10 Best Radar Detectors Under $200

Looking to fit your vehicle with a radar detector, but not sure which model to go for? Need a compact, mobile radar device that can move between multiple vehicles? Stuck on a tight budget, and want to avoid any further expenses? Stats from manufacturer Cobra reveal that one in five US drivers will get a speeding ticket this year – at an average cost of $150!

Take a look at our reviews of the 10 best radar detectors under $200. You are sure to find something below that meets your needs and won’t hurt your pocket either! Save yourself money and avoid tickets time and again – protect yourself against radar spot checks.


What are radar detectors, and why do you need one?

A radar device is a gadget designed to be used by motorists while they are driving. It picks up on radar signals – such as those emitted by a traffic cop’s speed tracker. By detecting these radar guns early, motorists can slow down in good time – and avoid a ticket! Then they will be activated or make beeping sound so that drivers get alert.

Radar sensors are quite normal for most motorists, especially for people who drive frequently and would like to carry all methods to avoid speeding tickets.  Radar sensors are a fantastic investment for all drivers, because of the fact speeding tickets costs you sums of dollars, and commonly cause increased insurance prices.

Not only will a radar detector save you money in speeding fines, but it also serves as a handy reminder about speeding in general. Many radar detectors also have a radar blocking feature, which masks the vehicle, or a signal jammer to prevent accurate readings. However, while radar detection devices are not illegal and can be freely used in any commercial or private vehicle, the law is less lenient over signal jammers.

QUICK NOTE: Radar detectors are not legal in Washington or Virginia.

Today’s radar detectors use laser technology to pick up radar signals, although the old-style machines which use radio frequencies are also still available. Some also use GPS technology to provide information about static traffic patrols or fixed cameras.

#1. Escort Passport S55 Radar Detector

Escort is a reliable brand when it comes to buying a portable radar detector for your vehicle. It is the best radar detector under 200 in the market with hundreds of its satisfied customers across the globe. If you are planning to buy an affordable radar detector, then Escort’s Passport S55 is the best choice for you.

This compact-sized device is powerful which is designed to work in different conditions. Escort brand is quite known for providing quality products especially the radar detectors so you will not have any complaints or issues regarding the build quality of this detector. It is made from high-grade materials which ensure its great durability and long life.

If you are beginner, then the Passport S55 is an excellent option for you as it comes with all the essential features that serve the best of functionality while suiting your demands. Compared to other models of the same brand, the Passport S55 is a primary model which packs all the basic features and not the advanced features. It’s an ideal choice for the starters.

If we talk about the features, then this device comes with an adjustable radar sensitivity feature. You can adjust the signal sensitivity as per your needs. It is fully customizable and all the controls are given to you. It also features a unique LED power indicator which lets you know about whether the detector is active or not.

Additionally, it features a new complete darkened mode which works in the extremely dark conditions. The built-in audio alerts are mutable, you can mute the alert function to keep things private. It also features an LCD display with adjustable brightness. All the button controls are given on the front-side of the device for easy control.

The radar detector is compatible with Escort Live which is a complete real-time ticket-protection network. A user manual will help you to understand its basic features and functions and how you can connect it with the Escort Live system.


  • Adjustable Sensitivity Settings
  • Built-in Power Indicating light
  • Enhanced radar protection with advanced sensors
  • Provides long-range warning
  • Mutable voice alert


  • Being the basic model, it packs with limited features compared to the latest models available in the market.

Where to buy? 

  • You can buy this Radar Detector from Amazon.

#2.Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector

If you are searching for the best radar detector for the money, then Cobra RAD 450 is the best option for you. It’s a high-performance and quality radar detector which also comes under the budget-price tag. Being the basic model, this device packs with all the features of the latest radar detectors which is why it is one of the best-selling and top-rated radar detectors.

With this compact-sized radar detectors, you can save a lot of bucks from ticketing due to overspeeding while driving your car. The build quality and design of this radar detector are quite familiar. It has a black and grey body with all the user control buttons and the display located on the front side.

