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30 Best Free Movie & TV Streaming Sites To Watch Online for Free in 2022

Who doesn’t love a good movie at the comfort of their home? Well, life happens and you may not get to watch all your favorite programs as they air. However, it is so much easier now to catch up with your shows without too much hassle. Various sites have these programs where you can watch at your convenience. You can easily watch anything without having to pay a cent for it.


The 30 Best Free Movie/TV Streaming Sites in September 2022

1. Tubi

This streaming site is fairly easy to navigate especially since it allows you to browse through the content without registering. They have different categories including Sci-fi, romance, action and many more. However, if you want to watch anything you first need to create a free account. The best part about this is that they don’t ask for credit card information.

Once you create an account, you can queue content and also save any unfinished movie you were watching and get back to it later. They also acquire information from the searches and movies you watch to get a sense of what you like. This is mainly to help tailor their recommendations to your preferences.

Tubi goes into partnership with different studios to offer content to its viewers legally. Some of these studios include Paramount, Starz, MGM, and others. The most interesting thing about this streaming site is that they also have apps that you can download to your devices both Android and iOS.

2. Porpcornflix

Porpcornflix has a wide variety of movie selection and TV shows that you would love to watch. All the content on the site is completely free. You can also watch without having to sign up for an account especially if you just want to check it out.

This streaming site boasts of unique TV shows especially those from the ’90s. In case you’d like to go down memory lane then this is the best place to be. They also offer full-length movies, Tv series, and documentaries.

It has 3 main categories which include Home, Discover, and Directory. The discover page is divided into 3 Movies, TV Shows, and Viral Vids. The directory just includes the categories that the movies are in to help you find what you want to watch a bit faster.

You can easily access this site through the web or various supported devices. They include Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon, XBOX, and ROKU. With such a wide selection you can easily enjoy the content on this site from anywhere and at your  comfort.

3. Snagfilms

This is a relatively good website to stream the shows you love. However, they don’t have categories for their content. This makes it harder to discover new shows to watch. They also have a wide range of rare indie content.

With this platform, you can watch the shows without having to create an account. You will also have to deal with pre-roll ads before your selected show starts mainly because it’s free.

When it comes to quality, you may not get the best deal but you can still enjoy what you’re watching. It is also important to note that there are restricted areas in the site where you need a username and password to access. Once you register with them you gain access to certain features and portions that were otherwise inaccessible.

Snagfilms can be used both on the web and on your phones. This makes it more convenient and accessible at any time or place.

4. Vudu

With this, you get to watch the latest movies and TV shows without having a subscription or a contract. You also get great quality for up to 4K UHD and can use any device. This site can be accessed from devices such as smart TV’s, game consoles, Streaming devices, Android, iOS, and Windows. This gives you a great chance of actually taking advantage of the free streaming.

You should, however, note that it is not all free. For some shows, they give you the option of either buying or renting at a certain price. On the site, you’ll find some labeled either free with ads, sale or for rent. When you hover your mouse cursor over a certain movie you’ll see the rating and also the price. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged, if you don’t want to spend money then you can enjoy the wide variety of free selections that they have.

5. LookMovie

This website has a wide variety of movies and TV shows that are very easy to locate. Lookmovie is separated into TV shows and movies. For the movies, they are divided into latest, categories, and genres while TV shows are divided into the latest, trending, and categories. You also get the chance to search for the movies you’d like to watch.

It also has an amazing feature where you can filter the selection of movies according to the year, genre, rating or newest first. This will save you so much time searching through the massive selection.

It does not require any registration which means you can watch movies without too much hassle. The best part is that there are no advertisements or pop-ups.

6. Yesmovies

This site offers a variety of movies and TV shows which are updated regularly when new episodes are released. It is very easy to use this website mainly because it is divided into categories such as genre, country, Tv series, top IMDb, and request. To break it down, ‘genre’ includes the many types of movies there are while ‘country’ is where they are filmed. Top IMDb includes those movies that are highly rated and ‘request’ has all the movies that are being watched the most.

This site makes it easy to navigate to find the right movies and TV shows for you. It however only runs very few ads but not on every movie you watch. With this site, you can see a movie’s description without having to click on it. All you have to do is hover your mouse cursor over the movie thumbnail and you’ll get to read what it’s about. This is a very good strategy especially when you have nothing to watch and are looking for new movies.

