Best 50 Inch TV Under $400 in 2022: Which TV is Right for You?

Are you trying to find a good quality widescreen television on a tight budget? The good news is, you can pick up a 50 inch TV under $400 – and you don’t have to compromise on image quality. We have found some amazing HD LED TVs that are affordable, and offer the great performance you want. Bring a little luxury into your home with a 50 inch movie screen that offers Smart functionality and more.

Your new flatscreen TV can be mounted to the wall or stood on a unit as preferred – stands and fixings are included. 50 inches is a whole lot of screen, but these sleek designs will look great in your room and give you that theater feel when you watch your favorite movies. These TVs are perfect for the living room, bedroom or den, and they also work well in offices and classrooms.

Buying on a budget shouldn’t mean missing out on the latest technology and the best quality. Get more for your money when you make an informed choice.


The Top 50 inch TVs That You Must Buy In 2022 (Updated)

#1. Sceptre E505BV-FMQKC E50 Series 50″ LED 1080P HDTV MEMC 120

Sceptre LED TV 50 inch TV under $400

  • Size: 54.2 x 22.7 x 38 inches; 21 pounds
  • Display: 50 inch screen; 1080 pixel resolution; 120 Hz refresh rate

One of the lightest TVs we reviewed, this Sceptre model is perfect for wall mounting. It runs internal Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation technology, along with HD resolution for smooth, clear pictures. You can use the Smart functionality to access apps like Netflix and HBO, or you can insert your own memory stick to play your own files.

4 HDMI ports allow you to connect everything at once: your console, your Blu-Ray player and any cable TV devices. you could also hook up your laptop and even your tablet to access your video clips and photos on the big screen. If you want a simple and affordable television that still includes plenty of features, this is a top choice.

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#2. Sharp LC-50N4000U 50-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TVSharp Roku Smart 50 inch TV under $400

  • Size: 44.1 x 9.7 x 27 inches; 21 pounds
  • Display: 50 inch screen; 1080 pixel resolution

With dual-band wireless connectivity for triple-speed internet, this Sharp Smart TV features the Roku Smart platform and access to over 3000 channels. The lightweight, compact design allows you to enjoy the full 50 inch screen while keeping costs down. It comes with an adjustable stand so you can alter it to fit your living space, and is also suitable for wall mounting if preferred.

Sound quality does leave a lot to be desired: the two 10W speakers do not live up to the stunning HD graphics. However, the range of connectivity options for sound – like headphone output, SPDIF digital audio output and Wi-Fi capabilities allow easy link-ups with your existing sound system. If funds are tight but you still want a little luxury, consider this TV.

#3. TCL 50FS3800 50-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TVTCL Roku Smart 50 inch TV under $400

  • Size: 25.8 x 8.7 x 44.5 inches; 26 pounds
  • Display: 50 inches; 1080 pixel resolution; 120 Hz refresh rate

Another great TV running on the Roku platform, this TCL version is a robust and durable model with a sleek modern design. Use the feet to stand the TV up or fix it to your wall with the brackets provided. It has a very clear display with sharp images and great motion response: movies appear in theater quality and pictures look crisper than if you were really there. Cast your photographs and video clips from your cell phone or tablet to see them in 50 inch HD clarity.

A special companion app for this TCL model turns any smart phone into a remote, and multiple devices can access at once. This could be very handy – but watch it doesn’t cause family fights! Stream your favorite movie apps directly to the TV, and search all channels from one screen through the personalized home page.

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#4. Seiki SE50FYT 50-Inch 1080p LED TV

Seiki Roku Smart 50 inch TV under $400

  • Size: 44.6 x 10.6 x 28.4 inches; 26.8 pounds
  • Display: 50 inch screen; 1080 pixel resolution; 60 Hz refresh rate

This cool Seiki model is a little heavier than most of its contemporaries, but we can forgive that thanks to its fun, simple operating system and efficient performance. The Muse platform keeps all your apps in one place and allows you to search between all of them, so you can link up your subscriptions as well as accessing free content.

Choose between LAN or Wi-Fi connectivity, or run your DVD player, console and other devices through the three HDMI ports. Backlit LED technology and HD capabilities ensure that your movies and shows look bright and clear, with bold colors and sharp lines. The internet features are not as fast as some similar models, but for a budget TV this certainly ticks most of the boxes.

#5. VIZIO E500I-B1R 50-Inch 1080p LED Smart TVSmart VIZIO 50 inch TV under $400

  • Size: 44.1 x 8.6 x 27.5 inches; 26.5 pounds
  • Display: 50 inch screen; 1080 pixel resolution; 120 Hz refresh rate

All screen and little frame: this VIZIO model might not be the most robust TV available, but it is a great choice in a small room. You can still get 50 inches of HD picture quality and a 1080 pixel display, packed within this 10mm frame. Pictures are bright and bold with the backlit LED full array technology, and the full 120Hz refresh rate means that transitions are smooth and comfortable. It is a great piece of kit for home theaters.

Streaming for apps is slow but reliable – access Netflix and other content stores through your TV. The LAN connection is unreliable but the Wi-Fi is steady and consistent. While the Smart functions are fun, it is the image quality and great low price that make this TV stand out.


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