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How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift cards, whether e-Gift cards or physical gift cards, are redeemable prepaid gift cards that people present to their loved ones. You’re reading this because I assume you’ve got hold of one – maybe a closed one gifted it to you or perhaps you got it from your Credit Card rewards program; and now want to know how to redeem it for cash on your Amazon account. There’s no hidden fees with Amazon gift cards, you will get the full amount of what the card is worth. Once redeemed, it will be available as cash on your Amazon Pay dashboard, which you can then use as a payment method to buy almost anything on the Amazon website or app. If the price/total of your Amazon card is bigger than what your Amazon gift card is worth, you can pay half using your Amazon Gift card balance or the other half using whatever payment method you prefer. But keep in mind that once you redeem the Gift Card, you cannot transfer the balance to any other Amazon account. In this guide, I will show you how to redeem an Amazon Gift step-by-step.


How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card – Step by Steps

On PC/Desktop/Mac, Laptop or MacBook

Step 1: Go to the website, hover over the ‘Hello, Sign in’ section in the top right hand part of your screen and then click on ‘Account’.

Amazon Account

Step 2: Click on ‘Gift Card’ and log into your Amazon account.

Amazon Gift Card

Step 3: There it will show your Gift Card balance. Just click on ‘Redeem a Gift Card’.

Step 4: Now just type in your claim code that appears on your physical/digital gift card. Sometimes, it may come as a code in your email if obtained it from a Credit Card rewards program or cashback site.

Redeem an Amazon Gift Card

Step 5: That’s it, you’re done. Sometimes, it may ask for PIN if you’ve acquired the gift card digitally. Just look for a PIN number in your email in that case.

On Mobile Device – Android, iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Open the Amazon app on your phone and tap on the ‘User’ icon at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Then on the next page, tap on ‘Redeem Gift Card’.

Step 3: Now just type in the redeem code or you can also scan it using your phone’s camera if you’re too lazy. 😛

Step 4: Just tap on ‘Apply to your Balance’ and you’ve successfully redeemed your Amazon Gift Card.

That’s it for this guide. I hope this tutorial helped you solve the following queries:

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