7. Watch free

This website offers a wide range of movies and TV shows which are regularly updated as they are released. It has a relatively easy to use interface with different sections that help with the selection process. It is divided into popular movies, latest movies, top 100, genre, and TV series. The most interesting and unique thing about this site is the top 100 section. They include the most highly rated movies of all time to help you browse through and find one that you’d love to watch.

When it comes to quality, you can be assured that it is good which makes it better for you as a viewer. You also do not need to register or open an account when using this site. All you need to do is just open the site, find your movie or TV show and click on it to watch. When using this site you may have to deal with some ads and pop-ups but they are not too many to avoid annoying the users.

8. Putlocker

Putlocker has an easy to use website with all its content divided and accessible through different sections. The sections include, ‘home’ where you get a search bar, genre, country, movies, TV series, top IMDb, and news. This is a different site mainly because it keeps you up to date with what’s new, what your favorite actors are up to, and which great releases are about to come out. Having the section of news on their website gives this site a big advantage because users get to watch movies they come across from some of the lists they feature.

To use this site you do not need any registration or account however, you should have it in mind that you may get some ads especially when a movie starts. It is, however, important to note that this site is updated regularly which may change its appearance. Knowing this, they give you an option to use the old design if you prefer. Using it will work just as well. You also get to choose whether to view the site in night mode or not.

9. Hotstar

Now, this is a very different streaming site compared to the others. This is because it airs shows that are of different languages and from different places. It covers a total of 9 languages English being one of them. The website is divided into different sections which include, TV, movies, sports, news, and premium.

In the TV section, you get different channels that have different kinds of content. For the movies section, it is divided according to the language spoken and where the movie is from. The sports section is what is more fascinating, they have 15 different sports that they cover live and you can catch up with some of the main games. For news, they mainly cover events happening in Asian countries. When it comes to premium, this is where all the English movies are.

They have a very decent collection of the latest movies which makes it so much more convenient for those who don’t understand the Asian language. However, with the way this site is set up, filtering to narrow down your search results is very limited. This makes it harder to find new things to watch.

10. Movie4u

This website has a very eye catchy user interface that is very well designed. Its ease of use comes in because of the various categories provided. You can easily filter your search to get the movie or TV show you’d like to watch. It has 6 categories which include, featured, movies, TV shows, top IMDb, trending, and ratings.

The trending and rating tabs are my favorite. This is mainly because it makes your work easier when finding what to watch. For trending, you can find the latest releases while ratings you just get all the movies that have a high rating. With a high rating, you are assured of a good treat when you watch the show.

The TV shows are divided into new seasons and new episodes. This helps you keep track of the weekly episode releases but also new seasons that come your way. Movie4u doesn’t require any registration and you can also enjoy using it without the disturbance of pop-ups and ads.

11. KeckTV

This streaming website requires no registration and has minimal ads running within their site. It has a great collection of movies and TV shows and has them classified to make it easier when searching. The unique classifications with this site are the best 200, trending, and airing now. With these 3 you get movies that you would have otherwise not thought to watch. The TV shows section also has the same classifications which go a long way to finding new programs to watch.

When you find yourself in a situation where you’ve missed a program airing on TV you can catch up with it on airing now on this site. This makes things so much easier and more convenient. They also give you a specification when searching. All you need to do is type in the first word then get the results. Avoid typing in the season and episode you want.

12. Seehd

Seehd is another great website that offers movies and TV shows for free. This site does contain ads and requires you to create an account. However, you can watch without having an account but you cannot comment nor rate what you’ve watched until you log in.

This site has a very nice feature that is updated quite regularly. The release dates feature is very unique and gives you information on when your favorite shows will be available. However, they state clearly that the shows might not be available on the site on that exact day. You either watch at the cinema or just wait to when the shows hit such platforms.

13. TvBox

This streaming site has a simple homepage that shows you some of the shows and also highlights those TV shows that have aired. TvBox also has a calendar section where they show you when the next episodes to your favorite TV shows will be released. You may also get some of those rare gems on this site mainly because it hosts TV shows that date back to the 2000s.

The site is very easy to use and all the instructions are straight-forward. It is, however, important to note that there are no categories or genres within the site. This makes it harder to discover new shows and to keep up with old ones when new seasons are released.  You do not need to register or create an account when using this website. You might also encounter a few ads here and there but nothing too annoying.

