CyberFlix APK Download v3.3.2 – 2022 Newest Version of CyberFlix TV

CybeFlix APK is one of the most popular apps for watching movies and tv shows both online and offline. It’s an exemplary fastest video streaming quality which made it popular among the users. Though there are a lot of video streaming apps, CyberFlix APK is the first choice among all the other apps.

All the videos you watch on CybeFlix APK are 4k quality with both 1080P and 720P which offers one of the best quality videos to its users. The users also get satisfied to watch movies and shows in this app as it offers the best quality.

Most importantly, you can run this app on Android Smart Phones, FireStick, Fire Tv and almost all the devices with the Android Operating system offer to watch videos.


CyberFlix APK v3.3.2 info [2022 Updated]

Among most of the versions of CyberFlix APK 3.3.2 is the newest version with a lot of changes. This app is updated continuously to make its use easy and comfortable for its users. You should and you must know some essential details about CyberFlix APK before download and install the app.

Name of the appCyberFlix
App Version3.2
Size of APK17.60
Required Android Version5.0 and above
App developerOlaTv
Category of the appOnly entertainment
Last updated22nd October 2019

Features that CyberFlix APK contains

CyberFlix APK is the most popular app because of its amazing features and some of its features are discussed herewith.

  • Collection: CyberFlix APK contains a huge collection of movies and Tv series. You can find movies according to your requirements. The collection is consistently updated and new collections are included every day. You do not require to waste hours searching for movies on the internet now.
  • Video Quality: While watching movies or Tv shows the standard of picture quality is most important. Almost all the videos on this app are HD resolution with 1080P and 720P.
  • Subtitles: Sometimes it is become difficult to watch English movies or movies and series of different languages without subtitles. CyberFlix provides subtitle options on different languages to make it easy to watch movies or series.
  • Ad-free: the most irritating thing to watch movies or series online is the adds. This app lets its users watch videos without ads.
  • Free of cost: CyberFlix is a free app. You can watch movies or series through this app free of cost.
  • Different Language movies: CyberFlix offers movies of different languages rather than only Hindi and English. It has a vast collection of movies or series of different languages like Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and many more.
  • Download option: One of the most important features of this app is it provides the option to download videos easily to watch them offline when you have free time whether on a journey or on weekends.
  • Video player support: To play a video from CyberFlix the player you are using must support the app. In this matter, CyberFlix is very comfortable for its users as it supports multiple video players. The supported video players are MX Player, VLC Player, Cyber Play and Exo Play.
  • Real Debrid: Real Debrid is a unique feature that enables users to watch premium quality HD videos. It enables CyberFlix to stream video content in a better way. It is a paid service but liked by everyone for using in CyberFlix.
  • Filter the content: This feature enables a user to filter the type of videos he wants. If anyone wants to search for only HD contents he can search for it through the filter.
  • Notification: The user can enable the notification option to get notified about the new contents that are included on a regular basis.
  • Inbuilt player: CyberFlix contains an inbuilt player that allows the player to watch videos easily.
  • TV: You can have a track which episodes of serials you have watched through it and you can also create your own watch list to watch movies or series when you are free.
  • TV Calendar: CyberFlix has a TV calendar through which you can find the TV shows and series that are supposed to telecast.
  • Language change: you can also change the language of Synopsis.

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Basic requirements to download CyberFlix APK

The basic requirements to download CyberFlix APK are Android version 5.0 and above.  Though this app takes a small amount of storage in your device there should be that amount of free space there. Moreover, you need to turn the unknown sources option on for CyberFlix APK as it is not found in Play Store.

CyberFlix 3.3.2 APK Download [2022]

Like many other apps, CyberFlix APK is not found in the Play Store. So you need to download it from a different source like websites directly. Additionally, there are some other methods to download it as well. You just need to download it from an authentic website. Because all the given on the websites do not provide the exact app sometimes. There are roughly some apps through which the app can be downloaded which are not available in the Play Store.

Click this link here to download-cyber flix APK.

The download process of  CyberFlix 3.3.2 APK on Android Phone or Tablet?

The download of CyberFlix APK is easy in Android mobile or tab if you follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, download the APK file through an authentic source.
  • Secondly, tap to turn on the unknown sources option from the settings and security options from your device.

  • Thirdly, go to the file manager to find the CyberFlixAPK file and open it.

  • Afterward, your device will require only a few seconds to execute the scanning of the file for security checking/ purposes.

  • Then tap on the ‘continue installing’ option for the process to continue.

  • Again click on the ‘next’ and then install for further process.

  • After waiting for a while the APK file installation process will sum up and you can click on the dialogue box saying“done” or “open” and launch the app.

