5 Best TVs Under $300 in [2022 Review]

Are you looking for a high quality television but don’t have a lot to spend? The good news is, you can find a great TV for less than $300 – if you know where to look. Get plenty of screen space, a high quality picture and great sound too. There are some top models from trusted manufacturers, which you can pick up online today. We have picked out the 5 best TVs under $300, helping you make an informed decision.


Getting the Best TVs Under $300

Go for an LED or LCD screen – plasma TVs are old news, and your small budget will go surprisingly far these days. Just because you don’t have a lot to spend, there is no reason to compromise on quality. You can get a good-sized TV for the home which looks great when playing all your favorite shows and movies.

Many of the televisions we have selected include Smart TV functionality: connect to the internet for a huge range of channels, streaming applications and content stores. Smart TVs can also store your favorite shows so you never miss a moment, and can help you search for the kind of content you love to watch.

Choose a manufacturer you know well, and make sure you get a comprehensive warranty included. Consider the kind of devices you like to use at home: does your chosen TV have enough connection ports, for example? Where you plan to put the TV also matters. All of the TV sets below can be wall mounted, fixed to a ceiling mount or stood on a cabinet or unit.

5 Best TVs Under $300 in 2022

#1. LG Electronics 43LH5000 43-Inch 1080p LED TVLG Electronics 5 best TVs under $300

  • Size: 48.5 x 9.1 x 24.1 inches; 20.5 pounds
  • Display: 43 inch screen; 1080 pixel HD resolution; 60Hz refresh rate

LG Electronics are well known around the world for their high quality televisions, and this great 43-inch screen is no exception. One of the latest models in the 43LH series, this LED TV will look great in your living room. It boasts an impressive full HD capability along with a 16:09 image aspect ratio and 60Hz refresh speed, and it delivers remarkably clear pictures along with crisp, immersive audio.

You don’t get the Smart TV features with this model, but it will connect to any TV or internet box for streaming and app access. You can also connect up your console and DVD or Bluray player, as well as using the HDMI port to stream from your laptop or phone to the big screen. The internal Triple XD technology provides the color and power you expect – and then some!

#2. Sony KDL40R510C 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TVSony HD 40 inch 5 best TVs under $300

  • Size: 46.5 x 6.6 x 22.9 inches; 20 pounds
  • Display: 40 inch screen; 1080 pixel HD resolution; 60Hz refresh rate

This is a top choice if you want a Sony TV but don’t have the budget to splash out. At 40 inches, this television provides the power and display of a more expensive model but it falls well within your price range. Colors look incredible on the HD LED screen, which can be wall mounted or used with the detachable stand provided. The delicate design makes this look far more expensive than it really is, although it is deceptively robust and sturdy.

The built-in Wifi capabilities let you stream your favorite movies and TV shows through a range of different apps. One downside is that it won;t support the cable card, but you can use it with everything from the Firestick to your trusty DVD player. Some users report initial issues with the display on buying, but say these are easily resolved with a settings update.

#3. Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TVSamsung Smart TV 5 best TVs under $300

  • Size: 11.3 x 46.3 x 23.2 inches; 16.3 pounds
  • Display: 40 inch screen; 1080 pixel resolution; 60CMR refresh rate

One of the cheapest models in our review, this Samsung TV gives 40 inches of quality viewing. The LED screen gives bold, bright pictures and no distortion, with the 1080 pixel resolution providing a high level of image clarity. A great refresh rate and top audio system also contribute to making this a top pick.

Seamless motion technology make the most action-packed movies look smooth and professional. Get cinema quality pictures on the small screen. You could also use the USB port to hook up your laptop, tablet or cell phone: see your snaps and video clips on the big screen, or stream online content to your living room TV.

#4. Magnavox LED LCD 32-Inch Smart TVMagnavox LCD Smart TV 5 best TVs under $300

  • Size: 33.3 x 6.4 x 20.6 inches; 11.9 pounds
  • Display: 32 inch screen; 720 pixel resolution; 120 motion rate

While this is much smaller than the other televisions in our list, it offers such good picture quality that we simply had to include it here. Take advantage of the three HDMI ports and hook up your surround sound system: you won’t notice the few inches less when you get immersed in your favorite film or show! The internal DTS TruSurround engine contributes to superior sound quality.

This is the perfect choice for smaller rooms, where a large TV can be overwhelming and uncomfortable to watch. Consider it for bedrooms, dining rooms and studio apartments.

#5. Westinghouse 40″ 1080p LED HDTVWestinghouse 40 inch smart TV 5 best TVs under $300

  • Size: 41 x 8 x 24 inches; 21.4 pounds
  • Display: 40 inch screen; 1080 pixel resolution; 3 x HDMI ports

You may not have come across Westinghouse before, but this small electronics manufacturer certainly knows how to produce a good television set. This 40-inch LED screen is a great choice when money is tight, and it will outperform your expectations by a long way. You can connect just about any device, from a DVD player or console to your home’s security camera system, and stream quality pictures directly.

If regular channels and cable networks don’t offer enough variety. Connect to an internet-enabled TV device for access to your favorite apps. Go for value and performance over slick design by a flashy brand, and get a television that is built to last and designed to deliver quality content to your home.

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