. The app even provides a cool white brush for rectifying your mistakes. Please note you have to shell out a dollar to get this writing app.

Final Words

These were the top 10 best writing apps for iPads. If you feel that we are missing out a writing app that deserves to be a part of the top 10 list, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

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