How To Upgrade PC Storage Capacity

How to upgrade PC storage drive

Whether you have a PC or a laptop, chances are it has a drive that is already halfway full, if not much more. The bigger and more involved games, movies and computer programs become, the more space it takes to store them. This guide will show you how to upgrade PC storage capacity for laptops and desktops.

3 Best PCs For Programming

Reviews Desktops Laptops 3 Best PCs For Programming

Choosing the best PC for tech programming purposes is a tough task. There are hundreds of computers you could go for, but which are the 3 top PCs for programming? Whether you prefer to work on a laptop or a desktop, we have selected some of the best machines for coding and development tasks.

Best Gaming Desktops Under $600 in April 2022

Gaming PCs best gaming desktops under $600

If you are ready to make the switch from games console to gaming PC or if your current desktop no longer meets your needs, what can you pick up on a tight budget? The answer may surprise you. The price of gaming PCs has dropped significantly in recent years, and you can now get your hands on some great gaming tech with a relatively small investment.

How To Remove Bing from Windows 10

Bing is a web search engine created, managed and owned by Microsoft and as such, Windows 10 Operating System has Bing enabled. It was launched on the 3rd day of June 2009 as a replacement for Live search. Using Bing can be very frustrating at times when you only wanted to search for stuffs on … Read more