Best 27 Inch Monitors Under $300 in Spring 2022

Is your current PC monitor lacking that wow factor you want? Are you sick of dull, distorted graphics spoiling your games and movies? Give yourself a treat with a top new monitor in glorious 27-inch widescreen. You’ll be surprised how little a good monitor will cost you! Here are the best 27 Inch monitors under $300, hand-picked by our tech experts, and based on positive user reviews.


Choosing The Best 27 Inch monitors under $300

Whether your PC is used or work or for fun (or a little of both) you will need a good quality monitor to get the most from it. Look for a monitor that delivers full HD or higher, and that supports high-quality video streaming with a good refresh rate and contrast ratio. Make sure your monitor is compatible with your equipment and accessories; check its connection port types and its power requirements.

Top brands know their tech, so select a name you know and trust. These days, great monitors from top companies can be picked up relatively cheaply – leaving you plenty in your budget for a new desktop or accessories if required! Your monitor can double up as a smart TV for your bedroom or living room, can facilitate detailed work on images and video content, and it can function as a complete entertainment center for gamers and movie fans.

Speakers are not necessary, but they are a great additional feature. Other things to watch out for are anti-glare and multi-angle viewing, a high refresh rate, and a strong contrast level.

These are the most common things you should consider before buying a new monitor for your computer system. We have also provided a detailed buying guide for new buyers who don’t know anything about the computer monitor. Before we jump on to the Buying Guide, let’s get on to the reviews of the Best 27 Monitors Under 300 now!

7 best 27 Inch monitors under $300 – Spring 2022

#1.ViewSonic ELITE XG270QG 27″ Monitor

ViewSonic is a popular brand in the industry with a range of all types of Computer Monitors. If you are searching for an all-in-one Monitor to suit your gaming needs as well as professional work, then ViewSonic’s Elite XG270QG is the best choice for you.

This 27” Monitor from ViewSonic is the best 144Hz Monitor under 300. Apart from its budget-friendly price tag, the same model carries a set of extra features that you should know. 

The XG270QG is the latest edition of its series. Compared to the predecessor, this updated model carries several improved features that can be utilized while playing high-end games. 

The overall screen resolution of this computer monitor is 1440pixels i.e. WQHD. It gives you an immersive entertainment wherever you place it. It can be considered as the best gaming monitor under 300 as it suits the requirements of professional gamers. 

The monitor is designed with the latest Nano IPS Technology that offers vibrant colors to ease your eyes. It makes you feel like exploring the real world with rich visuals. 

The reason behind why this monitor is perfect for pro-gamers is it comes with synced frame rates and ultra-low motion blur that fits well with the premium-end and high-graphical games. The Monitor comes integrated with NVIDIA G-Sync. 

Apart from this, the monitor comes with an innovative mouse bungee, sight shield, and elite RGB ambient lighting. It also features a reinforced headphone hook to hang in the headphone comfortably if you are not using it. 

Unlike the basic models, this edition of ViewSonic features integrated speakers. The monitor features two powerful stereo speakers. You don’t need to have a separate home theatre or any other special music system as the monitor comes with powerful stereo speakers that eliminate the need for external speakers. 

Moreover, the Monitor comes with an easily adjustable stand. You can easily adjust the viewing side of the monitor to suit your vision and comfort. The frameless design of the screen makes it look more vibrant. You can even set it up with multiple monitors with easy connectivity options. 

The impressive response time, built-in stand, nearly bezel-less design, and high performance, it’s a complete package of entertainment to suit your gaming needs. The monitor is backed by the company’s limited manufacturer warranty. A useful instruction booklet is also given to get started with it. 

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  • Gaming-oriented Monitor 
  • High response rate 
  • NVIDIA G-Sync 
  • WQHD 1440 Pixels of screen resolution 
  • Comes with a fully adjustable ergonomic stand 


  • Some users have issues with the picture quality of this Monitor.

#2. ASUS PB277Q 27″ Computer Monitor

Asus has recently updated its range of monitors by adding some useful improvements to suit the needs of everyone. The Asus PB277Q is designed for gamers who spend most of their time on the computer’s screen. This edition brings a whole new gaming environment to your room that makes it the best 27 Inch gaming monitor under 300.

