How to Overcome Writer’s Block as a Blogger: 6 Strategies

The writer’s block is a situation that is intrinsically linked with writing, where the author loses the ability to produce any more original content and experiences the creative shutdown.

Writers are born to write, and the most excellent hand produces the most incredible work. The magic that they have in their mind and the ability to turn them into words is not natural to describe, but sometimes they stop producing the masterpieces that they used to produce. This is termed as writer’s block. This block can hit so hard the writers that it becomes challenging for the writer to come up with ideas that are his own, and this makes the author look into the write-ups that are already available in the market. They are tempted to write plagiarized content, so they either directly copy and paste portions from other’s work without giving credit, or get engaged in unintentional plagiarism. Both are immoral to adapt.


How to Overcome Writer’s Block as a Blogger?

writer's block

It is a common situation that every writer faces in their life when they cannot come up with high-quality blog posts. There are strategies available to rise from the situation like the ‘writer’s block.’

So, here are the six most effective strategies that are helpful to overcome the situation.

The six strategies that help to overcome writer’s block as a blogger:

1. Start from where you are:

Get started with the idea that is in the head and avoid plagiarism, else the content detector for blogger will catch it. Don’t look for other references on varied other web pages. It makes the blogger losing his/her originality and bending more towards making duplicate content.

Develop The Points As Soon As The Idea Comes To The Mind

Do not wait for the idea to seed, and don’t wait to write that later. Once done with the primary write up, make sure to use a tool to check for plagiarism. There are various paid and free online plagiarism checkers available that will help the blogger here. Copyleaks plagiarism checker with percentage is a reliable online tool that can detect duplicate content.

Just focus on the two most important things that are ‘think about your witting’ and maintain ‘originality of the content.’


2. To come up with something new, look through your old posts:

One of the most simple and effective ways to keep producing fresh content is to look through the content already produced. The old posts may seem irrelevant or outdated at the very point, but they are useful.

Revisit Old Blogs

However, when one assesses them, one can look into the quality that they were able to produce earlier. Compare texts or file comparison, therefore, is an important step that the bloggers can take to overcome writer’s block.

Use the old ones to read and revise them, or re-write the old post into a new one. It helps the blogger to go through the situation and helps them to rise above the situation of the writer’s block and improves the overall quality of the content.


3. Use the Keyword Planner tool

Use Google’s own Keyword Planner Tool to find ideas. It’s a smart way to develop a content strategy and search engine optimization. It is a technique that is mainly very helpful to overcome the writer’s block.

Write the preferred keywords in the keyword planning tool and do some keywords research for the related topic. The primary goal should be to overcome the situation of the writer’s block, and for that, choose the more relaxed stance on only selecting from the high performing keywords.


4. Search for the answers to for the frequently asked questions:

The best part for a useful strategy standpoint is to add value for the audience by providing the result of the frequently asked question. It is known as the smartest movement to involve the mind into something exciting, and it makes the content worthy.

It brings the reader back to search for more and, in turn, increases the knowledge, and the urge to find the answers makes mind fresh and clears the blockage. It also makes the content to the point and worthy of reading.

Apart from that, it satisfies the audience and adds value to their search and time. Leaving the space for the readers to comment is also interesting, as it gives you more hunting grounds to hunt and connects you directly to your audience.


5. Monitor topics that are trending and attention-worthy:

To overcome the blockage of the mind, search around topics that are trending on the internet, and that is attracting people’s interest.

Use The Trending Topic For The Blog

Try and find out the sourcing sites and start finding out the popular topics and adapt the subject for the blog. Scroll every site for ideas. Even social media can be a very ripe resource for ideas that are contemporary and are fascinating.


6. Look for your competition and try to improve upon their posts:

It’s one of the most helpful ways to overcome the situation of writer’s block. It is very healthy to do so, to find out the competitors and go through their blogs and improves their blogs by adding one’s own ideas.

It helps the writers to redevelop a mold that is already there and creates room for them to add more relevant and interesting remarks. It is a way of taking pre-existing content and making it better. It even helps to improve the quality of the content.

Go Through The Competitor’s Blog

The lack of having fresh ideas harms a writer in many ways, and that hits hard upon them. One needs to work on oneself to get better in every aspect. Never stop thinking and never lose hope.

Start finding ways to get inspired towards writing new things. Do not let anything to knock the confidence level down. In addition to that, one should also remember that this is just a situation and is curable.


Remember the audience is attracted to unique content. Hence, always use the plagiarism scanner or the plagiarism detector before, posting the blog on a site. Thus, a blogger should always compare files and then click on the ‘post’ button, and publish the blog.

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