4 Best Desktops For Music Production

Every musician, producer and music student knows the value of a good quality desktop PC. Your work becomes easier and far more enjoyable when you have the right machine at your fingertips. If you are looking to invest in a new computer for working on your music, take a look at our buyer’s guide and reviews below. We have selected the 4 best desktops for music production available on the market today, based on reviews from users and tech experts.

Make your choice count and get years of great performance from your new computer: consider your options carefully before buying. A new PC is an investment, and should be taken seriously. The right model could make a huge difference to your music.


Choosing your music PC

A good music editing computer needs plenty of power, so often only a desktop will do. If you need something more portable for editing on the go, these music production laptops might better suit your needs. For heavy duty music work, choose a robust and powerful desktop.

Make sure you get plenty of different ports and connections, so you can hook up your studio equipment. Consider what you will be using your PC for, and the specific requirements of your music. Every producer and artist will want something different from their machine, and the possibilities for customization are almost limitless. The PCs we have selected below are great all-round performers, and should suit most purposes well.

Your budget also matters. Are you looking to invest in some high quality, high spec technology, or do you need an affordable computer which offers plenty of value? You will find plenty of choice at either end of the spectrum, and you don’t necessarily need to pay a whole lot to get a very good desktop PC.

Most importantly, consider the power your new computer delivers. Things like display quality can be boosted by adding a great monitor, sound quality comes from hooking up a good speaker system, and storage is handy but you can always upgrade your drives. Concentrate on finding a powerful internal engine – something with plenty of kick.

Our 4 top music production PCs

#1. Dell Inspiron i3847-2311BK DesktopDell Inspiron PC 4 Best Desktops For Music Production

  • Size: 17.3 x 6.9 x 14.5 inches; 17.4 pounds
  • Power: 3.2 GHz Core i5-4460 processor; 12 GB RAM; 1 TB hard drive

This great Dell computer was designed for work and for play, and it does a great job of both. You can use this computer for web browsing, watching movies and more, as well as working it into your current home studio set-up. The impressive i5 central processor provides plenty of power even under pressure. You can comfortably run several programs at once without experiencing slowing down or stalling issues.

An Intel HD integrated graphics card is included, so you know you’ll get good picture quality and screen clarity when you choose this model. This is the most affordable of the computers in our selection, and it makes a great starter model for budding musicians and students who want to branch out into editing and production.

#2.  Apple iMac MK142LL/A 21.5-Inch DesktopApple iMac PC 4 Best Desktops For Music Production

  • Size: 20.79 x 6.89 x 17.72 inches; 12.5 pounds
  • Power: 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 processor; 8 GB RAM; 1 TB internal drive
  • Display: 21.5 inch screen; 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution; Intel HD Graphics 6000

Many creative professionals say that only a Mac will do the job, and the Apple iMac is a great example of the company’s fine PCs. This all-in-one model may be lightweight but behind that screen sits a whole lot of power. The 1 TB drive can handle all of your audio files and the 8 GB RAM is more than sufficient for medium to heavy use. That i5 Intel Core processor stands up to rigorous use, and the computer is noted for its reliability and durability.

The display is great too – enjoy HD resolution and graphics while you work. Get up close and personal with your audio files through the fantastic Apple screen. If you are looking to invest in some great studio equipment, this PC is one of the best for music production work.

#3. Acer Aspire ATC-710-UR51 DesktopAcer Aspire PC 4 Best Desktops For Music Production

  • Size: 16.29 x 6.89 x 14.98 inches; 20.4 pounds
  • Power: 2.7 GHz Core i5 6400 processor; 8 GB RAM; 1 TB internal drive

Not only is this Acer PC powerful and fast, it looks great too. The sleek black case in brushed steel and the minimalist feel of the unit’s controls make this one for the style fans. Inside you will find a 2.7GHz i5 processor, which provides enough power to run a range of apps and programs simultaneously without experiencing problems. Included are keyboard and mouse as standard, although you will need to add your own monitor.

With 6 USB ports and 2 HDMI connections, this is ideal for hooking up all of your microphones, instruments and amplifiers to record and edit your own music. You can also run digital music programs with ease. When you are not hard at work, this is also a great model for simply browsing the web, communicating with friends and watching movies or video clips.

#4. CyberpowerPC 64-Bit DesktopCyberpowerPC tower 4 Best Desktops For Music Production

  • Size: 25 x 12.5 x 21.5 inches; 29.2 pounds
  • Power: 3.8 GHz AMD FX processor; 8 GB RAM; 1 TB internal drive

This is a specialist gaming computer, so music producers might overlook it at first. However, gaming and music editing are very similar: they require a fast processor, plenty of memory and a reliable cooling unit! Choosing a gaming PC for your work could be the best choice you ever made. This CyberpowerPC model is one of the most innovative gaming desktops on the market. It features a fascinating open side panel and space age lighting design, so you can actually see inside your PC. Take a look at that AMD FX processor, which is powerful enough to take a heavy battering in the studio and hold up to it well. It should also suit buyers with a budget to consider, falling at the lower end of the mid-range.

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