It’s an all-in-one computer monitor that is designed for both, work and play. However, this edition is mostly recommended to gamers as it is designed with the latest technology and everything that a pro-gamer might require. 

If we talk about the screen resolution, it offers WQHD resolution. The screen size of 27 is more than enough to manage multitasking easily. The ultra-fast refresh rate of the screen makes it an ideal option for pro-gamers. It’s highly recommended for the console users. 

What’s unique about this screen it is designed with Asus’ latest EyeCare Technology that enables you to work harder and smarter. You will not get eye strain even if you use it or work on it for hours. It is also considered as the best monitor for eye strain. 

The screen is designed to give the pro-gamers maximum advantage of more space and better visual control. It is compatible with high-graphical games which requires a higher refresh rate of the screen. You will feel better while watching your favorite movies or playing your favorite games on it. 

Moreover, this screen comes with dual Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture mode. You are allowed to view different sources and details from different angles. The advanced Flicker-free technology of Asus maintains the brightness level of the monitor while removing on-screen flickers at the same time. 

The Monitor comes with an ergonomic stand. The unique stand comes with tilting, swiveling, pivoting, and other adjustable features. You can easily adjust the screen angle as per your needs to match up with the ideal viewing position. 

It comes with all the useful connectivity features to connect the screen with computer systems and gaming consoles. A useful instructional manual is also given to understand the different functions and to learn the control of the screen. 


  • WQHD Resolution 
  • Designed with Asus EyeCare Technology
  • 75Hz refresh rate 
  • Ideal for pro-gamers 
  • Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture mode
  • VESA Mount Compatible 


  • Issues with HDMI connection.

#3. Dell P Series 27-Inch P2719H

Dell is the most trusted name in the industry. The P Series Monitors from Dell are highly productive editions as they are designed for professional users only. If you have a limited budget but want to buy an all-in-one high-performance monitor, then Dell’s P2719H is the best choice for you. 

The 27” screen offers more workspace or room to explore your games. Yes, you can also use it to establish your personal gaming zone. The thin profile of this monitor makes it more convenient as it occupies very less space and also a portable edition in the market. 

Compared to its predecessor, this edition of Dell is 23% smaller which creates less mess around. The screen has thin bezels at three sides making it look more premium. The same monitor can be used with a series of computers. By combining it with other monitors, you can improve overall productivity. 

The screen is designed with Dell’s own IPS Technology that provides a better viewing angle from all sides. You can see a vibrant color that makes the screen look visually rich from different angles. You don’t need to sit right in front of the computer. 

Moreover, the monitor comes with a flicker-free design. This feature reduces or removes the harmful emissions of blue light and protects your eyes from eye strain. 

The screen comes with a unique stand loaded with titling and swiveling features. You can easily achieve the desired height and can match the perfect viewing angle using a little push to the screen. 

Moving on to the connectivity ports, Dell is known for working with a range of computer systems, and for that reason, it offers all the useful connectivity ports such as HDMI port, power connector, Stands lock feature, VGA connector, USB Upstream port, USB downstream port, etc.

Apart from this, a power cable, a display port cable and a standard USB 3.0 upstream cable are also included in the package. Additionally, a user manual and a warranty card can be found inside the package. 


  • Full HD screen resolution
  • More workspace with a thin design 
  • Removable base 
  • Designed with the latest IPS Technology 
  • Adjustable stand with tilting, swiveling feature


  • The maximum screen resolution of this monitor is limited to full HD only.

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#4. ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27” WQHD (2560 x 1440) Monitor

If you are a creative person and looking for a compatible computer monitor to suit your basic requirements of running editing software or playing games, then Asus has got your back. The new PA278QV ProArt Display from Asus is the best choice for creative minds who can unleash their creativity at ease. 

The display offers industry-standard quality images with the super-rich and vivid reproduction. It ensures every detail of your photos is ultra-clear and sharp. The frameless design of this monitor makes it look more premium. It suits the latest range of monitors as per the demands of the consumers. 

