How the Internet & Technology is Impacting Plagiarism

Since the inception of the internet access to information has become simplified. The internet has eased several manual tasks and in multiple arenas, it has completely removed the requirement of manual intervention.

Several tasks can be conducted through services offered by the internet. From learning to doing research, the internet impacts human lives extensively. The increasing nature of the internet’s impact on human lives has brought forth many positive outcomes. Individuals can complete tasks or learn lessons from anywhere and anytime. It can be concluded that a plethora of functions can be carried out with the help of an internet connection.



The present status of the plagiarism issue


Plagiarism is stealing an author’s work or using it without permission/citation. It is unethical to commit plagiarism but it can also occur unintentionally in a research paper. In the academic world, the occurrence of plagiarism is known to trouble.

But the instances of plagiarism were limited. The reason behind limited cases of plagiarism was the difficulty in obtaining information. To plagiarize from a text one had to go through entire reference books. Hence, plagiarism was a time-taking affair before the internet arrived in the field.

The evolution in the field of computer science and technology turned the world into a global community. Research into software and cyberspace has led to the invention of newer possibilities.


Too Much Information On the Internet Is Increasing the Tendency of Copying A Piece of Content

Due to the extensive use of the internet, there are multiple online fields where textual work is uploaded. Online journals, story hubs contain written work of budding as well as established authors. E-books are often published online to acquire a wider readership. As a result of the increase in textual sources, plagiarism in published work could become a larger problem.

Hence, a huge portion of textual work is uploaded and shared on the internet through search engines. The presence of social media and allied pages allows individuals with more zones for expressing themselves.


Become Aware of the Rules of Citation

The internet has affected the rules of citing works. Moreover, it has made it easier to acquire information from multiple sources. Youngsters often spend a lot of time browsing and/or uploading content on the internet.


It’s Important to Know The Rules To Acknowledge The Source Creator

They often remain unaware of the rules that are to be followed to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism in academic papers has also increased as more students forget to cite sources appropriately. They take the quick way of paraphrasing content by using a free paraphrasing tool.

Thus, the internet has expanded the problem of content stealing by introducing a vague and arbitrary idea about citation. The Internet has provided tools for spinning content to avoid detection by free online plagiarism checkers.


The inventive measures developed by software designers to curb online plagiarism

Originality is an important aspect of all forms of writing. The research aims at the original contribution to the existing repertoire of information.

Safeguarding the original works of authors has become problematic due to enabled copy-paste and download functions offered by the internet.


Safeguarding the author from plagiarism has become difficult

However, that doesn’t imply that authorial texts are left to be stolen. The burgeoning problem related to unaccredited copy-pasting is being tackled by suitable software.


Helpful For Students

To check for plagiarism in dissertations and online archives designers have created paid or free plagiarism checkers. A paid, as well as the free plagiarism checker for students, detects plagiarism easily. There are many sites offering plagiarism checker software for students such as Copyleaks.

But due to the development of plagiarism detection tools the method of plagiarizing work has also progressed. Plagiarism in the present-day skillfully involves deliberate modification of passages to avoid the radar of detection by plagiarism tools.


Students Get Benefit From The Online Plagiarism Checker

Advanced tools for changing the wording of textual content are present. Hence, in today’s world, automated paraphrasing has gained precedence.


Software Developers Are Coming Up With Inventive Checkers

Software designers have modified the development of a plagiarism scanner. It has been done to ensure that the online plagiarism checker detects copied content correctly.

The case of false positives is also solved by sophisticated plagiarism detection software that is suitable for checking reworded paragraphs.

Hence, research is being conducted in the field of plagiarism software. It’s been done to come up with more inventive systems to obliterate plagiarism from the roots.


The prospect of the plagiarism tool

The process by which information is acquired is very simple due to the internet. In this scenario, the future holds a lot of challenges for plagiarism detection services. Well, it’s so because there’s the presence of an enormous number of copy content cases.

Imparting knowledge to students regarding plagiarism is possible when instructors practice and preach plagiarism-free writing habits. Inculcating the knowledge about the vital requirement of citation is also equally important.


Teachers Should Make Students Aware Of Plagiarism

Modern plagiarism software service providers can include learning content about plagiarism and its ill-effects. Young learners have to be made aware of checking documents for plagiarism instead of using internet sources for copying content.


AI Can Change The Copied Content Detection Process

Developing an infallible tool is the future of plagiarism software. Already the tools are utilizing AI for detecting not only plagiarism but also classroom cheating. The AI software helps in determining similarities between two sets of text, or multiple pages by utilizing human reasoning faculty.


AI Is The Future Of Web Plagiarism Checker

There is already a prominent presence of AI in internet tools. Moreover, the field of plagiarism detection is using artificial intelligence for creating a powerful web plagiarism checker. Such a powerful plagiarism detector can provide correct results in real-time.



Copied content poses a great threat. Why? Well, because original posts on a web page are impacted by the unauthorized use of the web content. Sites to check plagiarism provides users the scope to detect duplicate content easily.

Online tools are being developed and revolutionized to make the internet arena completely free of plagiarism.

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