Best Soundbars Under $300 With Best Quality in 2022

A good quality soundbar can be a great investment for your home entertainment system, giving you better overall sound that gets projected throughout the room. Soundbars look great and do a fantastic job. You can send your audio files to the speaker using Bluetooth, connect devices directly or use it with a TV, console or computer. Great soundbars needn’t blow your budget, either. You can pick up a fantastic speaker bar for a sensible price if you know where to look. For reviews, product specs and more on the best soundbars under $300, take a look at our expert guide today.


Choosing The Best Soundbar Under 300$ in 2022

Many of today’s soundbars offer all-in-one functionality, with built in bass speakers and tweeters that balance sound and give a smooth, consistent tone and quality. In essence, a soundbar is a complete sound system that replaces individual speakers, combining each element in one simple bar. However, to make the bar more compact these speakers are often a little less powerful than individual pieces.

Many soundbars have Wi-Fi connectivity along with Bluetooth and infrared features, making it easy to play just about any audio source. Design matters too – look for something neat, modern and cool that will match the rest of your sound and entertainment system.

#1. Polk Audio Magni-Fi Soundbar with Wireless Active Subwoofer

Polk soundbar and sub best soundbars under $300

  • Size: 11.62 x 40 x 17.5 inches; 20 pounds

Get two devices for the price of one with this great soundbar and subwoofer set by Polk. The wireless sub connects with the speaker bar to create a rich and solid sound – perfect for movies, games and your favorite tunes. Wireless Bluetooth technology allows the easy pairing of any compatible device, such as your cell phone, tablet or PC. Alternatively, connect directly to the TV or sound system to use the bar as a traditional speaker.

VoiceAdjust technology makes a noticeable difference to the scope of sound emitted – dialogue is clear and consistent no matter which angle the viewer is sat at. The bar itself has a simple design in dark grey plastic, and although it is not as sleek as similar models it is still an attractive piece of sound equipment.

#2. VIZIO S5430W-C2 54-Inch 3.0 SoundbarVIZIO 54" widescreen bar best soundbars under $300

  • Size: 53.74 x 3.15 x 4.18 inches; 14 pounds

Unlike other soundbars in our selection, there is no built-in subwoofer in the VIZIO model. However, it syncs well with your existing sound system – including your current sub. It does include a Deep Bass Module which does a similar job and provides a nice deep tone. Sound quality for movies and TV is particularly good, with clear dialogue and SFX, although other soundbars are generally better for playing music at a high volume.

Being able to wall mount this soundbar could be a plus if you have a smaller living space, and all fixings are included with the speaker bar on purchase. The wide design is ideal for use with larger televisions, and a HDMI input is included for fast, simple connection. You can also send your audio files straight to the bar over a Bluetooth connection.

#3. ZVOX SoundBase 570 30″Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofer

ZVOX speaker bar best soundbars under $300

  • Size: 30 x 14.5 x 3.5 inches; 19 pounds

If you are happy to settle for a slightly smaller soundbar in order to meet your budget, this neat little ZVOX speaker box could be the answer. Although it is not quite as sleek and smooth as other designs, it is lightweight and compact and should fit neatly on any unit. Position directly under and in front of the television for best effect. Connect to your television or console using the HDMI port, or stream wirelessly to the unit from any PC or cell phone.

The bar includes five speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier for clear and consistent sound when viewing or listening to any medium. The robust case keeps dust out of the bar and prevents damage from knocks and general wear, prolonging the bar’s lifespan. As a budget device for a smaller living space, this is a great choice.

#4. Philips HTL3110B/F7 Soundbar Speaker

Top Philips speaker bars best soundbars under $300

  • Size: 2.5 x 33.3 x 2.4 inches; 14.2 pounds

Combine soundbar and subwoofer performance with this home audio package from Philips. The speaker bar itself contains a series of high quality speakers and its own professional level amplifier, producing high definition sound as a standalone product. When combined with the additional wireless sub, you get that perfect bass sound that makes movies, music and games sound better. The set is ideal for home theaters and games consoles, but you could also use it with your PC or laptop for a better sound experience.

One downside is that cables are not included, so you will need additional HDMI or phono leads to connect. However, as a budget device this is certainly one to consider. The impressive width gives clear sound across your room, and the bar can be wall mounted or sat in front of the TV as preferred.

#5. Samsung HW-JM45C R Soundbar with Subwoofer

Samsung speaker bar best soundbars under $300

  • Size: 38 x 12 x 14 inches; 10.8 pounds

Another soundbar and subwoofer combo, this Samsung package is a good budget choice if you need an all-round speaker for your home or even your workplace. The speakers are prone to feedback problems if you place them too close together, so you will need some space to get the full effect of this system. It is worth it though – the sound quality is great and the unit performs extremely well when playing games, movies, TV, music and audio files.

The design is a little boxy but it looks smart and tidy, and 38″ is a good length for small to medium sized rooms. Place directly in front of the TV for best effect in terms of sound, although the unit can be stood up and placed to one side if preferred. Bluetooth and wireless connectivity make it easy to interact with the soundbar – send tunes from your cell phone or tablet and enjoy them in full surround sound.

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