The 27-inch screen offers enough workspace to do most of your professional tasks. The same monitor can be used for playing games as it has got all the features of a professional-grade gaming computer. It’s the best ultrawide monitor under 300 which you can buy now! 

Unlike the other displays, this ProArt display is designed with unique technology that lets you adjust the colors of the screen as per your requirement. This display delivers the best performance with its IPS technology. The multi-angle viewing support adds up more life to your work. 

Asus has used its own flicker-free technology to reduce eye strain while working in front of the screen for hours. It makes you feel more comfortable and relieves stress with the new flicker-free technology. Ultra-blue light technology also protects you from harmful blue light emissions. 

For maximum flexibility and easy connectivity, this screen comes loaded with all the essential and useful connectivity options. If we talk about the connectivity options, the display comes with a Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort, HDMI, Dual-link DVI-D, Earphone jack, four USB 3.0 ports. 

Apart from this, the monitor comes with a unique stand. The ergonomic stand comes with tilt, swivel, pivot, height adjustment, and more. The stand is removable and the display comes with the standard mounting option. If you don’t want to place it on the desk, you can simply mount it to the wall. 


  • 27-Inch WQHD screen resolution 
  • A unique frameless design 
  • Designed with unique technology for maximum comfort 
  • Reduces eye strain 
  • Ergonomic stand with tilt, pivot, swivel features 
  • Comes with VESA Mounting option 


  • Poor customer care support

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#5. 2022 Lenovo 27 Inch WLED Monitor

Lenovo is known for its budget-friendly computer range for all types of users. The company has upgraded its range in this new year by adding a lot of improvements and features. The 2022 Lenovo 27 Inch WLED Monitor is designed for professionals and students. 

The 27-inch screen offers enough workspace to unleash creativity. It’s a great option for multi-tasking to handle multiple tasks at the same time. The screen size is quite ideal for professional editors who can use various software to accomplish their tasks. 

The full HD screen resolution gives you better visuals while watching your favorite movies or playing a game on the computer system. The display supports a multi-view angle. You don’t have to sit right in front of the computer screen, you can have the same visual experience from different angles. 

This display is designed with a unique in-plane switching panel. The panel boasts a wide viewing angle and comes with an automatic brightness adjustment feature. You will get the best of picture quality without customizing the settings of the screen. 

Being a budget-friendly edition, this monitor is suitable for casual gamers. It is the best budget-friendly monitor under 300 in the market which can be used by professionals, students, and casual gamers. The screen can handle most games by offering a smooth interface with its 4ms response time and 75 Hz refresh rate. 

The screen also comes with a TUV Blue light reduction feature that prevents you from eye strain. Your eyes will be protected from the harmful Blue Light emissions. If you work for hours in front of the computer, then you will not have to look for any other option. 

Moreover, this budget-friendly monitor comes with a tilting stand. Yes, an ergonomic tilting stand is included to match the position of the screen with your seating arrangement. 

Apart from the tilting stand, you can also wall-mount it to the wall with the built-in VESA mounting support. The stand can be removed easily by unscrewing the bolts and can be fixed to the wall using the standard VESA mounting. 

All the useful accessories such as HDMI cable, USB extension cord, mouse pad, etc are given in the box. A useful user manual with all the instructions is also included to understand the basic functionality of the screen. You can also set up the screen without any prior knowledge by following the given instructions. 


  • Budget-friendly edition 
  • An extra-large 27-Inch screen 
  • Supports full HD resolution 
  • Ideal for casual gamers
  • Vivid Visuals for an immersive experience
  • Built-in tilt stand 


  • Lacks 4K screen resolution 
  • Connectivity options are limited

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#6. HP 27er 27-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor

HP is undoubtedly the industry leader when it comes to buying a new all-in-one computer system. Well, HP has recently added a few monitors for the consumers who want to assemble a new system on their own. The HP 27er LED Monitor is the best budget monitor under 300 for both, professional users as well as casual gamers. 

