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CotoMovies APK Download for Android (2022) – A Free App to Watch Movies and TV Shows

Looking for the latest working CotoMovies APK? Look no further. In this article, we will give you the download link of Coto Movies APK, and also show you a method to get it working on your Android smartphone. Works as of January 2022.

Coto Movies APK is a free movies app that offers viewers with unlimited movie watching without charging a single penny. The platform is completely free of cost and holds a big library to be dug in a lifetime. It has a plethora of features that are to amaze users with the best movie streaming experience. Backed up with regular updates and development straight from the desk of professional developers, the app is built upon a highly immaculate user interface.

it is not easy to find every latest and oldest one on the internet on the go and especially, the favorites are always missing or its time consuming to search them on the web! Nowadays, every single person is using some application for streaming movies on Android and iPhone devices but the sad part is: they are paid! That’s where Coto Movies comes in. Keep on reading to learn how to stream free movies on your smartphone using this amazing free movies app.


It is easy to use and can easily be installed on any device ranging from Android smartphones to iOS devices. The app is specifically developed for the entertainment purpose and hence, keeping that in view, it is occupied with the simplest features and options so that people of all ages can use it.

Apart from smartphones, it can also be downloaded on your PCs.



Digging down the roots of this application, it was first known as “Bobby Movies” which was later converted into the name of “Coto”. The transformation took place after the innovation of v2.2.5. As like bobby, the Coto app is all one needs to watch tons of movies and TV shows at the same time.

This post is exclusively about Android version of Coto. However, in reality, it is not only bound to one platform. Instead, it is available on iOs as well.

How to Download and Install CotoMovies APK on Android in 2022

Coto is a third-party app that calls for manual downloading. Generally, mobile applications that are available on Google Play store are downloaded easily by a single click. However, considering Coto, the case is not so. This app is not available on Android play stores and one has to search on the internet for its installation. Here’s the link to download the latest Coto Movies APK:

Download Latest Version

Now comes installation. Follow the steps provided below to install Coto Movies on Android:

Step 1: Enable apps from an unknown source

Before getting your hands over the installation process, your first step is to allow the access of applications emerging from unknown sources on your device. This is because Coto is a third-party application that is not available on the Android play store. Hence, one has to download it straight from the internet. For this, one may follow the following steps:

  • Open the settings folder in your phone
  • Go to the security and privacy option and open it
  • Scroll down and find the option “install from unknown sources” and click on it.
  • The option is generally disabled in all phone, hence toggle it to enable.
  • Once you have enabled it, Click Here to begin with the final downloading of the APK file-Coto.

Step 2: Time for installation

Once you have downloaded the app, the game is not over yet. You now have to install it to get access to the latest movies and TV shows on your Android phone.

  • Right after the downloading is done, go to the file manager and follow the screen options and continue with the installation process as directed.
  • After a while, when it is done, click on the “Done” option and return to the homepage of your cellphone.
  • You have now successfully installed the trending app for latest movies updates: find it on your phone and continue surfing for hours.

Coto Movies for Android TVs and TV Boxes

Apart from Android phones, the app runs smoothly on any device supporting google play services. Hence, may it be an Android TV or the android box, Coto can be easily downloaded and further installed to give the best movies feast to the whole family.

Now you can enjoy amazing content on your TV screens free. For Android TVs, users can download and install the app directly from the internet. However, for Android box users, an HDMI cable is required to connect the box with the television screen followed by the installation process.

Using Coto Movies on Android

Coto Movies is extremely simple to use application especially featured to be understood by the people of all ages. The interface is quite tidy and simple to prevent one from confusion.

Beginning with its usage, the app starts working by asking the user to upgrade to the latest version to keep bugs at bay.

Then, it continues with the formalities of the privacy policy and terms and conditions. Generally, a random user has nothing to do with these conditions and portals. Hence, no one even takes out a minute to read these pop-ups. All you have to do is to pass through them and finally hop to the HOME page of the application.

The HOME page is where you can find the latest yet the trending content. However, it is not only what is shown, but you can also further do your research and look for any movie and TV show: one can simply type in the name and start watching within seconds!

Browse your movies like NEVER BEFORE

With Coto, you can now browse movies and TV shows like never before: the app is rich in genres and holds a large stock back to 90s on all fields.

Now may it be romance, action, horror, comedy, drama, or even animated, you will find everything on this one platform FREE OF COST. Coto is truly a lifesaver for boring vacations and every spare hour to spill joy on the GO!


