13 Amazing Gadgets That Make Life Easier in 2022

With Christmas around the corner, your mind may be turning to suitable gifts for your loved ones. Perhaps you hope to treat yourself in the upcoming Black Friday sales. If you are looking for new technology that is stylish, helpful and cool, this list is for you. We have selected 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier, all of which would be great gifts to yourself or for someone else. From gaming laptops to camera drones, we have selected some fun and quirky tech innovations which are aimed at solving your problems.


#1. Tile Mate Key Finder

A Bluetooth enabled device forTile key finder 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier locating your keys, wallet, cell phone and other items

Do you find yourself losing your personal items often, or know someone with this problem? This handy little Tile measures just 1.3 x 1.3 x 0.2 inches and weighs a very light 0.2 ounces, making it extremely portable and great for attaching to small devices, or sets of keys. It offers two-way Bluetooth communication with your cell phone: press the tile to make your phone ring, or call it via the mobile app to find other items.

#2. Haier Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Remote ControlHaier robot floor cleaner 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier

A cool little robot that cleans, mops and polishes your home for you!

Do you ever wish you could sit back and let someone – or something – else take care of the cleaning? This Haier robot cleaner is here to help! The remote control disk-shaped bot can handle mopping, vacuuming and dusting floors with ease, and it holds water and cleaning solutions for wet mopping. Control the unit with the provided remote, or let the intelligent anti-collision technology take over.

#3. Amazon EchoAmazon Echo IoT speaker hub 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier

A 360 degree speaker with voice activation and full IoT capabilities

The Internet of Things is the technology linking our everyday devices to the internet, and to each other. This Amazon speaker system does so much more that play music – it uses that IoT functionality to offer voice command control over your audio. It can read news reports, sports updates and even audio books, and it also gives you access to a host of Smart apps. From controlling your thermostat to ordering pizza, Echo hears your commands and makes things happen.

4. Syma X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro HD Camera RC QuadcopterSyma drone camera 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier

A budget-friendly remote control camera for beginners and for outdoor use

Drones are a whole lot fun, but they can also be extremely useful on work sites, for artists and when filming commercial footage. The drone unit itself weighs 1.2 pounds and measures 16.5 x 12.2 x 3.8 inches. It is lightweight but stable, and can be flown outdoors with precision control. The 2 megapixel camera can stream live pictures or capture a series of photographs, and each charge offers seven minutes of flying time on average.

#5. All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice RemoteAmazon Fire TV Stick 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier

Your favorite TV shows and movies on any screen, wherever you go

Access over 7,000 video apps and games through the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which brings Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and more to any compatible television, laptop, tablet or home theater projector. You can also pick up over 90 channels for your most loved TV shows. Connect to any device with a USB port and get content wherever you are – perfect for use at home, while traveling and even at work.

#6. Lilumia 2 Makeup Brush Cleaner DeviceLilumia brush cleaning machine 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier

A compact and quick brush cleaner for make-up and work brushes

This great brush cleansing gadget could be a winning gift for the make-up lover in your life, or a fine treat for yourself. Keeping brushes clean and sanitary takes time and effort, but this Lilumia machine takes the hassle out of the task. Load up your brushes and in minutes they will be clean and dry once more – ready for you to get back to work or create new looks. Artists who work in water-soluble colors will also appreciate this handy desktop device.

#7. Bluesmart One Smart LuggageBluesmart secure travel case 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier

Put your mind at rest when traveling with securable, trackable baggage

If you have ever lost a bag while traveling, you will appreciate this awesome wheeled suitcase from Bluesmart. This TSA approved case meets carry-on requirements and features a host of smart security features. Lock and unlock the case through your cell phone or using the remote provided. You can also track your bag’s location at all times on your phone using the in-built GPS chip and SIM card.

#8. NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range ExtenderNetgear Wi-fi signal extender 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier

Boost the wireless internet signal across your home or business premises

Sick of poor signal across your property? Struggling to get internet access upstairs or at the back of the house? Want to take internet out to the garden or yard on nice days? This great Netgear signal booster plugs in to a standard socket and enhances the internet signal across your building. It can raise your current bandwidth by 300Mbps and increase connection speed, while eliminating dead spots and giving strength to weak signals.

#9. Kinivo 501BN Premium 5 port High speed HDMI switchKinivo HDMI adapter 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier

Add five HDMI ports to a standard television set to boost your home entertainment set-up

Your widescreen TV comes with a few HDMI ports, but this is rarely enough for today’s home entertainment systems. You want to connect your consoles and computers, your projector, your sound system, your Blueray and DVD players and any additional entertainment sources. To do this, you need plenty of HDMI ports – which is why you need this great little Kinivo device. It plugs straight into your TV, switches inputs automatically and is fully 3D-ready.

#10. Amazon Dash Shopping ButtonsAmazon Dash buttons for shopping 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier

Re-order common household purchases at the touch of a button

Imagine if you could just touch a button when you run out of a household item, and have it delivered direct to your door. Amazon have created a way to make this happen, but you need to be a member of their Prime service. Each branded button links to a product of your choice and sends an instant order to your Amazon account when pressed. The buttons are free after the first press, and could be the future of shopping. Pair with products via a cell phone.

#11. FIXD: The Active Car Health Monitor

Diagnose and solve vehicle faults with this plug-in dashboFixd Car Health Monitor 13 amazing gadgets that make life easierard monitor

If you find it hard to understand what your car is telling you and are sick of being overcharged at the auto shop for simple warning light errors, Fixd is for you. This handy little computer unit connects directly with your dashboard diagnostic port and links with an app on your cell phone. It will accurately diagnose any computer errors, advise when there is no cause for concern and alert you to serious vehicle problems.

#12. IZON WRM-WA4-00 Wi-Fi CameraIzon home monitoring camera 13 amazing gadgets that make life easier

Home security for the 21st Century; monitor your home from anywhere in the world

If you spend a lot of time away from home, are concerned about home security or just want to keep an eye on the kids and pets in your absence, these home video security monitors from Izon are a great purchase. They provide continuous filming when the motion sensors are activated, and the images can be streamed directly to a cell phone, laptop or tablet. If you want to step up your security system, this gadget is right for you.


#13. Apple MacBook MLHE2LL/A 12-Inch Laptop with Retina Display

A complete workstation and home entertainment system in one portable case

Apple are well known for producing top tech, and their iOS laptop series offers some of the finest PCs on the market. There are few problems cannot be solved with access to a good quality laptop. Use for gaming and entertainment, for work and for study, to communicate and to explore the web, for creative purposes and for consumer purchases. This is one of the best laptops in the MacBook range and a top pick as a gift or for personal use.

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