3 Best Android Tablets Under $200

Looking to buy a new tablet or upgrade your existing device? You do not need to spend a lot in order to get your hands on a great tablet. We have picked out the 3 best Android tablets under $200 to help make the search a little easier. Take a look at these three amazing devices and the features they include, and see which one suits your needs best.


Android or Apple?

When choosing cell phones and tablets, the main choice you make is which operating platform to go with. Windows is an option, but the big two players are Apple iOS and Android. Android is available across a huge range of devices, while Apple’s system is exclusive to their own products. Despite this, iOS was the more popular choice for some time thanks to the incredible success of the iPhone and iPad. Recently the tide has turned and Android sales are rising, while Apple sales have stalled. Android devices offer greater flexibility and choice.

Choosing your Android tablet

You need a product that suits your budget, but don’t be fooled by a low price tag alone. Many tablets on the market are of inferior quality, offer little support for leading apps and have a pretty limited lifespan too. Take time to check out reviews and see what others think: you want to make a lasting investment, after all. Our guide below will get you started.

Go for a decent screen size, and something with a high resolution. You want to be able to see clearly, after all! If you plan to watch video content or play games on your device, you will want HD resolution – or near enough. You should also make sure it has enough memory for your needs. Mobile devices fill up quickly, especially if you spend a lot of time using online apps. Keep plenty of room available – go for 8 GB or more of internal space.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 best android tablets under $200

#1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

  • Size: 7.4 x 4.37 x 0.39 inches; 10.6 ounces
  • Display: 7 inch screen; 1024 x 600 pixel resolution
  • Power: 1.2 GHz tablet processor; 1 GB RAM; 8 GB internal drive; Android 4.1

One of the best tablet ranges on the market today, you have probably already heard of the Samsung Galaxy series. The Tab 3 model is a great compromise between performance and price. It is not the newest Samsung tablet you could pick up, but it will fall within your $200 budget. As for performance: this is one piece of tech that will not let you down.

Samsung have packed a 1.2 GHz processor into this cool little device, giving it plenty of power. You can use it to browse the web, take pictures, make video calls, listen to music, play games, watch movies… The possibilities really are endless. Download your favorite apps direct from the Play Store, and enjoy full support and compatibility for most leading software.

If the 8 GB drive is not quite enough space for you, make use of the memory card slot and upgrade to 64 GB – more than enough for your movies, shows and photographs. This is one of the best tablets you can buy for wireless connection performance: it can pick up the weakest signals and hold a connection for longer than most other tablets.

#2. Acer Iconia A1-830-1633 7.9-Inch TabletAcer Iconia 3 best Android tablets under $200

  • Size: 7.99 x 5.45 x 0.32 inches; 13.3 ounces
  • Display: 7.9 inch screen; 1024 x 768 pixel resolution; integrated PowerVR SGX graphics
  • Power: 1.6 GHz Atom Z2560 processor; 1 GB RAM; 16 GB internal drive; Android 4.2

Acer make great computers, and we are full of praise for their gaming laptops and music laptops. But have you considered using an Acer tablet, too? The Iconia is a superb piece of tech, and well worth picking up – especially with its budget price tag. It runs Android 4.2 with all the cool features that brings, including support for the latest apps and games. When it comes to gaming, the integrated graphics are top of the range. VR support is included, so plug in your headset and fire up a compatible game to get started.

The 16GB internal drive gives you plenty of space: save the snaps and clips you take with the 5MP and 2MP cameras provided. The audio output is good as well. Sound is crisp and clear, if a little quiet. Connect to your speakers if you want a more impressive noise level. Smaller than a laptop but with most of the power and capability, this is a great choice if your mobile is insufficient but your budget is tight.

#3. Coby 8-inch GMS Android 4.0 8GB Internet TabletCoby 8 inch tablet 3 best Android tablets under $200

  • Size: 0.5 x 8.3 x 6.3 inches; 1.1 pounds
  • Display: 8 inch screen; 1024 x 768 pixel resolution; Intel integrated graphics
  • Power: 1.2 GHz ARM dual-core processor; 1 GB RAM; 8 GB internal drive; Android 4.0

You don’t always need to go with a big name to get a great product. Coby is not the first brand that springs to mind when you think of quality tablets: in fact, you may well have never heard of them. However, their great little Android tablet should not be overlooked. Reliable, affordable and functional, this handheld device is a close rival to the leading names.

The 8 inch screen is wide and clear – ideal for watching video content and playing games. Integrated Intel graphics and high resolution make images look clear and sharp, and give bright, bold colors. It is a great tablet for the elderly or for kids, with its simple interface and clear menus. Download all your favorite apps direct from the store: the 8 GB internal storage will hold plenty of content, or you can upgrade with a memory card for even more space.

It is a good choice in place of a dedicated e-reader: the screen is designed with anti-glare functionality and text is clear and easy to read. You can also stream TV and movies to the tablet using your subscriptions to Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and other providers. If you need a budget tablet and are not fussed about the brand, consider this great device.

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