HP’s products are designed to improve the overall productivity of the users. You can expect the same from this LED Monitor if you are desperate to buy a new system for gaming or any other professional use. 

The sturdy build-quality with thin bezels makes it more user-friendly. The lightweight design of the system makes it portable enough to maneuver easily. In fact, it is HP’s thinnest panel available in the market with super-sleek and handy design. 

The 27-Inch screen gives you the required working space. The full HD screen resolution gives you full entertainment if you love to watch movies or playing games. It’s an anti-glare LED-backlit panel. The frameless display looks extra-premium compared to the old-school editions. It is quite suitable for the new generation users. 

The screen supports multi-angle. It covers up the entire area of the front side and gives you maximum comfort at viewing things without changing your current position. The screen supports 178 degrees of horizontal and vertical viewing angles with an adjustable tilt to match with your position. 

For color accuracy and brightness adjustment, it is certified by Technicolor. You don’t need to worry about the adjustment of color or brightness of the screen, the screen itself changes and adjust the color accuracy and brightness. The screen also supports custom OSD Settings to make it a more productive unit for professional use. 

The display is compatible with all types of computer systems or we can say operating systems such as Windows and macOS. It’s an energy star certified model that saves you a lot of money in the long run. All the useful connectivity ports are available for quick setup of the system. 

This model is backed by the company’s 1-year manufacturer warranty. A lifetime customer care support is also given. 


  • Ultra-thin design with super-sleek and handy body 
  • 27-Inch Full HD screen 
  • 7ms response rate 
  • Frameless design 
  • Supports multi-angle viewing 
  • Reasonable pricing


  • The monitor starts showing issues after a few months of its usage.

#7. Samsung LC27F398FWNXZA Samsung C27F398 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor

Samsung’s C27F398 27 Inch Monitor is designed to give you maximum comfort at your workplace. It’s a perfect addition to your home or office as it carries a premium look and gives you everything that you might be expecting from a new generation monitor. It’s best curved gaming monitor under 300. 

Samsung is known for its curved monitor and Smart Television ranges. If you are amazed at the curved screens, then this one suits your needs as it also comes under a budget price tag. The Monitor features industry-leading 1800R curvature that gives you immense viewing experience. 

If we talk about the design, this curved LED monitor comes with an ultra-slim design that fits your basic needs. It also occupies very less space compared to the traditional LED monitors. It uses a simple circular stand to place it on the desk for maximizing your productivity. 

The display is designed with Samsung’s own Active Crystal Color Technology. The 3000:1 screen contrast ratio produces deep black and bright whites. It delivers better picture quality than the standard monitors which is an all-in-one computer monitor for the pro users. 

The screen is integrated with advanced AMD Sync that gives you immense gaming experience. Yes, it’s a perfect gaming monitor for both, casual and pro-gamers. It syncs the screen’s refresh rate dynamically. The 4ms response rate makes it an ideal choice for action lovers as it captures motions quickly and delivers the best of the viewing experience. 

To keep the user’s eyes protected, the monitor comes with a special eye saver mode. The Eye Saver Mode optimizes the overall viewing comfort and gives you maximum comfort at your side. The screen also optimized to reduce the harmful blue light emissions. 

The setup process is quite user-friendly and requires no prior knowledge. For more information, you can follow the user instructions given in the user manual. All the essential connectivity ports are included for quick setup of the computer system. You don’t need to be an expert to set up this monitor, just follow the basic instructions and that’s it. 

This edition of Samsung is backed by a limited warranty of 1 year. You will also get a lifetime customer care support. 


  • Ultra-slim design 
  • Industry-leading Immersive Viewing Experience
  • AMD FreeSyncs for the advanced gaming experience
  • Built-in Eye Saver Mode to protect your eyes
  • Eco Saving Plus 


  • For some users, the curved screen is not familiar.

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Computer Monitor Buying Guide 

It is essential for every PC user to pick a reliable computer monitor by considering how much time they are going to spend in front of the screen. If you work for hours on the computer desk, then you must pick the monitor that protects your eyes from eye strain. 

If you don’t know anything about the different features and functions for the user’s safety, then this computer monitor buying guide will help you pick the right monitor as per your daily usage. 