14. Crackle

This website is owned by Sony which makes it a reliable source of all your entertainment. You can be assured of great quality and also regular updates of the latest movies and TV shows. It is also very easy to navigate and find something that meets your fancy. Crackle also offers android and iOS apps for you to keep up with your shows while on the go in your phone. This is such a great advantage especially if you travel a lot it will keep you busy throughout.

You will have to deal with ads on the website but you can be assured that all the content is legal. It also allows you to watch trailers before actually diving into the movie to ensure you want to watch it. It also does not require registration but there is still an option to do so. You should, however, note that this website is not accessible for everyone. It is limited to specific regions.

15. Retrovision

While this website is not aesthetically pleasing to look at, it is easy to use. All the content is divided into sections and the genres they belong to. It also has a search bar which makes it easier to look for shows. However, this site will not appeal to everyone, this is mainly because it does not include the latest movies or TV shows. It is mainly focussed on the classic movies and shows of the ‘90s to 2000.

If you remember a show from your childhood or early years and would like to rewatch it then this is the site for you. It also includes a variety of cartoons for kids. Have your kids watch one and see what they say in comparison to the cartoons they watch today. It also requires no registration and offers an android app for your convenience.

16. CMoviesHD

CMovies has a wide selection of both movies and TV shows which is regularly updated. You do not need to register to watch your shows. This site also makes it very easy to find new shows mainly because they have categorized them according to genre and country. All you need to do is click on what genre you prefer, be it drama, Sci-Fi or any other you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The site’s interface is very user-friendly even for beginners. It also has very minimal ads and pop-ups which means you can enjoy the content without feeling frustrated.

17. Yidio

Yidio is short for ‘Your Internet Video’. It is a TV streaming website that gives you access to a wide variety of shows for free. Some of these shows are from premium sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. This website is quite different from the rest mainly because you can personalize it to your liking. It can track the shows and give you recommendations according to what you watch. The best part is that you can also start a watch list and have all the shows you want to keep up with there.

However, for you to enjoy all this, you need to register and create an account to keep saving your shows. You’ll encounter some advertisements here and there but they are very subtle. You are also assured of great quality for the movies and shows. They also allow you to watch live TV for free. They, however, are only offering a few options at the moment including, news 24/7, stand up TV, docu TV, anime all day, and celebrity TV.

18. Watch series

This streaming site also offers a great variety of both movies and series and are well categorized. You have the option of checking under genre, movies, TV series, top IMDb, and requests. This gives a very good opportunity to research and find new shows to indulge in. Watch series also has a blog/reviews page where they post both updates and reviews of shows. Going through this part of the site will give you a very good insight into the movie you’d like to watch. It will help you decide whether the show is worth watching or not.

You can use this site without any registration but will have to deal with a few adverts and pop-ups. The shows are classified into four parts, featured, most viewed, most favorite, and top rating. With this, you get the best selections according to what people are enjoying. You can also use the website in night mode to customize the site further.

19. ShareTV

This streaming site has a very simple interface where you can search for shows using the name of the movie or using a celeb’s name. It is divided into browse, schedule, and updates. When you click on browse you get all the genres and also networks that the site covers. Under schedule, you get the dates of some of the releases expected for that week.

It also has a very unique feature written countdown where you monitor the days remaining for your shows to be released. It is without a doubt that when you watch a show you might not get to know when the next season will be released. Having this feature will ensure you don’t miss out on anything. There is also a section where updates are regularly uploaded to help inform you of the movies and shows available on their site.

20. GOmovies

Watching movies and TV shows on this website does not require you to register an account. It allows you to stream content in high quality and the best part is that they have 2+ servers. These servers ensure that if one is not working then you can watch using the other server. Having such an option assures you that you won’t miss out on a show.

With the quality of movies and TV shows, you get a minimum HD quality at 1080p. They also allow requesting for shows through their contact form. This is very helpful especially when there is a show you need to watch but cannot find it on their website.

21. CW tv

The CW network is a movie and TV show streaming site with the latest show being updated regularly. It, however, has limited content that is free mainly because they regularly remove some of the shows from their website. The best thing about this site is that you can find all the CW network content you want. It also has very good video quality and does not require any registration when using it. The site also makes it easy to search for content and discover new shows through the search bar and recommendations.

