5 Best Gaming Desktops Under $1000 in [2022]

Whatever kind of games you play, having the right machine is crucial. A good gaming machine prevents lag and keeps connections smooth and speedy. It performs well under pressure and won’t suffer overheating problems, even when used for many hours at a time. It will have space enough for your files, and a decent graphics card for a bold, bright display. You can pick up a great bit of gaming kit without spending a whole lot. We have picked out the 5 best gaming desktops under $1000 to help you get started.


Selecting the right gaming PC for you

The latest video game titles require a lot of power to support them. Many use the latest 3D and virtual reality technologies to enhance gameplay, so you will want a machine that works with the accessories and controllers you will be playing with. Look for a computer than can be adapted to suit your needs: it is easier than ever to modify and upgrade PC towers for custom gaming fun.

For under $1000, you can get a professional quality PC that plays any title without problems. Any gaming PC you pick will have the power to handle other functions well too, like studying, web browsing and watching video content. Pick a capable graphics card, a powerful central processing unit and a good cooling system – all important features of a good gaming PC.

The 5 best desktops for playing video games

#1. CybertronPC Shockwave X6-9600 Gaming DesktopCybertron Shockwave PC 5 best gaming desktops under $1000

  • Size: 21.1 x 8.9 x 19.8 inches; 27 pounds
  • Performance: 3.5 GHz FX-Series Six-Core processor; 16 GB RAM; 1000 GB drive
  • Display: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 dedicated graphics; 1024 MB GC RAM

With its slick black and green design and space age casing, this is certainly a computer that makes a visual impact. Cybertron’s Shockwave gaming machine has an impressive six-core central processing unit and a unique controllable cooling design. The fans are a little louder than other models but the performance of the cooling system is well worth a little extra noise. This is a great computer for heavy use: it can withstand a whole lot of pressure without losing speed or functionality. The unusual hybrid hard drive makes this PC noticeably faster than similar models, though you may want to upgrade the graphics card to really get the most out of this gaming tower.

#2. CyberPower PC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8040A Desktop Gaming PCCyberpower Xtreme 5 best gaming desktops under $1000

  • Size: 20.16 x 9.25 x 21.57 inches; 32 pounds
  • Performance: 4 GHz Core i7 6700k processor; 8 GB RAM; 2048 GB internal drive
  • Display: AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card; 4096 MB GC RAM

Probably the coolest gaming machine you can pick up for under $1k, this stunning CyberPower tower has a transparent panel so you can see what is happening inside. The beautiful black case with red lighting is dramatic and stylish. It is not just a pretty face either: inside you get a superb quad-core i7 processor and an amazing 2048 GB of space, making this a top choice if you download a lot of games or go through a ton of save files. That super memory will speed up your gameplay and make everything much more responsive: never miss a shot or lose your place in the race again!

#3. Microtel Computer TI9032 Gaming ComputerMicrotel Gaming PC 5 best gaming desktops under $1000

  • Size: 18.4 x 7.3 x 16.8 inches; 35 pounds
  • Performance: Intel Core i7-4790 Quad-Core 3.6 GHz processor; 16 GB RAM; 1 TB drive
  • Display: Nvidia Geforce 740 GT graphics card; 2 GB GC RAM

This cool and quirky Microtel machine is a great mid-range choice which will make all your game content look awesome. The NVIDIA 2 GB graphics are sufficient for even the latest AAA titles, and you can install gaming platforms like Steam to grab games of all kinds. It runs Windows 10, giving you access to Xbox content and Microsoft titles, and you can use traditional disks and downloads too. It is also a great computer for working and studying, with Open Office included for word processing and spreadsheet creation. Choose this computer if you want great gaming but also need an all-round PC for the home.

#4. FXWare Viper GTX 4.0ghz Windows 10 Gaming PCFXWare Gaming PC 5 best gaming desktops under $1000

  • Size: 20 x 10 x 20 inches; 22 pounds
  • Performance: 4 GHz Intel Core i5 processor; 16 GB RAM; 240 GB drive
  • Display: Nvidia GTX 750 Ti PCI-E 3.0 graphics card; 2 GB GC RAM

With a nod to retro gaming consoles, this green and black FXWare PC is certainly stylish and different. It houses a sturdy and potent quad-core i5 processor, which should be more than sufficient for your games and for video streaming. The drive is a little lacking compared to similar models, but this is one of the easiest models for upgrading and modifying. Switch out the drive for something more powerful, and you have an incredible gaming PC in your hands. Picture quality is especially good with the Viper, with reduced lag and latency over transfers and a surprisingly good refresh rate. Connect a VR headset for advanced immersive gaming.

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#5. Dell XPS 8700 Intel Core i7-4770 DesktopDell XPS PC 5 best gaming desktops under $1000

  • Size: 22.1 x 20.7 x 15 inches; 27.1 pounds
  • Performance: Intel Core i7-4770 processor; 16 GB RAM; 1 TB internal drive
  • Display: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645 graphics card; 1 GB GC RAM

While not specifically a gaming PC, the Dell XPS deserves a place in this list thanks to its amazing internal power and its superior performance. The spacious drive improves speed and allows better, faster installs, content streaming and online play. This is a top choice for gamers who spend a lot of time online. The wireless 1703 802.11b/g/n connectivity suits local or remote play as preferred, and you can connect a whole range of gaming accessories and devices to enhance how you play. Cut loading times right down, get better audio and picture quality, and choose a PC that also serves your other needs well. There has been many recommendations from customers using this desktop for photo editing and photography as the picture quality is truly excellent. This is a great choice as a family PC which will sometimes function for gaming, but needs to be capable of browsing the web, work functions and entertainment as well.

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