NeckRelax Review: Does This Device Actually Work?

Adults of all ages complain of neck pain almost all the time. Those who do jobs that require heavy labor and others who stare at their computers all day long tend to have muscle strains around their neck. There are many reasons why anyone can have neck pain. Going about your day with pains in your neck can be uncomfortable, and so there are many products, pain relievers and ointments that are meant for neck pain. But, none of these work like NeckRelax.

NeckRelax can relieve you of your neck pain within fifteen minutes of use! Keep reading this comprehensive review to find out more.


What is NeckRelax?


NeckRelax is a neck hammock that was designed by a group of medical specialists and chiropractors that uses the power of the cervical traction to get rid of pain around the neck. It immediately relieves you from pain or pressure around your cervical area.

NeckRelax is a neck pain relief gadget made specifically to help those who suffer from neck pain. It is a neck hammock that you can carry with you everywhere and use it immediately as long as there is a railing or hook to support the device. It is handy, lightweight and portable, not to mention completely convenient and effective.

This electrical neck massager can be used by you without the help of a specialist. It makes use of advanced technology to massage the critical parts of your neck that contribute to the neck pain. All you have to do is wrap it around your neck and put it on so that it can work its technological magic.

Tests have shown that NeckRelax gets rid of 90% of all muscle-related pressure around the neck, back and shoulders. Thus, you can depend on the efficiency and reliance of this device.

Features of NeckRelax

  • NeckRelax features six settings that you can select to take care of different types of pain around your neck. For example, you can pick the relaxation setting if you are stressed.
  • The gadget combines infrared heat technology with electrostimulation and ultrasound technology which makes it effective in relieving pain and pressure around the neck and shoulders.
  • This neck pain relief gadget offers sixteen different intensities that you can pick from depending on how severe or light the pain is.
  • NeckRelax also features an electronic pulse massager.
  • The gadget comes with the machine and a cable connection.
  • The NeckRelax package includes two massage pillows which makes it easy for you to relax when you use the product.
  • NeckRelax works with two AAA batteries which provides power for up to seven hours.
  • It is lightweight and portable.

Why Buy NeckRelax?

When it comes to NeckRelax, the pros of the device completely outweigh the cons.

  • NeckRelax soothes your cervical spine and relieves your neck pain within minutes of using it.
  • This neck pain relief gadget helps with relieving stress by reducing the pain that you feel around that area, thus allowing you to about the rest of your day without pains that can hinder your productivity.
  • It also soothes the ligaments and muscles that are located around the spinal cord, making your neck and upper back more relaxed.
  • NeckRelax improves your blood flow and ensures that there is proper flow of oxygenated blood around your neck.
  • It enhances the mobility of your neck. By using it, you will be able to move your neck around without any pain or restrictions.
  • The device relieves your muscles from tension and allows you to exercise without being uncomfortable.
  • NeckRelax also makes it easier for you to sit in front of your laptop or phone for a long time without feeling neck pains. You can get work done easier and faster with the gadget.
  • The neck pain relief gadget can also expand the space around your intervertebral space and decompress your spinal cord to provide you relief.
  • NeckRelax is also a lightweight and portable device that you can use at home and while working. It is not heavy around your neck when you wear it.
  • All in all, NeckRelax can deal with pain in the neck, shoulders and muscles as well as herniated disks, pinched nerves and increased stress levels.

Who Should Use This Device?

Anyone can use NeckRelax to sooth their muscle tension and keep them relaxed enough to go around their everyday activities. It is especially useful for students who have to strain their necks while studying, office workers who stare at the computer every day, factory or construction workers that provide hard labor and strain their muscles, drivers and pilots, and the elderly.

If a person suffers from chronic neck pain, NeckRelax is also a good way to relieve them from this pain. If you or you know anyone who has to deal with neck pain on a daily basis, you should try out NeckRelax and enjoy the benefits.

The entire family above 18 can use NeckRelax, and you can buy it for your loved ones who work hard every day and suffer from muscle tension and pain.

What Users Are Saying

Since NeckRelax is pretty new, the product doesn’t have a lot of reviews yet, but those who have used it only have good things to say. Many users have mentioned how comfortable it is to use this neck pain relief gadget and how easy it is to take it around. Some have also mentioned how much they can enjoy sports now because of the relief that NeckRelax has offered to them. Users are especially in love with its ergonomic design and affordable price.

NeckRelax reviews are all positive which should encourage you to try this out and give yourself relief from neck pain.

How to Use NeckRelax

  • Pick the method that you want to use to secure the device around your neck. You can place the loop of the neck massager machine around a hook, rail or door handle.
  • Tug the loop a few times so that you can make sure that it is properly secured.
  • Set the NeckRelax gadget to the kind of massage you want and how intense you want it to be.
  • Lie down on your bed, mat or the floor and make yourself comfortable.
  • You can choose to play music while the neck massager works on your neck.

How to Buy NeckRelax

The only place to buy NeckRelax is at the company’s website. It is not advisable to buy it from another place as it might be fake. When you purchase it from the official website, you get an amazing discount and a free delivery to your home. Not only this, but you get more discounts for bulk purchases and you can save up to 50%. This is as a result of the company’s launch period. You can also purchase it with a two-year limited warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Need to Consult a Doctor Before Using NeckRelax?

NeckRelax is completely non-invasive and does not release any chemicals that might be harmful to the skin, therefore, it is not necessary to consult your doctor.

  • How Often Can I Use NeckRelax?

You can use it as often as you like. It is best to have your sessions last for 10-15 minutes and do this 2-3 times in a day.

  • Do I Need to Take Painkillers While Using NeckRelax?

No, you don’t. NeckRelax is very effective in relieving you from neck and shoulder pain and so there is no need to use painkillers while using the device.

  • Do I Need Professional Assistance to Use NeckRelax?

No, you don’t. In the comfort of your home, you can set the device up with your door handle, hook or railing and enjoy the massage.

  • How Fast Will NeckRelax Produce Results?

You will notice impressive results from the first time you use NeckRelax. Even with this, you should continue to use NeckRelax so that you can enjoy a permanent relief to your neck, shoulder and back pain.

  • Can Children Use NeckRelax?

NeckRelax can only be used for people above 18 years old. It is not suitable for children.

  • Where Can I Hang the NeckRelax machine?

You can hang the device on your rail, door handle or hook. You can also close the buckle in a door. It depends on your choice.

  • Are There Any Side Effects in Using NeckRelax?

NeckRelax is completely safe for use without any side effects or disadvantages. The device is tested and trusted by users all around the world.

Final Verdict

If you’re still wondering if NeckRelax actually works, the answer is yes. This neck pain relief gadget has was developed by medical specialists and has been used and recommended by different users around the world. If you suffer from neck and shoulder pain and you’re tired of using painkillers, you only have to purchase NeckRelax from the official website at a discounted price. If you want to purchase NeckRelax, its best to do it now while the amazing offer lasts. Take advantage of this advanced technology, get rid of pain and enjoy the quality of life.

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