Best Tablets For Seniors To Buy In 2022 – Top Tablets For Elderly

Tablets have revolutionized the way we access the internet and communicate with our friends and family. Over 20% of the population now owns and regularly uses some kind of tablet device in addition to or instead of a smart cell phone. Tablets have also replaced the traditional laptop or PC for many people – the lightweight design and touchscreen function makes them an ideal hybrid of all other devices. Tablets are particularly useful for elderly users, who find the touch screens easier and prefer a wider screen they can see better. We took a look at the best tablets for seniors users in 2022: check out our findings below.


Choosing The Best Tablets For Seniors or Relatives in 2022

Look for a tablet with a large, clear screen that is easy to see. Many have really efficient zoom capabilities so you can make the text larger, and often you can update the settings to make email, message and web page fonts easier on the eye. A big screen also makes it easier to hit the right buttons and swipe to change screens or pages: often this is more comfortable for arthritic fingers and thumbs.

The simple interface of modern tablets is perfect for people who are new to technology: rather than being overwhelming, today’s tablet operating systems are helpful and intuitive. Voice activated assistants can be helpful for many older users, as can voice recognition software for typing and reading. Apps offering these features can often be installed if they are not already present in the settings at purchase.

Best Tablets For Seniors To Buy In 2022 (Updated List)

#1. Fire HD 10 10.1″ HD Display TabletAmazon Fire HD best tablets for elderly

  • Size: 10.3 x 6.3 x 0.3 inches; 0.9 pounds
  • Display: 10.1 inch screen; 1280 x 800 pixel resolution; 2 x cameras
  • Power: MediaTek Quad-Core processor; 1 GB RAM; 16-64 GB internal drive

Amazon’s own tablet device evolved from their early Kindle, so you can expect high quality e-reader technology built into this neat little tablet. It is also designed for movie and TV fans, allowing easy streaming of Amazon’s own services as well as access to apps like Netflix and Hulu: subscriptions are required for these services, of course. The widescreen HD display is easy to adjust to make it clearer for older eyes to read, and the tablet’s mono Dolby speakers are loud enough to hear clearly.

This is also a good budget buy, and it could be a great choice for a first tablet if you want to introduce an older relative to online technology. It does take a little bit of time to set up and get started, so those who are not experienced with tablets could probably use a helper on standby to work through the settings. Once everything is set up to the user’s preference, this is a great tablet with a long life.

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#2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-Inch TabletSamsung Galaxy tablet best tablets for elderly

  • Size: 5.43 x 8.2 x 0.3 inches; 0.69 pounds
  • Display: 8 inch screen; 1024 x 768 pixel resolution; integrated graphics
  • Power: Samsung Quad Core processor; 1.5 GB RAM; 16 GB internal drive

The 8 inch screen might seem a little small when shopping for a tablet elderly people can use, but the clear, bold graphics and great display more than make up for the size. This tablet screen looks bigger than it is in action and it is great for reading web pages, e-books and emails as well as for viewing photos and videos.

Samsung’s Galaxy cell phone is one of the hottest gadgets on the market right now, and this tablet version is the next level. The internet connectivity is fast and responsive, and access to apps and programs is simple and easy. The design is nice and smooth, and easy to hold, and the touch screen lasts for ages with no problems. Battery life is also impressive at around twelve hours, giving the user plenty of fun without being stuck by a charging point.

#3. Lenovo TAB2 A10 ZA000001US 10.1-Inch 16GB Wi-Fi TabletLenovo TAB2 tablet best tablets for elderly

  • Size: 9.72 x 0.35 x 6.73 inches; 0.73 pounds
  • Display: 10 inch screen; 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution; integrated graphics
  • Power: 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex Quad-Core processor; 2 GB RAM; 16 GB internal drive

A great mid-range tablet with plenty of power, this is another top pick for elderly users thanks to its simple interface and bright display. It runs Android’s latest platform and can be upgraded with ease. The 10 inch screen is large enough to be comfortable and the zoom feature is clear and responsive. Users get complete control over the size and display. This is a great tablet for taking and viewing photographs of loved ones, for sending and receiving emails and for keeping in touch on social media. It also runs games and apps without lag or problems, and has an impressive internal storage as well as simple Cloud access.

Up to 10 hours of battery life can be achieved so this is a good tablet for on the go, but it also gives hours of fun from the comfort of an easy chair! Sound quality is lacking in the original settings, but boost the device Outdoor mode to get clear, loud speech and music.

#4. Apple iPad Air 2

Apple iPad Air 2 best tablets for elderly

  • Size: 6.6 x 0.24 x 9.4 inches; 0.96 pounds
  • Display: 9.7 inch screen; 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution; PowerVR SGX543 graphics
  • Power:  Apple 1.5 GHz processor; DDR3 SDRAM; 64 GB internal drive

The Apple iPad is extremely popular with seniors. It offers a simple yet robust operating system that can be navigated with ease and essentially guides the user through every function intelligently. The impressive display is perfect for everything from watching shows to visiting social media sites, and the device can be synced with other Apple products for smart tech integration at home. It is slightly larger than other tablets which gives it a bigger screen, but bear in mind that it is also heavier than similar models.

The impressive resolution beats many other tablets on the market and makes this perfect for users who need a bigger, clearer display. The touchscreen is extremely responsive and easy to use, and the overall design is perfect for users of any age.

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