How to Install Coto Movies on iPhone and iPad

Coto Movies is one of the widely known free movie apps, which can be installed directly on any device including Android smartphones, and also iOS devices i.e. iPhone and iPads. You can enjoy non-stop movies and TV shows with its plethora of entertainment features. It’s built upon a highly impeccable interface to ensure the user gets the prime links for the playback. HD resolution videos, multiple links, and an immense collection of old to new movies with regular updates straight from the desk of professional developers are few features of Coto Movies.

Here, we will provide you the details and instructions for downloading and installing Coto Movies on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other smart devices).


Coto Movies and iOS – Compatibility

Coto Movies is a third-party app, which needs to be downloaded from an external link. You cannot download Coto Movies from the Apple App Store like the way you download other apps from the platform. Usually, the apps available on the App Store can be downloaded and installed easily on the device on a single click but Coto, being an external third-party app require few minutes to complete the whole download and installation process. Whether you run it on iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, or iOS 12 – the features and entertainment remain the same on all the iOS and devices including iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.

Coto Movies for iPhone and iPad – Download

The download process of Coto Movies App differs from the regular application download from the Apple App Store. You need to go through various steps before you enter the world of entertainment. This step by step guide will explain the methods to download Coto Movies App on iOS.

These are some of the methods to download Coto Movies for iOS.

  • Direct Installation
  • Cydia Impactor
  • AppValley
  • TweakBox

How to Install Coto Movies on iPhone and iPad (Direct Installation)

Although downloading Coto Movies App requires more time than other available apps on Apple App Store but the Direct Installation method offers an easy way to download and install Coto Movies with the following steps:

  • You need to open the browser Safari on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod device)
  • You will find an option to go to the download page
  • Click on download option under the iOS
  • You will see a prompt appearing on your screen with 2 options (Cancel and Install)

  • Choose Install to begin the installation
  • Within a minute or two you will find that the installation process is completed
  • After installing, Go to Settings à General à Profile & Device Management
  • Look for Coto Movies there and allow your iOS to run the app by clicking on the option Trust

  • After trusting you will find Coto Movies app with the other apps on your iOS device
  • Enter the world of non-stop entertainment by clicking on the logo of Coto Movies app and enjoy it absolutely free

Install Coto Movies on iOS using Cydia Impactor – Step by Step Instructions

You need to run your PC if you chose to download the Coto Movies App with this method. It doesn’t matter whether the OS of your PC is Windows, Linux or Mac. By installing Coto Movies from this method, you’ll get a benefit of enjoying an in-app advert free app. Follow these steps to start using Coto Movies:

  • Begin the process by downloading the latest version of Coto Movies IPA
  • You can easily get your iOS compatible Cydia Impactor from
  • Open the Cydia Impactor tool

  • Once you are done with the above steps, use the USB cable to connect your PC with the iOS
  • Within a few seconds, Cydia Impactor will detect the connected iOS device
  • Drag the IPA file and drop it on the Cydia Impactor tool
  • There will be a prompt on the screen asking for the Apple ID and Password

  • Enter the details and select OK
  • Coto Movies app for iOS will take a couple of minutes to install on your iPhone, iPad or iPod device
  • After installing, Go to Settings à General à Profile & Device Management
  • Look for Coto Movies there and allow your iOS to run the app by clicking on the option Trust

  • Coto Movies app for iOS is now available with the other apps on the menu

Install CotoMovies on iOS using AppValley – Step by Step Instructions

AppValley is not less than a treat for the iOS and Apple touch device users, supporting almost all the iOS from iOS 8 to iOS 12. It is amongst the most widely used third-party app store, which allows external apps to download on iOS devices. Before installing Coto Movies, you need to download AppValley first.

Click here to download AppValley.

Follow these steps to download the app Coto Movies for iOS:

  • Open the app store of AppValley
  • On the home-screen of AppValley app store, you may find the icon of the most trending app Coto Movies on the entertainment category
  • If it’s not available on the home screen, you can search for Coto Movies for iOS
  • Click on it and a prompt will appear
  • Select the option GET to begin the installation

  • Within a few moments the app will be downloaded on your iOS device

You will find the app installed on your iOS device but you won’t be able to run it until you allow your iOS device to run an untrusted application. To fix that error you need to:

  • Go to After installing, Go to Settings à General à Profile & Device Management
  • Look for Coto Movies there and allow your iOS to run the app by clicking on the option Trust

After allowing the app, click on the Coto Movies icon on the menu and enjoy watching the movie of your choice.

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Download and Install Coto Movies on iPhone/iPad with TweakBox – Procedure

Another famous app store besides AppValley for installing the third-party iOS applications is TweakBox app store. To install Coto Movies using this method, you have to install TweakBox app store first.

Click here to download TweakBox app-store before you install the desired third-party apps.

Once you are done with downloading the TweakBox app-store, follow these steps to download Coto Movies.

  • Tap on the TweakBox app-store
  • On the top, you will find the option APPS, click on it and select next
  • You may find the trending app Coto Movies for iOS on the apps page or the alternate option is to search for it by typing in the search bar
  • When you see the icon of Coto Movies, select it to begin the downloading
  • You will see a prompt with two options (Cancel and Install)
  • Press Install and wait for a couple of minutes

After installing, you will find Coto Movies icon on the menu page with the other apps (but you won’t be able to run until you allow your device to run this third-party app)

Follow the same procedure, which is described above to trust the app

  • After installing, Go to Settings à General à Profile & Device Management
  • Look for Coto Movies there and allow your iOS to run the app by clicking on the option Trust

You have now successfully installed the most entertaining free movies app and it is ready for you to watch your favorite movies for hours.

There are few more options, which can be used to download Coto Movies App:

  • TuTu
  • TopStore
  • Jailbreak

Coto Movies for iOS – Top Features

Coto Movies app offers features like none other. A bulk collection of movies ranging from old to new, so that you can spend hours surfing and never get bored. The perk on the top is that this collection is added with the latest updates and new movies. There are different genres including romance, comedy, drama, thriller, and action. To attract the kids there are animated movies as well. Coto Movies App something for every age group, so it’s a family app, which won’t let you get bored.

Few best features of the trending app Coto Movies include:

  • Unlimited fun – no restriction or limit
  • Free to use – Hours of entertainment without spending any money
  • Less space more fun – the app doesn’t require much space on the device but still offer a plethora of movies, shows, cartoons and dramas
  • Ad-free – despite being such a useful app, Coto Movies app offer minimal ads or an ad-free app. It offers 2 ads per movie, which is nothing as compared to the other competitors’ apps
  • Update – the potential developers of Coto Movies app regularly update the collection with the latest movies
  • Compatible – easy to use and offers the simplest downloading procedure with PC, iOS and Android devices
  • Offline – the most wanted feature that Coto Movies app offers. You want to download and watch later as well when you have no access to the internet
  • Resolution – watch the movies in your desired resolution (SD, 720 HD, and 1080 HD)
  • Supporting media players – it safely allows and support the movies to play on external media players

Coto Movies – In a Nutshell

The world of technology has offered us a vast range of entertainment options and watching movies is one of the favorites for people of all age groups. There is a large variety of Apps that offer watching movies, but unfortunately, most of the Apps are not free. Coto Movies is also amongst those name that offer unlimited movies without paying any charges.

There is a huge stock on this platform where you can find a never-ending stock of your favorite on-demand movies, which is updated regularly with the newest addition in the database. Just name your favorite movie or show and find it on Coto Movies App. Enjoy the incredible and globally acclaimed app in ONE go and say Good Bye to those highly paid and expensive apps.

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