The display shows you all the useful information and notifications as per your settings. You can easily control or adjust the sensitivity level by using the button controls given on the front. You can explore the menu, can adjust the brightness or can mute down the notification alerts from the device. You can also adjust the alert volume by using the side buttons. Yes, it features dedicated buttons for adjusting the volume. It is designed for everyone and hence serves the user-friendly interface.

Apart from this, it features an automatic alert feature. All the notifications will be sent to your radar’s screen automatically. With voice notification and alerts, you don’t need to check into the display, again and again, you can easily get to know about the things and conditions by hearing the voice alerts while you are driving your car.

It’s quite an easy radar detector, a compact-size and easy-to-hold device and very powerful. You can even mount it inside your car at a suitable place. It is compatible with a number of mounting gears which you can buy from the market. The company also provide customer care support for any queries or issues.


  • Serves a user-friendly interface with less complexity
  • Built-in voice alerts
  • Display for notifications and updates
  • Dedicated volume control buttons
  • Supports long-range alerts
  • Compatible with mounting gears
  • Affordable pricing


  • Lacks Bluetooth support which is available in the advanced models of the same brand.
  • GPS compatibility is not available to determine false alerts.

Where to buy? 

  • You can buy this Radar Detector from Amazon.

#3. Uniden DFR8 Super Long Range Laser and Radar Detection Device

Uniden is yet another popular brand in the industry with a range of different types of Radar Detectors in its product catalogue. The Uniden DFR8 Super Long Range Radar Detector is one of the best radar detectors under 200 in the market. This detector is known for its high performance and long-range detection feature.

What makes this Detector a unique choice for freshers is its compact size. It is a pocket-friendly radar detector which is designed for the beginners. However, it can be also used by professionals for various purposes. It is highly used by frequent travellers who drives hundreds of miles regularly.

This radar detection device is compatible with mounting gears. You can easily mount this detector anywhere in your car by using a mounting gear. With high-efficiency detection sensors, this radar offers ultimate radar detecting performance with high accuracy.

Additionally, this device comes with a built-in voice alerts. You can enable voice alerts to hear voice alerts while you are driving. It also features a digital display where you can see the notifications and other information about the radar.

Apart from this, the easy-to-use control button lets you easily adjust the sensitivity of radar, with the built-in menu button, you can change settings of the detector as per your needs. Multi-coloured OLED screen provides all the useful information.

Being the latest model, this detector packs with a number of interesting features as a bonus. You will get a dedicated USB charger with charging port and cable. Cigarette charger is also included for emergency use. A dedicated mute key is there to mute down the voice notifications and alerts to avoid destruction while driving.

All the essential accessories and parts ship in a comfortable and high-quality carrying case. You can easily store the radar detector and can carry it anywhere you go with this carrying case which is included.


  • High-performance Radar Detector
  • Compact-size portable design
  • Super long laser sensor
  • Separate signal strength meter
  • Dedicated USB charger with Cigarette charger included
  • Specialized carrying case


  • Lacks accuracy

Where to buy?

  • You can buy this Radar Detector from Amazon.

#4. Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar Detector 

The DFR7 is yet another popular Radar Detector from the trusted brand, Uniden. This radar detector is designed for the professional users who are searching for an all-in-one detector. It can be used for different purposes, you can expect high accuracy alerts from this compact-device.

If we talk about the build quality, it is made from high-grade plastic materials. It is designed to last for years and packs with all the useful features that you might want. Many people have been questioning “how effective are radar detectors” cause they don’t know the answer. Well, this radar detector is there to fulfil all your needs as it is designed with high-efficiency sensors to detect sensors from long distance.

It provides wideband protection from all types of radars and protection guns used by the Government agencies and special forces to detect your location and the speed of your car. It is also equipped with an advanced false alerting filtering system which skips the false alerting generated by the system itself. You don’t need to go panic with false altering.

Unlike the previous models, this model features built-in GPS technology. This GPS remember previous false alerts and make sure not to send any type of voice alerts in the future.