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The download process of  CyberFlix APK in Amazon Firestick or FireTV

The app CyberFlixTV APK can be downloaded on Firestick or FireTV and also can be downloaded on Android TV Box, Android Smartwatch and many more Android operating devices. The process to download and install the app on Firestick or FireTV is discussed here so that any difficulties may not arise while downloading the app on the TV.

  • First of all, press the Home button on the remote and click on settings

  • Click on the device option on the settings

  • Tap to the developer option and then unknown sources option.

  • Tap the option on by clicking Turn on.

  • After returning to the home screen you will see the search box and type downloader.

  • Tap on the downloader app and open it.

  • After allowing the download, click the ok option.

  • Again, after clicking settings option enable the javascript option by clicking.

  • Click the blank box of the browser and write the exact URL of the CyberFlix APK app to download it.

  • Wait for a while until the complete download process concludes.

  • After the download process completed tap on the install option.

  • After completing the process click on the dialogue box saying “done” to proceed for the next step.

  • Then press the delete option for two times one after one. The last one is for confirmation of the delete process.

  • Finally, return to the home option and then go to apps to check the CyberFlix app.

  • As you will find it in the last position if you want to move it to the first position then hold click on it and move it in first.

MX  Player integration with CyberFlix in Firestick

To add a player according to your choice on CuberFlix TV you can do it very easily. You can choose any player that CyberFlix supports. For example, you can integrate MX Player and if you do not have that player you can download it.

  • In this process go to the settings option of CyberFlix TV APK.
  • Then simply click on the Choose default video player after you have gone through clicking on general settings.

  • Now you can choose MX Player or any other according to your choice.

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Real Debrid integration with CyberFlix in Firestick

Real Debrid is a service that you can get from the Real Debril official website which will cost you $5 a month. Through this service, your app will be enabled for the highest-quality HD video links. Sometimes you can get 4k videos if you integrate Real Debrid with CyberFlix.

Here is the process through which you can enable this service on your CyberFlix TV.

  • Firstly, go to the Real Debrid website and from different plans take the basic plan.
  • Then on your Firestick TV on the settings, you will find Real Debrid settings.

  • Then click on the login option and then enter the code you have got after buying your basic plan.

  • Then go to the Real Debrid website and then find the ‘device’ option of it from another device.

  • After that, you must input/administer the code you have got on your TV.

  • Finally, the authorization is completed both on tv and on the website.

Process of download and installation of CyberFlix APK in Android TV

CyberFlix download on Android TV is a little bit tricky. If it is not an issue of being unaware or uninformed of the process, you can simply just follow the steps as given below.

  • Firstly, turn on the unknown sources option in your tv from settings and privacy and security settings option.
  • Then install the ‘Side-Load Launcher Android TV’ app from the Play Store to run the CyberFlix TV.
  • Again, install ES file explorer from the Store on your tv.
  • Download CyberFlix APK on your PC and use Pendrive to transfer the file.
  • Then connect that Pendrive to your TV and wait for a notification saying ‘You want to open ES file manager’. Click on that.
  • Click on the APK file and click the install option for two times one after another.
  • Your CyberFlix APK is installed and ready to use. Now you can click the Open option for launching the app or click on the done option.

Process of  download and installation of CyberFlix APK in Smart TV

To download the CyberFlix APK on your Smart TV, first of all, you need to enable the unknown sources option to download from the third party. Moreover, you can do it straight from the menu after going to the settings module/ option. Finally,  you can download and install the app via side loading.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is CyberFlix APK safe?

CyberFlix APK is completely safe.

2. Is it necessary to use a VPN for CyberFlix APK?

Not only for video streaming but also for security purposes VPN is essential nowadays.

3. Does it support all the devices?

CyberFlix TV is compatible with all Android devices like Android TV, Android smartphones, Tab with Android version, Firestick, FireTV, Android Smart Watch any many other Android devices.

4. Can CyberFlix be downloaded on iPhone?

It cannot be downloaded on the iPhone as this app is made only for Android devices.

5. Can CyberFlix be installed on PC?

Yes, you can install it on a PC but it is a little bit tricky.

6. Is this app virus-free?

CyberFlix TV is completely virus free but you must keep in mind that it should be downloaded from an authentic site. Otherwise, while searching or downloading from websites sometimes many pop-ups are added on your device which will create disturbance in the future.

7. Is it a free app?

To download and install CyberFlix you do not need to pay and also you do not need to pay to watch movies or series. It is totally free of cost.


Finally, it can be concluded saying that CyberFlix APK is the most amazing app that provides movies and series free of cost. Through this, movie lovers can enjoy a vast amount of movies without any hassle.

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