You should, however, note that this website is only accessible to US residents due to license restrictions. While this is not convenient, there are other streaming sites you can use if you are not in the US.

22. Time 4 Tv

This streaming website is very unique in that it allows you to watch TV channels for free. These channels include the US, UK, Sports, News, Football, Hindi, and informative channels. This is by far the best site to use if you want to catch up with certain networks like ABC, Starz, and others. With this site, you can be assured of different movies and TV shows at a great quality. To use this website you don’t need to register an account but will have to deal with some very annoying ads and popups. However, if you want to use the site you’ll get used to it. This website also offers multiple links just in case one doesn’t work you can use another. What makes this site so different is that it also covers sports and news. It is a complete package.

23. Tv player

This streaming site offers access to TV channels both for free and also paid. The free version is quite decent and you get to enjoy lots of shows on 50+ channels. The paid one is the premium version which has an unlimited choice of TV channels which in turn translates to more TV shows.

With the premium version, you also get added features such as different device support such as apps, chromecast, iOS, and Windows. You also get ‘catch up’ and ‘record live TV’. This would come in very handy especially when your favorite show is about to air but you don’t have the time to watch it. Recording it will ensure you have something to fall back on when you finally have time to watch.

For the free version, you do not need an account or any registration to start using these services.

24. 123movies

It has a variety of shows and a very big collection of them categorized accordingly. With options from trending, genre, ratings and more you are bound to find new and exciting movies to watch. This website also has a very clean interface that is very beginner-friendly and easy to use.

With this site, you do not require any registrations and can watch anything you want without too much hassle. However, this site will have ads and pop-ups and may also redirect you to other pages once you click on something. As time goes by, you’ll learn how to maneuver the site and won’t get so frustrated by the ads or redirections.

25. Movies joy

Movies joy offers both movies and Tv series for free and has a very well organized website. The shows are categorized according to ‘genre’, ‘country’, ‘top IMDb’, and ‘TV series’. You also get to filter the results further by checking out ‘suggestion’, ‘most popular’, and ‘being watched’. With these options, you can find new shows that others are enjoying and get to watch them.

To use this site, you don’t need to register an account but you can opt to sign up in case you want to save some of the shows you’d like to keep up with. This site is ad-free and allows you to download movies in HD to watch them later. With the regular updates being made on the website you are assured not to miss out on any new releases. Just be sure to keep an eye out on any new shows or episodes.

26. Shout factory

This streaming website offers very unique movies and shows that you might not find on other sites. You get to enjoy mystery science theatre 3000, the cult classics from the 90’ s and related programs like Rifftrax and film crew.

This site has different categories including, film, Tv, originals, and live events. You get to enjoy shows of different genres and watch them for free. Without registration, you’ll have to deal with countless ads however, with an account, all the content will be ad-free.

27. Archive

The internet archive is home to so many vintage records of classic TV shows, documentaries, and many more. If you are looking for something specific but just can’t find it then you need to give this website a try. This site mainly hosts items recorded from television so this means there could be a good chance to find your show if it was aired on TV.

28. Squid TV

This is a streaming website that consolidates all live TVs in one place. The site is relatively easy to use since all the content is alphabetically arranged. You can either search by country, language or genre. This website will help you gain access to any live stream channel in the world provided it is on their website. It works by rerouting you to the actual site that is live streaming so that you can get the content you need.

29. Airtel Xstream

This streaming site has over 10000 movies, Tv shows, and 350 live TV channels or maybe more. Airtel Xstream gives you a wide variety of shows to choose from and you are assured of great quality.

It is, however, important to note that this website requires you to be an Airtel user. They will ask for your airtel number and OTP just for verification. This goes to show that with this site you have to register first before getting to use it. Once registered, you can enjoy all the great shows it has to offer.

30. MX player

MX player has a very clean user interface with a great variety of both movies and TV shows. This website mostly focuses on India and movies that are from there. However, some of the movies are acted in English which means anyone can gain access and enjoy some of its contents. This site also has a section for news and sports which also makes it stand out and gain a lot of users in the process. With this, you do not need to register and can just enjoy watching from the word go.


There are so many options to choose from when it comes to this particular topic. The best thing to do is go through them and find the one that resonates most with you.

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