Furthermore, the built-in Red Light Indication light is also included with free speed camera alerts. You will get regular software updates with new features and functions. The detector will stay up to date always.

Just like other mini detectors, this device also features built-in voice alerts. You will get regular voice alerts as per the settings. You can also control this feature using the settings menu. The alerts are programmable as per your driving style so you will not be destructed with alerts while driving.

Furthermore, an easy-to-read OLED display is also given. You can see the frequency of the radar, the menu, various functions and more right from the display itself. It also sends alerts when the battery of your car is low. A useful user manual with all the instructions is included in the box for easy handling of the device.


  • Stylish looking compact-sized radar detector
  • Super long-range sensitivity
  • Built-in GPS support
  • Red Light and Speed camera alerts
  • Customizable settings
  • Built-in voice alerts
  • Easy-to-read OLED display


  • Some users are complaining about the quality issues of this device.

Where to buy?

  • You can buy this Radar Detector from Amazon.

#5. Cobra RAD 250 Laser Radar Detector

Cobra RAD 250 is a budget-friendly radar detection device which you can buy for your vehicle. Cobra is a trusted brand in the industry with a number of radar detecting devices for different consumers and their needs. If you have a limited budget but still want a feature-rich radar detector device, then the RAD 250 model is the best radar detector under 200 for you.

It is made from high-grade plastic materials which ensure great strength and durability. It is a portable and compact-size device carrying a pocket-friendly design. You can even fix it inside your car by using a mounting gear. A compatible mounting gear is needed to mount it anywhere in your car.

It is designed with the company’s advanced patented technology which claims very less false alerts. Yes, the radar sends very less false alerts which is why most of the users of this device are satisfied with its performance.

Moreover, the device has the capability of detecting things from both sides. Yes, it can detect signals from both, front and rear sides. It uses an advanced eye sensor for such detection and accurate alerts. It also features audible signal strength indication lights. The device sends regular alerts in real-time making it the most effective radar of the market.

The high-quality display shows you all the alerts and functions of the device. To take full control of the device, there are easy-to-use buttons given. You can use the given buttons to control the device and to customize its settings as per your needs. The display also supports numeric signal strength with light indicators.


  • Easy-to-read Display
  • Advanced IVT Filter reduces false alerts
  • Laser detection
  • Built-in voice alerts
  • Easy-to-control buttons
  • Affordable for everyone


  • Some users are reporting slow signal strength

Where to buy? 

  • You can buy this Radar Detector from Amazon.

#6. Uniden DFR1 Long Range Laser and Radar Detector

The DFR1 is a popular Radar Detector from Uniden. Uniden is a trusted brand with all types of radar detectors in its bucket. If you have a limited requirement and a small budget, then Uniden’s DFR1 is the best option for you. It’s a user-friendly device pack with all the advanced features.

It serves a user-friendly interface where anyone can easily start using the radar while driving. It’s a compact-sized radar which can even be mounted inside your car by using a mounting gear. Yes, with a compatible mounting gear, you can fix this radar inside your car.

The DFR1 supports long-range detection with its super-advanced built-in sensors. It delivers a reliable performance which is why every starter preferred to go with this model. You will not get such a feature-rich and advanced radar detector at a reasonable price.

Being an affordable model, it lacks premium features. However, all the useful and essential features are very well available on this radar making it the best choice for starters. It features an easy-to-read display to see the signal strength and other information.

This radar detector is used by the drivers to keep an eye on the speed cameras located at various places by the Government. It sends you alert signals which indicates you to reduce the speed of your car to avoid getting fine. It helps you to drive more safely while reducing the risk of getting fined by the officer or by the built-in speed detecting cameras.

All the essential accessories are included in your box. You can easily recharge it using the DC cable wire which is also included. A user manual for more information and instruction is also there to get started with this Radar Detector.


  • Compact-sized pocket-friendly design
  • Affordable pricing for everyone
  • Supports mounting inside the car
  • Long-range radar detection system
  • Easy-to-read display
  • DC Charging cable


  • Lacks premium features.

