How to Install CotoMovies on Firestick / Fire TV

When it comes to third-party streaming apps, the name of CotoMovies comes on the top. Latest movies and TV series are available to stream on CotoMovies within a few days of their release. The coolest part of CotoMovies is the multi-platform compatibility that it offers. You can install CotoMovies on Firestick/Fire TV and watch your favorite titles on the big screen of your television. Steps for exactly this; we are going to share with you in this post. However, before we proceed with the installation steps, it is mandatory to discuss with you the features of the streaming application.


Stream Latest Movies/TV Series on CotoMovies for Free – Features

  • The inventory behind CotoMovies is huge. Almost, all the titles whether new or old can be found on the streaming application.
  • If you come across a situation where you are unable to locate a particular title, you can put forward a request to add the same with the development team of CotoMovies.
  • It is free to utilize the services of CotoMovies. You don’t even require sharing any of your info with the app for streaming as CotoMovies doesn’t ask for any kind of registration or subscription.
  • If you are worried about the space on your Fire device, then you must know that CotoMovies is a light-weight application and doesn’t occupy worrisome levels of space on your Fire device.
  • CotoMovies brings every title with subtitles.
  • You must know that CotoMovies does contain ads; however, there are, in no-way, intrusive.
  • The multi-platform capability of CotoMovies, as mentioned in the beginning, is the hallmark feature of the app. If you’re an iOS user, check how you can install CotoMovies on iPhone and iPad.

Does these features bring in a craving inside you to install CotoMovies on your Firestick/Fire TV? If your answer is a fat ‘Yes’ then go ahead and check out the steps mentioned below to do the same.

How to Install CotoMovies on Firestick/Fire TV [STEPS]

1. Toggle ON the Option of Unknown Sources

Since you already know now that CotoMovies is a third-party application, your first step is to toggle ON the option of Unknown Sources on your Fire device. For that, please navigate to Settings -> Device -> Developer Options and turn on the option of ‘Apps from Unknown Sources.’

2. Search for Downloader Application

Now, your task is to install the ‘Downloader’ application onyour Fire device. Using the ‘Search’ option present on your Firestick, please search for ‘Downloader’ application. If you have a hard time identifying the correct application from the list of search results that could pop-up, please know that the icon of the application is an orange colored download arrow.

3. Install Downloader Application

Tap on the appropriate search result and install the Downloader application on your Firestick/Fire TV.

4. Launch Downloader Application

After a successful installation, please launch the Downloader application. From the in-app menu navigate to ‘Settings’ and make sure the option of ‘Enable JavaScript’ is checked.

5. Download CotoMovies APK

Now, please navigate to ‘Browser’ in-app menu option and enter the following URL: Download CotoMovies APK. Hit ‘Go’ and wait for the webpage to load. You will see a button titled ‘Download CotoMovies APK.’ Please tap on the same, to begin with the download and installation process.

6. Install CotoMovies APK

After the download is over, the Fire device will automatically launch the APK file and ask whether you wish to install the APK or not. Please tap on ‘Install’ to start with the installation process of CotoMovies on your Firestick. Once the installation process is over, please tap on ‘Done’ to exit the installation screen.

7. Delete CotoMovies APK File

After exiting the installation window, your Firestick will ask whether you wish to delete the APK file or not. We recommend deleting the same to conserve space on your Firestick.

Launch CotoMovies

Your next step is to launch CotoMovies from ‘Your Apps and Channels’ section and start enjoying your favorite titles on the big screen of your television.

Frequently Asked Questions – CotoMovies

Q – Is CotoMovies compatible with Chromecast?

Yes! CotoMovies application is compatible with Chromecast as well. Hence, if you have installed CotoMovies application on your Android smartphone, you can easily play your favorite titles on the big screen of your television using Chromecast. For this, you don’t require a Fire device in your possession.

Q – Does Installation of CotoMovies require a rooted Android smartphone?

No! You do not require rooting your Android smartphone to install CotoMovies app on the same.

Q – Does CotoMovies require a jailbroken iPhone?

No! Similar to the fact that you don’t require rooting your Android smartphone to install CotoMovies; you don’t require jailbreaking your iPhone as well for the installation of the streaming application.

Q – Is CotoMovies Free?

Yes! It is free to download, install, and utilize the services of CotoMovies on all the platforms that it is compatible with.

Q – Is CotoMovies Legal?

This might be the biggest question in your mind. Since you are streaming content on CotoMovies, that is not yet available on official streaming sources, it cannot be claimed as legal. However, an end-user needn’t worry about the same. Moreover, since CotoMovies does not own the links; it acquires the links from multiple hosting services; it is relatively safer to stream on CotoMovies as compared to other third-party streaming apps. But, it is best to stream under the protection of a good VPN service to make your location anonymous to other entities over the internet.

Final Words – CotoMovies on Firestick/Fire TV

These were the steps that you require following to install CotoMovies on Firestick/Fire TV. We hope we have answered all the queries that you might have regarding the streaming app. However, if you still have some questions to ask, you are welcome to send them across to us via the comments section provided below. Till then; enjoy the infinite entertainment provided by the CotoMovies app on the big screen of your television.

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