Apart from movies and TV shows, do you know that COTO is where you even explore the movie world? Yes, this platform is where you can stay updated with the latest happenings of the industry. Ranging from reviews to trailers, which give you the awareness of the upcoming movies. You will find every DRAMA happening in the industry here relating to your favorite stars.

CotoMovies App Features

In a nutshell, this is the best ON-THE-GO app to get your hands over the amazing content. Following are some of the highlighted features that are worthy enough to be mentioned once more:

  • Free

Coto Movies is free to use. Starting from downloading the APK file to the installation proves that this app is completely free in this inflated era. Not only installation but further surfing is free too. Now if you watch one movie a week, or ten movies a day, THE COUCH IS ALL YOURS to lie all day long watching your favorite content without spending a single penny.

  •  Unlimited fun

Coto Movies is specifically developed to assist people in their spare time as it is always better to spent time in front of a screen instead of wandering here and there. Since the application is the best entertainment platform, one of the best things about it is that it provides unlimited access.

This means that one can watch unlimited movies with no barriers. Unlike other movie platforms, Coto has no hassle of exceeding the limit of movies or hours used. Additionally, the app also does not interrupt users with free and premium versions. Once you install it on your device, it is free to use for a lifetime.

  •  Easily accommodated

The application does not accumulate much space on devices. In other words, with a plethora of movies and TV shows, it is not a heavy application. Hence, it can be easily accommodated on your devices without running out of the space.

  • Ad-free

Unlike other competitive applications, Coto is where you will find minimal ads. However, it will be unjustified to call it ad-free: it is nearly add-free. You will hardly encounter two ads per movies for the sake of regulating revenue for the owner. Briefly, it offers high-quality content without haunting your screen with tons of irrelevant pop-ups.

  • Daily updates

Coto is daily updated with the latest movies and TV shows. You may find the latest release in cinema prints easily. The app is automated to update automatically on every device as soon as the latest version hits the market.

  • All-rounder

Coto is an application that is an all-rounder. This means that the application contains all types of movies. Now may it be Bollywood or Hollywood, on this platform you can find everything free. Now if you are looking for your favorite 90s series or the latest release of the market, Coto will assist you with everything.

Not only this, but the platform is where you can find a bunch of animated content as well for the younger ones of the family.

  • Compatible

Coto is a highly compatible application: it can be easily downloaded and installed on other devices as well.

  • Globally available

Unlike other applications, it is free to use platform for the users globally.  Now may it be UK, USA, or anywhere else on the earth, you can have access to this app anywhere around the world.

  • Offline movie watching

This is one of the most wanted features that makes Coto stand out of the crowd. It allows offline movie watching that means that you do not necessarily need access to the internet for movie watching. All you have to do is to download it earlier to be watched later in case of no access to the internet.

Furthermore, people often think Coto movie downloading as a heavy addition to memory. In reality, the case is not so. Movies downloaded from this application to be watched while staying offline are not heavier.

  • Miscellaneous

Last but not least, the platform is safe and secure and supports external players.

  • Coto Movies for PC

One of the best things about this app is that it can easily be downloaded on other devices as well. Taking PCs into consideration: it cannot be installed directly. However, Android emulators can be easily used for support.

  • Coto Movies for IOS

Coto Movies is one of those applications that are equally incredible on apple products as on Android smartphones. Yes, it is easily downloaded and installed on all Apple devices to be enjoyed at fullest.

Unlike other competitors, it is not only for Android users but the platform’s IOS handle is also available for free.

Now, may it be your iPhone, iPad, or the Mac Book, you can enjoy the latest movies and TV shows on the go!

CotoMovies APK FAQS

  1. Is Coto save to use?

Yes, Coto is an extremely save to use application. It is free of viruses and malware. You can scan it with anti-virus for self-satisfaction.

  1. Is it only for Android handles?

No, Coto is a versatile application that is not only developed for Android users.

  1. Can I download Coto on my iPhone?

Yes, Coto can be easily downloaded on all iPhones.

  1. Can I download Coto on my PC?

Yes, Coto can also be downloaded and installed on your personal computers.

  1. Do I have to first download the APK file to install Coto?

Yes, a user first needs to download the APK file on the device for further installing the application.

  1. Is Coto available on Google Play Store?

No, Coto is not available on Google Play Store.

  1. Is Coto available on the Apple App store?

No, Coto is not available on Apple App store.


Coto Movies is one the highly streaming platform of today. Holding an incomparable database, it is on the favorite list of the people of all age groups. With a simple interface, the application was initially designed to be used by each level of users.

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