Where to buy? 

  • You can buy this Radar Detector from Amazon.

#7. Uniden DFR5 Long Range Radar Detector

The DFR5 is yet another popular and affordable radar detector in the market. This is a successor edition to the DFR1 which comes with a set of more advanced features. No matter what type of a person you are, you can get the best of performance with this long-range radar in your car. Currently, it is the best radar detector under 200 in the market.

If we talk about the design of this device, it carries an attractive compact-sized design which looks very familiar. It is made from high-grade plastic materials, the black body makes it look more premium. All the parts and accessories are assembled, you will not be asked to do assemble it again.

To make it more accurate, the Radar Detector uses advanced signal filters. It avoids false alerts and also makes you warn with the perfect alerts by providing real-time data. The easy-to-read display makes it more convenient for the users. The signal strength and other information can be identified using this display.

For easy-control and customization of its settings, the company provides button control. You can take full control of this device by using the built-in physical buttons. Click different buttons such as menu, mute, city, dim for customizing the settings.

By using the built-in physical buttons, you can mute voice alerts can activate the radar in the city area or can dim the display’s brightness. Menu button lets you have access to different features and functions of the detector. For more information, you can refer the user-manual which is also included in the box.


  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-use functionality
  • Supports long-range detection
  • Equipped with an advanced K band filter
  • Easy-to-read display


  • The device lacks sensitivity

Where to buy?

  • You can buy this Radar Detector from Amazon.

#8. Cobra RAD 480i Laser Radar Detector

The Cobra RAD 480i is one of the most advanced Radar Detector in the market. Cobra is a known brand with a series of different types of radar detecting systems for all types of consumers. The RAD 480i packs with a number of innovative features which makes it the best radar detector under $150.

If we talk about the build quality, it is made from a long-lasting plastic material. You will never have any issues with the quality of this device. Other than this, it is fully feature-rich with all the useful sensors and advanced detecting system inside. It is designed with the company’s own LaserEye technology for ultimate performance.

The latest technology detects radar signals from both sides, front and rear. You can mount this system anywhere inside your car and it will still be able to detect the radar signals from high-range. It supports high-range of up to 2 miles and offers accurate alerts. It is there to give you all-round protection from getting fined by the cops and speed cameras installed at different places across the city and highways.

What makes the 480i Model a unique one is it supports the company’s iRadar App which is available for your Android and iOS smartphones. You can configure the device with your system to get real-time information and alerts with the map. It sends you alerts about red light, speed cameras, traffic and more.

Apart from this, the radar detector is equipped with the next generation IVT filter. The built-in filter filters up the false alerts and keeps you updated with right alerts in real-time. With digital signal processing, this device alerts you faster than any other devices.

This radar detector device comes with all the essential and supportive accessories including mounting gears. You can easily start using this device by following the instructions given in the user manual which is also included in the box.


  • Allround protection from the front and rear
  • Supports iRadar App
  • Supports long-range detection with advanced system
  • Advanced digital signal processing for faster alerts
  • Prevents false alerts from displaying
  • All the accessories with mounting gear are included


  • A little expensive than previous models

Where to buy?

  • You can buy this Radar Detector from Amazon.

#9. Cobra RAD 380 Laser Radar Detector

The RAD 380 is one more affordable option for those who are searching for a budget-friendly radar detector. It’s a mid-range radar detector packs with all the advanced features. This high-performance device is used by professional drivers to avoid fines from over speeding. It keeps you safe from high-speed guns and speed cameras.

Just like other Cobra models, the RAD 380 model is made from a high-grade plastic material. It comes with a stunning black body and packs in a compact-size. It is a pocket-friendly device can be easily mounted inside your car. Various useful accessories are included by the company.

What makes the RAD 380 a unique option is its dual protection system. With front and rear detecting sensors, it provides all-round protection while roaming in a non-familiar area. It is designed with the company’s LaserEye Technology for high performance and faster detection of the installed sensors and speed cameras.

