Colour Prediction Games – Can You Really Earn Money? The Real Truth!

Colour prediction games have been on the rage in India for the last few months. These are in reality gambling websites, sometimes also come in the form of colour prediction apps, that supposedly help you earn money online by predicting what colour or number will appear next in the game. You may have probably come across these games from your friends sharing links on WhatsApp or stumbling upon random links on social media groups or companies sending SMS blasts. This game is also called Win Go and Colour Parity.

So what’s the truth about these Colour Prediction Games? Are they legitimate? Are they scams? Let’s find out.


What Are Colour Prediction Games?

Colour Prediction Games are a form of luck or chance-based games that lets you bet real money on what colour will show up next in the game. When you sign up for one of these games, usually the dashboard will look something like this:

Colour Prediction Game
An Example of a Colour Prediction Game

This one is a website called 777, but there are many other such winning colour prediction games that let you bet real money. Not only numbers, but you can also bet on numbers where the odds are low but the payout is more.

The game website runs a session every 3 minutes and stops taking bets before 30 secs of closing time. The way it works is that you choose a colour that you think is gonna win and let’s say you bet a 1000 Rs in it, and if it appears, you win 1000 Rs in profit; but if the opposite colour appears, you lose your whole bet i.e. 1000 Rs in this case. Oh there’s also the Violet colour which doesn’t appear standalone, but shows up alongside the other two colours i.e. usually Red and Green. If that happens, you get 1.5x your bet money since the amount is split between Violet and the other colour.


Can You Actually Earn Money with Colour Prediction Games?

The odds of winning if you decide to stick with only Green and Red colours is 50/50 but that’s not the end of the story. The dealer will never lose money; so if a colour has much greater betting money as compared to the other colour, the algorithm will automatically spit out the colour which has the lowest amount in hedged money.

Win Go Earn Money

I mean you can definitely make some money in the short term, but you will end up losing all your money if you don’t have a strategy in place. A strategy I see on many of the Telegram groups is the doubling down – 2x or 3x strategy, where you start with a small amount and keep doubling or tripling your amount until you hit your desired colour. For example:

Bet Amount Result Total Profit/Loss
100 Loss -100
300 Loss -400
900 Loss -1400
2700 Loss -4100
8100 Loss -12200
24300 Win 24300 – 12200 = 12100

The problem with this strategy is that you are risking so much for so little reward. Many a time, your colour  might appear right off the bat, and you end up making let’s say 100 in the above case, which is a very low amount. But what if your desired doesn’t appear even in your 6th attempt, and you don’t have any more balance to continue? You will end up losing all your money i.e. 36500 in the above case. In my opinion, that’s not a great way to risk your money for so little reward.

Is it Legitimate?

Yes, most of these game apps or websites are legit in the sense that they let you withdraw money to your bank account if you end up winning. But winning is the hard part. Most people that are actively making money through these apps or sites are the ones referring other people to these platforms. On 777, you get 118 Rs when you refer someone and he/she deposits 100 Rs (the dealer already knows they will get this money back). On top of that, top referrers also earn a daily salary. For example, if you have 20-49 under you, you will get paid 500 Rs salary daily, and up to 3000 Rs if you have more than 300 active users under you. Apart from that, you will also earn commissions on every recharge done and game transactions made by your subordinates.

Best Colour Prediction Game Websites & Apps

  • 777 – Sign Up (Our top recommendation)
  • FieWin
  • FastWin
  • CWin
  • Wongo
  • WClub
  • Loyan Mall
  • Reliance Mall
  • VClub
  • MiWin
  • Rummy Top
  • Yoswin
  • 1Win
  • Fimer
  • EarnTeenPatti
  • TPRumble
  • Dragon Ball
  • WinBet
  • H5WinGo
  • SuperWinner
  • Mantri Mall
  • FunGame
  • Jeeto 11
  • ToddApple
  • Linacun32
  • Colour Wale Game
  • Winzo

Let me know if you have any other games that you’d like me to add here.

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