7 Best 55 Inch TVs Under $1000 [2022]

If you really want your movies and games to make an impact, watch and play them on a 55-inch TV. Large and clear, bright and bold, this size is small enough to look good in the home and be comfortable for viewers, but large enough to give that true home theater feel you want. Unless you have a home theater projector, this is probably the largest screen size you want to consider for the home. There are plenty of televisions of this size on the market, and you can pick up an extremely high quality TV for less than $1000. Below you will find our TV reviews in a comprehensive guide to the 7 best 55 inch TVs under $1000.


The top 7 55-inch TVs

#1. Samsung UN55KU7500 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVSamsung widescreen TV 7 Best 55 Inch TVs Under $1000

  • Size: 48.5 x 13.1 x 30.9 inches; 41.7 pounds
  • Display: 55 inch screen; 4K Ultra HD; 120MR refresh rate

If you want to try the widescreen glory of a 55 inch TV but are worried about it overpowering your small living room or bedroom, choose this curved Samsung model. You still get the same widescreen performance, but the subtle curve keeps your eyes focused on the center of the picture and create a less disorientating effect when you watch up close. This is not the best TV for wall mounting and is better suited to positioning on a TV unit, using the stylish and space age stand which accompanies it. As for performance, this TV is a top pick in terms of brightness, color clarity and contrast quality.

#2. Sony XBR55X900C 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV

  • Size: 48.6 x 10.1 x 30.5 inches; 44 pounds
  • Display: 55 inch LED screen; 4K Ultra HD; 3D ready; 120Hz refresh rate

With effective Motionflow XR 960 controlling the 120Hz refresh rate, this is one of the top 55 inch TVs for gaming and movie watching. Even intense action looks smooth and steady, and the large screen copes well with high impact imagery. The colors look fantastic and the 4K UltraHD graphics are a noticeable upgrade to full HD. With 4 HDMI ports and and further 3 USB ports, this Sony model can become the hub of your entire home entertainment system. Stream from multiple devices or use wireless internet and downloadable apps to access shows and movies directly through the television set.

#3. LG Electronics 55UF7600 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVLG Electronics 7 Best 55 Inch TVs Under $1000

  • Size: 48.8 x 30.9 x 9.1 inches; 40.1 pounds
  • Display: 55 inch screen; 4K Ultra HD; 120Hz refresh rate

This cute LG model from last year’s range falls well within your budget and is an excellent choice if you are looking to upgrade and get a wider screen. Whether you use your TV for gaming, for watching shows and movies or as a place to view your work and your photos, this great TV does it all: hook up a gaming laptop, a tablet or a cable box for new ways to access content. Sleek and smart, it is one of the lightest TVs of its size and perfect for hanging on the wall or from the ceiling. The backlit LED screen is bold and bright even when viewing in daylight, and the color quality is fantastic too.

#4. Panasonic 55″ Class (54.6″ Diag.) 4K Ultra HD Smart TVPanasonic widescreen TV 7 Best 55 Inch TVs Under $1000

  • Size: 42 x 3 x 36 inches; 75 pounds
  • Display: 55 inch screen; 4K Ultra HD; 4000:1 contrast ratio

A big, bold screen in a sleek silver case, this great Panasonic TV is definitely a top choice. The 55 inch screen is big enough without being overpowering, and it fits neatly to the wall of your living room or bedroom. 4K HD gives four times the resolution of standard HD, so your games, shows and movies will look better than ever. Hook up your Bluray or DVD player, console and cable box with the variety of HDMI and USB ports available. You can also access content for streaming using the smart TV functionality which is built in.

#5. TCL 65US5800 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TVTCL LED screen 7 Best 55 Inch TVs Under $1000

  • Size: 57.4 x 11.4 x 35.4 inches; 67.7 pounds
  • Display: 55 inch LED screen; 4K Ultra HD graphics; 60Hz refresh rate

TCL’s brand is not as well known as similar television companies, but they make high quality screens that match up to any competitor. It features the Roku TV streaming platform, which provides access to a whole host of apps like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. Customize your home screen with your top used tabs for fast and simple access to your shows. The upscaling engine supports the 4K graphics, and this is one of the best TVs on the market for producing bold images with smooth transitions.

#6. VIZIO D58u-D3 58″ Class UHD Full-Array LED Smart TVVIZIO widescreen TV 7 Best 55 Inch TVs Under $1000

  • Size: 51 x 10.2 x 32.6 inches; 41.5 pounds
  • Display: 58 inch full-array backlit LED widescreen; 120Hz refresh rate

This VIZIO television uses internal Spatial Scaling Engine technology to ensure the 4K graphics are always at their best. This is a great choice if you want a no-frills smart television that is fast and reliable. The anti-glare screen and bright, bold display gives a real edge to colors and helps immerse you fully into the action. At 58 inches, this is the largest TV on our list. Those extra few inches really do make a difference: this is an impressive television which will look great on your wall.

#7.Sharp LC-55N7000U 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVSharp Smart TV 7 Best 55 Inch TVs Under $1000

  • Size: 49 x 9.2 x 30.4 inches; 47.8 pounds
  • Display: 55 inch 4K backlit LED screen; 120Hz refresh rate; 16:09 aspect ratio

This is the most budget-friendly widescreen TVs we reviewed, and it takes its place in this list as it offers the same high quality as some of the more expensive brands. Sharp are a leading name in television production so you know there will be no compromise on quality. This 4K Smart TV gives you access to your apps and channels through wireless or wired connections as preferred. The smart silver case is lightweight and stylish, and the TV unit sits in a modern, attractive and sturdy stand.

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