The device comes with IVT filter for false alerts. There comes a time when the radar detects wrong signals and sends you false alerts. But with the new IVT filter, all such false filters will be filtered out and you will not be alerted with such notifications in the future. It works intelligently to reduce wrong signals and false alerts.

Moreover, to make things more accurate and sends you faster alerts, this device uses Digital Signal Processing. It provides faster alerts against fast speed guns and speed cameras. Additionally, the built-in software receives regular updates with new features. Your device will never be outdated, all the updates will be installed automatically.

The easy-to-read display and specialized control buttons are there to make the device more convenient. You don’t need to be an expert to use this device, just follow the given instructions of the user manual and that’s it. All the useful accessories with mounting gears, fastening belts etc. are included in the box.


  • Provides all-round protection from front and rear
  • Designed with LaserEye Technology
  • IVT Filter to reduce false alerts and wrong signals
  • Built-in digital signal processing
  • Updateable software with automatic update feature
  • Easy-to-read display with convenient physical button control


  • A little expensive but the radar detector worth it.

Where to buy? 

  • You can buy this Radar Detector from Amazon.

#10. Cobra RAD 350 Laser Radar Detector

If simplicity is what you prefer, then the Cobra RAD 350 is the device you might want. The RAD 350 is a simple looking radar detector from your very own and the most trusted brand, Cobra. There are people who don’t want complex features and functions, this Cobra RAD 350 model is here for them.

Unlike the previous models, the RAD 350 has a combination of black and silver body. The device is made from quality material which offers great durability and long-lasting life. The device is quite popular amongst the starts due to its high performance and less complexity while carrying a budget-friendly price tag.

It uses the company’s patented technology to reduce false alerts. The built-in IVT filtering system filters up false alerts and wrong signals. It keeps you updated with accurate information with real-time updates.

Being the latest edition, it offers all-round protection from both ends. It has the capacity of detecting signals and sensors from the front and rear sides. With great signal detecting strength and support for long-range, it is one of the best radar detectors under for the price of your budget.

The signal strength alerts are audible which can be controlled by the volume button. If you don’t want to hear voice alerts, you can simply turn it off or can reduce the voice. The seven-segment color display helps users to detect and alert with the radars and speed cameras.

Physical buttons on the front side let the users take full control of the Radar Detector. The menu button lets them change the default settings and sensitivity level while the Mute button is there to mute down the voice alerts. Dim button reduces the brightness of the display. The product is backed by the company’s limited warranty of 1 year.


  • Designed with the advanced patented technology
  • IVT filter for filtering false alerts
  • Supports long-range signals
  • Easy-to-use button control
  • Provides all-round protection from front and rear
  • Advanced 7-segment color display
  • Backed by 1-Year Warranty


  • Sometimes, the device doesn’t send an alert or detect guns and speed cameras.

Where to buy? 

  • You can buy this Radar Detector from Amazon.

Using a radar detector: the pros and cons

So, there you have the 10 best radar detectors under $200. But is a radar/laser detector the right choice for you? Let’s weigh up the positives and negatives.


  • Reduce speeding fines
  • Better speed awareness from drivers
  • Prevent distracted driving
  • Avoid being pulled over unnecessarily


  • Often illegal or restricted
  • Can be interfered with by other signals
  • Another dashboard device to consider

Overall, these handy detectors are proven to be effective when it comes to providing warning about traffic stops. If you are worried about getting on the wrong side of the law, or if you feel that you need a personal reminder to slow down sometimes, it might be wise to carry a radar detector. Remember to check local laws regarding their use, especially if your drive takes you across state borders or into another nation.

The products above are all verified by users of Amazon.com and tested by tech experts. We have selected them based on their average reviews, on their market impact and sales, and on the range of features they offer. However, if you feel you have come across a better budget device, if you have a story about radar detector use or if you have your own feedback about any of the radar detectors in this feature, please feel free to get in touch with us. Post your comment below and start a discussion today!

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