Panel Technologies 

Innovative technologies have brought up new Panels in the new generation of computer monitors. Gone are the days when you have to satisfy yourself with the LCD screen. Today, we have a range of panels from low end to high-end. You can go to a suitable panel as per your budget. Let’s check out the different Panel Technologies.

1.Twisted Nematic (TN)

TN is the most common display technology that provides good response time. However, TFT Panels won’t give you the rich visuals. The color accuracy of this panel is very poor and hence it is used in the low-end or mid-end monitors and TVs. 

2. Vertical Alignment (VA)

Vertical Alignment is a good choice for the pro-users as it comes with good color accuracy and a higher contrast ratio. The only thing you have to compromise here is the response time. The screen response time of this panel is lower than the TFT Panels. 

3. In-Plane Switching (IPS) 

In today’s modern world, IPS is the highly recommended panel for casual users and professional users. IPS panels have better viewing angle and good color accuracy compared to the others. 

4. Organic Light-Emitting Diode ( OLED)

The OLED screens can be found only in the premium-end monitors as they are very expensive. OLED screens are becoming more and more popular as they support full 4K resolution videos and offers the best of visuals. Many high-end smartphones are equipped with OLED panels. 

Some laptop brands are also manufacturing their new generation screens with OLED panels. Fortunately, we have a range of monitors featuring OLED panels, but for that, you have to increase your budget. 

Screen size

The 27-inch screen size of the computer monitor is perfect for all types of consumers. For professional users, it is considered as the best screen size. Ultra-wide screens are also suitable for gamers who can combine it with multiple screens to experience the best of gaming. 

The above list contains ultra-wide screens, curved screens, etc with 27 Inch of size. Explore the list, get the details to understand more about their functionality and usages. 

Screen Resolution 

Full HD screen resolution is generally the ideal resolution for the computer monitor. However, with the growing popularity of the 4K videos, some buyers would prefer to go with the screens that support a full 4K resolution. 

Contrast Ratio 

The contrast ratio is the ratio between the brightness i.e. whites and darkness i.e. blacks. For rich and bright image quality, the contrast ratio of the screen must be high. Make sure you choose the screen that comes with a high contrast ratio. It can be measured in two different parameters, dynamic contrast ratio, and static contrast ratio. 

Response Time 

Response Time decides how many times the image displayed on the screen refreshes. If the action is more than the response time of the screen must be low to have an interruption-free image. If you are a pro-gamer and love to play action games, then you have to go with the screen with a lower response rate as it gives you interruption-free entertainment. 

Viewing Angle 

Viewing Angle is a very important factor to consider while buying a new computer screen. Make sure that the monitor you are going to buy supports a wide viewing angle. Generally, 178 degrees viewing angle of the screen is considered an ideal viewing angle. 

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate decides how many times the image gets updated on the screen. Generally, 120 Hz and 240 Hz screens are available in the market. You have to go with the high refresh rate of the screen that gives you maximum flexibility of watching your favorite movies and action games. 

Input and Output Connections 

You should also consider the connectivity options on the monitor before you hit the checkout button. Make sure that the monitor has DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI, USB ports, Display Ports, VGA, etc. These connectivity ports allow you to easily set up the monitor with the computer system or combine it with the gaming console. 

Extra features 

Most new generation television screens come with an ergonomic stand. The ergonomic stand comes with tilt, pivot, swivel features to adjust it as per your requirements. The same stand can be removed easily to fix the screen on the wall using the VESA Mounting. 

Final Words: 

No matter what type of user you are, you must choose the monitor which is reliable and more functional to you. You will be going to use it for a variety of purposes and that’s the reason why you should gain all the useful information about the different types of computer monitors.

The above list contains the market’s best computer monitors under $300. We have put up all the details about each computer monitor in the above list so that you can quickly decide which screen is right for you. We have also provided a detailed buying guide to make the selection process more convenient.

What you can do here is go through the list of reviews of the best 27-inch monitors, follow the buying guide, and choose the right model that suits your basic needs.

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